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Fwd: Life Is Too Short To Waste Time Hating Anyone


   A story tells that two friends  were walking

through the desert  During some point of the

Journey they had an  Argument, and one friend

Slapped the other one  In the face.

The one who got slapped  was hurt, but without

saying anything, wrote in the sand:


They kept on walking until they found an oasis,

where they decided to take a bath.

The one who had been slapped got stuck in the

mire and started drowning, but the friend saved him.

After he recovered from the near drowning,

he wrote on a stone:


The friend who had slapped and saved his best friend

asked him, "After I hurt you, you wrote in the sand and now,

you write on a stone, why?" The other friend replied

"When someone hurts us we should write it down

in sand where winds of forgiveness can erase it away.

But, when someone does something good for us,

we must engrave it in stone where no wind

can ever erase it."




They say it takes a minute to find a special

person, an hour to appreciate them, a day

to love them, but then an entire life

to forget them. 

Do not value the THINGS you have in your life.
But value WHO you have in your life!




By N. Nirakar

Often the minor divisions among the Hindu society along the caste and
class lines are magnified many fold by some for their narrow political
or bigotted interests. However these detractors as well as the majority

of Hindus worldwide are unaware of the fact that contribution of the
GIANTS from the so called backward castes to Hinduism and India is
GLORIOUS, as illustrated below. All Hindus are and will be proud of
this contribution.

Although I personally do not believe in caste system, I am including
the caste of these great souls only to make the point.
Maharshi VALMIKI - Fisherman (intially a highway robber)
Composer of Ramayana, Lot of Hindus from Pakistan
belong to the so called backward "Balmik' caste.
Maharshi VED VYAS - Son of a fisher woman Matsya Gandha

Composer of Mahabharat which also contains Gita
Maharshi MATANGA - A matang (harijan caste) & Guru of Shabari
Shabari - A Bhil (adivasi tribe)
VIDUR - Son of a dasi, Devotee of Krishna, Chief Minister
of Hastinapur

In well recorded history following individuals have made great
contribution to Indian History and Hinduism :
Chandragupta Maurya and the Maurya Dyanasty -
- Maurya originates from Muria, a tribe which used to
collect Pea@#%$ (Mor) feathers, also goat herders
Khushru Khan - A lower caste Hindu forcibly converted to Islam,

ruled Delhi for 4 months,called himself Hindu Pad-
paadshah, hastened the decline of Khilji empire
Hemu - Dhansar (weighman in the market), Ruler of Delhi
for 1 month. Fought with Akbar and was killed in
the 2nd battle of Panipat (Nov.5, 1556)

Most of the MawaLas- Kunbi, Followers of Shivaji Maharaj
including Tanhaji Malusare, Yesaji Kank, Jiva Mahal
MalharRao Holkar - Dhangar (goat herder) the royal Sardar of Marathas
Ahalyabai Holkar - Daugther in Law of Malhar Rao,

She built Ghats on Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada, rebuilt
temples including the temple complex in Ayodhya
Sant Tukaram - Kunbi caste (Tukaram calls himself a shudra)
Sant Rohidas - Chamar(cobbler) also called Raidas, Guru of Mirabai

Sant Namdev - Shimpi or Darji (tailor), his work is included in
Guru Granth Saheb
Sant Janabai - Dasi, domestic servent in Sant Namdev's home
Sant Chokha Mela - Mahar (harijan)
Sant Soyarabai - Sant Chokha's wife (harijan)

Sant Goroba - Kumhar (potter)
Sant Savata Mali - Mali (gardener)
Sant Narahari - Sunar (goldsmith)
Sant Sena - Nai (barber)
Dr.B.R.Ambedkar - Mahar (harijan), chief architect of Indian
CALLED BACKWARD CLASSES. Also one of the greatest dynasties in Indian

history was headed by so called backward class 'Mauryas'.
The saints and the swords (of MawaLas) of the 'backward' class Hindus
also contributed to the resurgence of Hinduism and Hindu nation when
it was being dominated and crushed under the heels of foreign powers.

