Thursday, February 12, 2009

'Valentine day' ?

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What is the harm in celebrating 'Valentine day' ?

    1. There is no scientific or any cultural basis to this day.
    2. As the so called priest Valentine himself was involved in the anti-national acts during his time, then how one can get any benefit by celebrating the day in his name?
    3. On this day young girls and boys come together at pubs, sea shores, hotels, colleges etc and indulge in indecent acts. A common person finds it difficult to even go around such places at this time. Some organisations even organize such programs where the young boys and girls can stay together.
    4. The young students of schools and colleges are falling prey to such culture and express their love to each other by way of exchanging greeting cards. But actually speaking it is not love but only an attraction to the opposite sex at a tender and immature age.
    5. There are several examples of such mentally ill patients available with Psychiatrists who have stuck to their mental illness by 'proposing' on 'Valentine Day'.
    6. It has long lasting bad effect on any youth's career and also on the society.
    7. The seeds are planted on this day to grow up and cause the destabilization of society through fall in morality.
    8. We can know about direct attacks from outside enemy but cultural invasion is very difficult to detect and even some times difficult to defend ourselves from its evil results.
    9. Cultural derailment always takes the society towards destruction which is being experienced in our Bharat (India) today.
    10. Many western countries do not celebrate this day. 'Calendar of Roman Catholic Saints' was prepared in 1969. 'Valentine's Day' was omitted from the general Roman calendar. If this is so then why should we value this day in our Hindustan?
    11. The western custom put the parents in 'old age home' and then celebrate showy 'Mother's Day' and 'Father's Day' for one day! Same is the case of 'Valentine day'. Is the real love showy and limited to just one day? In Indian culture we have numbers of festivals to express love towards each other and also it is part of our lifestyle.
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    It is time to change the days that defy our ethos !

    Since Hinduism is ancient and eternal, it relates everything to various forms of God. Following examples will bring home the Greatness of Hinduism. They will also throw light on how the Bharatiyas are still under the psychological bondage of the British.

    Example 1: The frequencies of Prajapati come to the Earth in larger measures on the day of Gudipadva. However instead of celebrating that day as the 'New Year' day, the Government celebrates 1st January as the New Year's day, which is not based on any Principle.

    Example 2: Instead of calculating time based on the Bhartiya Culture ('Shalivahan Shaka') the Government uses the Christian Era (A.D), which has no relevance to any particular time or zone.

    Example 3: The Guru Principle decends on Earth in large measures on the day of Gurupournima. In all fairness that day should be celebrated as 'Teachers Day'. However it is celebrated on the birth anniversary of Ex-President Dr.Radhakrishnan.

    In the Ishwariya Rajya (Divine Kingdom) we are going to change all such things which are not related to Hindu Religion and Culture in anyway.

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