Thursday, February 5, 2009

'Kui' replaced by 'Kui Kandha', KSSS

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By Golak Chandra Das

'Kui' replaced by 'Kui Kandha', KSSS

rejects Govt's move

BHUBANESWAR : Naveen Patnaik always plays safe. So in an election year the Orissa Chief Minister adopted the middle path and neither here nor there.

While the ST SC Development department favored to delete 'Kui' from the Presidential order of Orissa Scheduled list, Patnaik agreed to substitute 'Kui' with 'Kui Kandha'.

Former Chief Minister and sitting Congress Lok Sabha MP from Koraput, Giridhar Gamang also favored the idea and the Chief Minister also accepted the same.

The Tribes Advisory Council (TAC) held its meeting here on January 9, 2009 to discuss the contentious issue of 'Kui'. Madhu Sudan Padhi, Special Administrator Kandhamal Affairs briefed in a clear cut manner about the 'Kui' and cleared many apprehensions from the mind of the leaders.

Though 'Kui' is a language, but 'Kui' speaking non-tribals are allegedly misusing the facility. And this issue has turned out to be major problem in Kandhamal district. 'Kui' speaking non-tribals are also asking the status of tribals, leaving the State Government in a jam.

So the SC ST Development department proposed to delete the 'Kui' from the list. However Dr.Gamang opposed the same, saying this will irk Kandhas residing all over the state.

He favored the idea of replacing 'Kui' in favor of 'Kui Kandha'. Sensing the mood Chief Minister rejected the proposal of the department and adopted the idea of Dr Gamang.

And TAC adopted it. So now the State Government will approach the Centre to replace 'Kui' in favor of 'Kui Kandha'.

Meanwhile, Kui Samaj Samanoya Samiti, a tribal body fighting in riot hit Kandhamal, however rejected the move of the State Government and announced to oppose it.

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