I do know that during some periods there were atrocities perpetrated
by upper class people. But can we deny the contribution of Acharya
Chanakya in establishing Maurya dynasty, or contribution of Sant Ramdas

and Dadoji Khondadev in inspiring Shivaji? Thruout Indian history
Ramayan & Mahabharat have been revered and retold for generations by
ALL hindus. Bhagavad Gita, Hinduism's holiest scripture comes from
Mahabharat. All Hindus consider these as their own scriptures. If the

caste and class divisions were indeed as severe as they are protrayed,
then why would generations of all the 'upper caste' people hold these
two epics by two 'backward' class people in the highest esteem ?

No Hindu should consider himself to be a backward class or of a
backward caste Hindu because we all belong to the class of Ved Vyas and
Valmiki. It is time the so called backward class Hindus (like myself)

recognize our contribution to Hinduism and feel justifiably proud.
It is time we throw away this yoke of mental servitude of feigned
superiority or inferiority of some class and caste.

We must also remember that despite all the negative treatment,
Readers, plese feel free to add to this list the names of great men/
women of (so called) backward classes from your state who made great
contributions to Hinduism and India.


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Thus Spake Swami Vivekananda



Thus Spake Swami Vivekananda
Each soul is potentially divine. The goal is to manifest this Divinity within, by controlling nature, external and internal. Do this either by work, or worship, or psychic control, or philosophy " by one or more or all of these " and be free. This is the whole of religion. Doctrines, or dogmas, or rituals, or books, or temples, or forms, are but secondary details.
In doing evil we injure ourselves and others also. In doing good we do good to ourselves and to others as well.  According to  Karma-Yoga, the action one has done cannot be destroyed until it has borne its fruit; no power in nature in nature can stop  it from yielding its results. If I do an evil action, I must suffer for it; there is no power in this universe to stop or stay it. Similarly, if I do a good action, there is no power in the universe which can stop its bearing good results.
Never think there is anything impossible for the soul. It is the greatest heresy to think so. If there is sin, this is the only sin " to say that you are weak, or others are weak.
Whatever you think, that you will be. If you think yourselves weak, weak you will be. If you think yourselves strong, strong you will be.
Be free; hope for nothing from anyone. I am sure if you look back upon your lives you will find that you were always vainly trying to get help from others which never came. All the help that has come was from within yourselves.
Never say, ˜No, never say, ˜I cannot, for you are infinite. Even time and space are as nothing compared with your nature. You can do anything and everything, you are almighty.
The remedy for weakness is not brooding over weakness, but thinking of strength. Teach men of the strength that is already within them.
To succeed, you must have tremendous perseverance, tremendous will. ˜I will drink the ocean, says the persevering soul; ˜at my will mountains will crumble up. Have that sort of energy, that sort of will; work hard, and you will reach the goal.
Let people say whatever they like, stick to your own convictions, and rest assured, the world will be at your feet. They say, ˜Have faith in this fellow or that fellow, but I say, ˜Have faith in yourself first, that's the way. Have faith in yourself " all power is in you " be conscious and bring it out. Say, ˜I can do everything.˜Even the poison of a snake is powerless if you can firmly deny it.



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Reminiscences of Swami Vivekananda

Reminiscences of Swami Vivekananda
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SUCH a beautiful spot! There is a large class-room and a kitchen on the ground floor and a number of bedrooms on the second floor. The Swami has a private suite with a separate entrance by an outside stairway. There is a small veranda attached to his room to which he invites us every evening. The view is lovely, as we are higher up than any of the other cottages. We gaze over the tree tops and for miles the beautiful St. Lawrence River winds its way.
We are deeply touched by the very cordial reception given to us who were strangers. Even the Swami had never met us personally, although we had attended all his lectures given in Detroit during the winter of 1894. The joy of it to be so sweetly received by him!
We were nearly frightened to death when we finally reached the cottage, for neither the Swami nor his followers at Thousand Island Park had the remotest idea of our existence and it seemed rather an impertinent thing for us to do, to travel seven hundred miles, follow him up, as it were, and ask him to accept us. But he did accept us " he did " the Blessed One!
It was a dark rainy night, but we could not wait. Every moment was precious, and our imagination was stirred up to the nth degree. We did not know a soul in the place, but finally we hit upon the plan of making inquiries at the various shops and thus find out where Miss Dutcher lived. At one place we were told that there was a cottage occupied by a Miss Dutcher and that a "foreign looking man who dressed queerly" was staying there.
Then we knew our quest was ended, and we found a man with a lantern who went ahead of us.
Up, up the wet and slippery path! It seemed as if we were taking one step up and two back. it was so slippery. The first thing we heard when we reached the house was the rich, beautiful voice of the Swami who was talking to those who had gathered on his porch. Our heartbeats could have been heard, I truly believe. His hostess asked him to come downstairs to see us as "two ladies from Detroit", and he greeted us so sweetly! It was like a benediction. "I like Detroit." he said, "I have many friends there, isn't it?" And what do you think? Instead of our slaying at a hotel or boarding house, as we had expected, those dear people insisted upon our becoming members of the household. Our heart? sang paeans of praise.
So here we are " in the very house with Vivekananda, listening to him from 8 o'clock in the morning until late at night. Even in my wildest dreams I could not imagine anything so wonderful, so perfect. To be with Vivekananda! To be accepted by him! Surely we shall wake up and find it all a dream. For in our dreams we have sought the Swami, now, Reality! Are we "such stuff as dreams are made on?"
Oh, the sublime teaching of Vivekananda! No nonsense, no talk of "astrals"", "imps", etc., but God, Jesus, Buddha, I feel that I shall never be quite the same again for I have caught a glimpse of the Real.
Just think what it means to listen to a Vivekananda at every meal, lessons each morning and the nights on the porch, the eternal stars shining like "patinas of bright gold"! In the afternoon, we take long walks and the Swami literally, and so simply, finds "books in the running brooks, sermons in stones, and good (God) in every thing". And this same Swami is so merry and fun-loving. We just go mad at times.
Later: We have been soaring on the Heights, since I last wrote you. Swami tells us to forget that there is any Detroit for the present " that is, to allow no personal thoughts to occupy our minds while taking this instruction. We are taught to see God in everything from the blade of grass to man " "even in the diabolical man".
Really, it is almost impossible to find time to write here. We put up with some inconveniences, as it is so crowded. There is no time to relax, to rest, for we led the time is all too short, as the Swami leaves soon for England. We scarcely lake time to array ourselves properly, so afraid are we of losing some of the precious jewels. His words are like jewels, and all that he says fits together like a wonderfully beautiful mosaic. In his talks he may go ever so far afield, but always he comes back to the one fundamental, vital thing " "Find God! Nothing else matters".
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I especially like Miss Waldo and Miss Ellis. although the whole household is interesting. Some unique characters. One, a Dr. Wright of Cambridge, a very cultured man, creates much merriment at times. He becomes so absorbed in the teaching that he, invariably, at the end of each discourse ends up with asking Swamiji, "Well, Swamiji all amounts to this in the end, doesn't it? I am Brahman, I am the Absolute." If you could only see Swami's indulgent smile and hear him answer so gently. "Yes Dokie, you are Brahman, you are the Absolute, in the real essence of your being." Later, when the learned doctor comes to the table a trifle late, Swami, with the utmost gravity but with a merry twinkle in his eyes, will say. "Here comes Brahman" or "Here is the Absolute".
Swamiji's fun-making is of the merry type. Sometimes he will say, "Now I am going to cook for you!" He is a wonderful cook and delights in serving the "brithrin". The food he prepares is delicious but for "yours truly" too hot with various spices; but I made up my mind to eat it if it strangled me, which it nearly did. If a Vivekananda can cook for me, I guess the least I can do is to eat it. Bless him!
At such times we have whirlwind of fun. Swamiji will stand on the floor with a white napkin draped over his arm, a la the waiters on the dining cars, and will in tone in perfect imitation their call for dinner â€" "Last call fo' the dining cah. Dinner served". " Irresistibly funny! And then, at table, such gales of laughter over some quip or jest, for he unfailingly discovers. the little idiosyncrasies of each one " but never sarcasm or malice " just fun.
Since my last letter to you when I told you of Swamiji's capacity for merriment, so many little things have occurred to make one see how varied are the aspects of Vivekananda. We are trying to take notes of all that he says but I find myself lost in listening and forget the notes. His voice is wondrously beautiful. One might well lose oneself in its divine music. However, dear Miss Waldo is taking very full notes of the lessons and in that way they will be preserved.
Some good fairy must have presided at our birth " C's and mine. We do not. as yet, know much of karma and reincarnation but we are beginning to see that both are involved in our being brought into touch with Swamiji.
Sometimes I ask him rather daring questions, for I am so anxious to know just how he would react under certain conditions. He takes it so kindly when I in my impulsive way sometimes "rush in where angels fear to tread". Once he said to some one, "Mrs. Funke rests me, she is so naive". Wasn't that dear of him?
One evening, when it was raining and we were all sitting in the living room, the Swami was talking about pure womanhood and told us the story of Sita. How he can tell a story! You see it, and all the characters become real. I found myself wondering just how some of the beautiful society queens of the West would appear to him â€" especially those versed in the art of allurement " and before I took time to think, out popped the question, and immediately I was covered with confusion. The Swami, however, looked at me calmly with his big, serious eyes and gravely replied, "If the most beautiful woman in the world were to look at me in an immodest or unwomanly way she would immediately turn into a hideous, green frog, and one does not, of course, admire frogs!"
Apropos of my name, something so funny happened. One day, we all walked down to the village and passed a glass-blower' s tent. Swami was much interested in this and held a whispered conversation with the glass-blower. Then he asked us to take a walk through the main street of the village and upon our return the glass-blower handed him sundry mysterious packages which proved to contain a gift for each of us, a large crystal ball, each one different with our names blown in the glass "With the love of Vivekananda" . Upon reaching the house, we opened our packages. My name was spelled " Phunkey". We were convulsed with laughter but not where he could hear us. He never having seen my name written, "Phunkey" was the result.
And he was so sweet, so gentle and benign all that evening. just like an indulgent father who had given his children beautiful gifts, although many of us were much older than he.
The Swami has accepted C, as one fitted for his work in India. She is so happy. I was very disappointed, because he would not encourage me to go to India. I had a vague idea that to live in a cave and wear a yellow robe would be the proper thing to do if one wished to develop spiritually. How foolish of me and how wise Swamiji was! He said, "You are a householder. Go back to Detroit, find God in your husband and family. That is your path at present."
Later: This morning we went to the village and Swami had tin-types taken of himself at our request. He was so full of fun, so merry. I am trying to write you in class as there is literally no other time. I am sitting near the Swami, and he is saying these very words. "The guru is like a crystal. He reflects perfectly the consciousness of all who come to him, He thus understands how and in what way to help." He means by this that a guru must be able to see what each person needs and he must meet them on their own plane of consciousness.
Now he has closed the class for the morning, and he has turned to me, "Mrs. Funke, tell me a funny story. We are going to part soon, and we must talk funny things, isn't it?"...
We take long walks every afternoon, and our favourite walk is back of the cottage down a hill and then a rustic path to the river. One day there was olfactory evidence of a polecat in the vicinity, and ever since Swami will say, "Shall we walk down Skunk Avenue?"
Sometimes we stop several times and sit around on the grass and listen to Swami's wonderful talks. A bird, a flower, a butterfly, will start him off, and he will tell us stories from the Vedas or recite Indian poetry. I recall that one poem started with the line, "Her eyes are like the black bee on the lotus." He considered must of our poetry to be obvious, banal, without the delicacy of that of his own country.
Wednesday, August 7th: Alas, he has departed! Swamiji left this evening at 9 o'clock on the steamer for Clayton where he will take the train for New York and from there sail for England.
The last day has been a very wonderful and precious one. This morning there was no class. He asked C. and me to take a walk, as he wished to be alone with us. (The others had been with him all summer, and he felt we, should have a last talk.) We went up a hill about half a mile away. All was woods and solitude. Finally he selected a low-branched tree, and we sat under the low spreading branches. Instead of the expected talk, he suddenly said, "Now we will meditate. We shall be like Buddha under the Bo tree." He seemed to turn to bronze, so still was he. Then a thunderstorm came up, and it poured. He never noticed it. 1I raised my umbrella and protected him as much as possible. Completely absorbed in his meditation, he was oblivious of everything. Soon we heard shouts in the distance. The others had come out after us with raincoats and umbrellas. Swamiji looked around regretfully. for we had to go, and said, "Once more am I in Calcutta in the rains."
He was so tender and sweet all this last day. As the steamer rounded the bend in the river, he boyishly and joyously waved his hat to us in farewell, and he had departed indeed!
As I finish these brief reminiscences, the calendar tells me that it is February 14, 1925 â€" just thirty-one years almost to the very hour I first saw and heard Swamiji at the Unitarian Church.
Ah, those blessed, halcyon days at Thousand Island Park! The nights all glowing with the soft mystery of moonlight or golden starlight. And yet the Swami's arrival amongst us held no mystery, apparently. He came in simple guise.
We found later that anything which smacked of the mystery-monger was abhorrent to him. He came to make manifest the Glory and Radiance of the Self. Man's limitations are of his own making. "Thine only is the hand that holds the rope that drags thee on." This was the motif running through the Swami's teaching.
With infinite pains he tried to show us the path he himself had trod. After thirty-one years Swamiji stands out in my consciousness a colossal figure â€" a cleaver of bondage, knowing when and where not to spare. With his two-edged flaming sword came this Man "out of the East" " this Man of Fire and Flame, and some there were who received him, and to those who received him he gave Power.Such was Vivekananda!

Mrs. Mary C Funke
On July 21-23, 1995, the Center held a celebration at Thousand Island Park to commemorate the Centenary of Swami Vivekananda' s historic visit there in 1895.
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On the bank of the St. Lawrence River at the Main Dock of the Park: the same dock where Swami Vivekananda had arrived on June 18, 1895,   and where, after a momentous seven-week stay, he had departed with  the words, "I bless these Thousand Islands." Messages and prayers were  offered by the participating Swamis, ministers, and guests, after which  bouquets of flowers were placed in the River while a thirty-two boat flotilla the Yacht Club of the Park offered a nautical salutation of honor.
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Concert by the United States Army Band of Fort Drum, New York
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Participating in the event were the visiting Swamis, guests, and representatives of all organizations of Thousand Island Park .
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Pilgrimage to Vivekananda Rock


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Dear Colleagues/Supporters:


I am enclosing herewith an article sent to me by Madeline Brooks of  ACT for America in-charge of New York Chapter. 


This article vividly describes as to how the radical  Islamic para-military groups in conjunction with local mosques are steadily  conducting subversive activities and  occupying German and European cities.


While Christians and Jewish people are worried about their future, it is amazing that our Hindu leaders have absolutely no known strategy to counter Islamic jihad!


Narain Kataria






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Power Belongs to Allah!

by Baron Bodissey

Turkish demonstration

A few days ago I posted a video about the growing influence of the Turkish radical Islamic group Millî Görüş in Germany. Yesterday Dymphna wrote a report about the Turkish radical Fethullah Gülen, whose paramilitary group has its headquarters in the USA.

Today we return to the Islamization of Germany via its Turkish fifth column. Many thanks to
Kitman for finding and translating an open letter from a Muslim in Germany warning about the Muslim Brotherhood's well-planned and patient infiltration of German society. The letter originally appeared on a website in 1999, and was recently reposted as a comment on an article in the newspaper Rheinische Post. Politically Incorrect News ran across it and posted it here.

Kitman includes this note:

The letter was presumably written by a Muslim insider, but some people have doubts due to the good German in which is was written. I tend to believe that the corrections were made by a German editor of the Christian magazine Christliche Mitte.

And his translation of the letter:

Open letter from a Muslim

I am a Muslim and I know what I am talking about!

I was the chairman of two Islamic societies, both now dissolved. Due to my knowledge of Muslim politics and languages I was able to gain access to the parts of Islamic society which are sealed off to Europeans.

I have been a keen observer of the Islamic movement in Germany since 1968, back when no Muslim thought about building mosques or having dual citizenship.

CM rightly states that we are now facing an unprecedented number of mosques and construction plans for future mosques. This, evidently, is not a coincidence.

The stealth occupation of German and European cities by the Muslim Brotherhood and the World Islamic Congress is taking shape steadily and in spite of all rivalries. This is the main objective of every Muslim organisation in Germany. Make no mistake about this.

The already-existing mosques and centers of Islamic societies in Germany reach well beyond the purpose of religious practice and education. They are secretly dedicated to the training of a large number of Turk military reservists within the already-established secret army of Islam.

Young Turks from fundamentalist families who have fulfilled their military service are brought into Germany by the IGMG (The Islamic Society of Millî Görüş).

- - - - - - - - -

Members of IGMG with German-born daughters possessing permanent residence permits are encouraged to "marry off" their daughters to males selected by the IGMG. Through this "marriage" the male Turk is granted a permanent residence permit as well. This is how a secret army is built.

Germany was chosen as the center for these initiatives because it has the greatest percentage of Turkish residents, but also because everything that even smells like immigrant hostility is banned and ostracised, and every warning, however justified, is repudiated as hatred towards foreigners, providing ideal cover for the activities of Muslim fundamentalists.

I am well aware of the mindset of all Islamic groups within Germany. We were a small group of German Muslims who fell prey to the erroneous belief that we could somehow eliminate a considerable number of the Christian-haters from the circle of fanatic believers, but this is not possible. Even the most ordinary Muslim feels superior to all Christian Europeans. Do not expect this to change into any loving sentiments. You would be fooling yourself. It is simply not going to happen.

Lately there has been a lot of talk about the issue of dual citizenship for Turkish immigrants. The Islamic fundamentalists have demanded this dual citizenship for years, although not publicly. This was done by the Germans themselves in ignorance of the dangers related to the issue.

With the gratification of this demand the Islamists have successfully completed an important step towards the realisation of their plans for a European takeover, because if a large number of the above-mentioned Turks were ever to exceed the limits of German tolerance, they would always have the option of invoking their Turkish citizenship to avoid unpleasant consequences.

What is impossible even in Turkey is happening in Germany, aided by government institutions: the construction of a secret army of Islamic fundamentalists by the Muslim Brotherhood. And behind them stands the IKHWAN al MUSLIMIN with a headquarters in Pakistan and the RABITA al ISLAMI operating from Mecca. Both of these organisations are funded by rich oil-states.

The recent hysteria concerning "hatred of foreigners" caused by the awful killing of defenceless women and children of Turkish origin plays right into the hands of Islamists and enables them to pursue and expand their covert activities uninterrupted. Every objection to their undertakings is effectively silenced by accusations of immigrant hostility and incitement of hatred.

Add to this the fact that many Christians are actively promoting the rise of Islam in the false belief that this might spare them as targets of persecution if the aspirations of fundamentalist Islam someday proved victorious.

But everybody should know that there is no dialogue with Islamists; there is only subservience to the fundamentalists. These people know no gratitude or appreciation with regard to services rendered. They only know the ruthless pursuit of power.

In recent times the personal relationships between Germans and Turks have become noticeably cold and distant. Internal communications within the IGMG of Cologne recommend segregating ourselves from Christians. Not only that, but assaults on Turks are even welcomed in order to provoke the well-meaning German authorities into fighting "hostility towards immigrants," in effect making it possible to condemn any defensive efforts as incitement of hatred.

A few statements by IGMG reveal their agenda: "Down with all political systems except Islamic rule! The Power belongs to Allah, his messenger, and the believers. We will crush the skull of anyone who opposes Sharia."

Even more explicitly, "The European is an atheist idolater, an extortionist, a capitalist, socialist, Zionist, communist, imperialist. He is constantly drunk and horny, adulterous and materialistic. He has sold himself to the devil. They are all agents and spies. They might appear to be doctors, nurses, wise teachers, or trade unionists, but they are all enemies of Islam."

These are statements of the IGMG against the German society hosting them! Some people might accuse me of overdramatising the situation, but I have been following these developments with ever-growing horror for years as an insider.

I feel inclined to warn against a development within German society which, if not stopped in due time, could become an all-encompassing disaster for all Europeans. And by this coming disaster I mean the subjugation of the Europeans under the dictates of Islamic fanaticism.

The expansion of fundamentalist Islam is promoted by the Germans themselves. Just think about all of the building permits granted for the construction of mosques. Almost every week a new mosque is opened.

Consider the support for Christian-Islamic dialogue through churches and clerical publications.

Let me tell you, as a knowledgeable Muslim who was able to move around in Islamic circles closed to all Christians: there is no Christian-Islamic dialogue!

From an Islamic point of view there can be no dialogue founded on mutual understanding. There is only submission. And according to authoritative Islamic teachings, all non-Muslims must submit to Islam.

What most people fail to recognise with regard to all the buzz surrounding Christian-Islamic dialogue is the inherent objective, namely, the weakening of Christianity. Do not believe any ruling politician who claims to be unaware of this.

These politicians elected by well-meaning Christians betray their own electorate. They allow the oppression of their own religion in their own country. And this is done in spite of clear biblical warnings: "Receive a stranger into thine house, and he will disturb thee, and turn thee out of thine own." [Ecclesiasticus 11:34, King James Bible]

How shameful having to be told this by a Muslim. But I am a German Muslim, and I have to stand up against the deceptions and fairytales imposed upon otherwise clear-minded German citizens.

The Germans harbour no hostility towards foreigners. This false meme is propagated in order to silence criticism and hide the subversive activities of Muslim fanatics against Germany.

The politicians will not receive any gratitude for their multicultural sympathies. All they achieve is the advancement of powers hostile towards Christians and Germans, thus encouraging even more outrageous insults directed against German citizens.

The German politicians should be made aware of the fact that foreign Muslims are laughing scornfully at the "stupid German man."

All who suffer from the delusion that embracing a multicultural society will somehow spare them the future consequences need to reconsider that stance. They are going to experience the same subjugation and oppression as every other non-Muslims, because fanatical Muslims are egoistical and recognize nobody as their equal.

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View of Muslim organisation towards Vande Mataram - ‘Vande Mataram’ is the song of traitors !

Vande Mataram

'Vande Mataram' is the song of traitors ! – hissing in Muslim conference

April 5, 2010

Chaitra Krushna Saptami, Kaliyug Varsha 5112

Mumbai: 'Anandmath' is a novel written by V. D. Savarkar and the song 'Vande Mataram' is also written by him. ('Vande Mataram' was written by Bankimchandra on Kartik Shukla Navami i.e. on 7th November 1875 and it was first published in the novel titled 'Anandmath' written by him. Muslims have exhibited their Savarkar hatred by making such statement although historical facts are different ! – Editor SP)

During pre-independence period, the same novel had given a message to hate Muslims and to develop closeness with the British. (Many patriots have taken inspiration from this song and raised the same slogan when they climbed the gallows. The Muslims have, however, insulted these martyrs who sacrificed their life for the freedom of this country by making such statement ! – Editor SP) It was mentioned during the conference held by the Muslim organization 'Neo Education and Economic Development Society' that the song 'Vande Mataram' was the song of traitors. (What the secularists, who embrace Muslims in every matter, have to say on this? – Editor SP)

The conference held at Indian Merchant Centre was attended by few important Muslim leaders from UK. It was said in the conference that there were no drawbacks in Islam. The only way to become learned / wise is to accept what the 'Quran' says. (What are those, who have taken it upon themselves to eradicate so-called superstitions by criticizing Hindu scriptures, have now to say about the superstitions of Muslims? Will the so-called modern news channels, who are prompt in looking at every action of Hindus through the glasses of superstitions and conduct discussion sessions by taking objection on every little thing of Hindus, now conduct discussions on the superstition exhibited by Muslims? – Editor SP)

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Christian Institutions Top List of NGOs Operating in India in 2007

HPI: Christian Institutions Top List of NGOs Operating in India in 2007

NEW DELHI, INDIA, December 27, 2007 (HPI note): Each year, the Government of India's Ministry of Home Affairs releases a report (URL above) entitled, "Receipt of Foreign Contributions by Voluntary Associations." Most of the donations go toward relief work, rural development, medicine and education. "Maintenance of priests/preachers/other religious functionaries" is 15th on the list of purposes, receiving $21 million dollars of all foreign funding. Of the fifteen top donor agencies given in a chart on page 20, eight are Christian, seven are secular and none are Hindu:

Name and Country Dollars remitted to India

Gospel Fellowship Trust India, USA -- $60,305,263
Gospel for Asia, USA -- $36,100,000
Plan International, UK -- $29,257,895
Foundation Vicent E Ferrer, Alicante, Spain -- $27,428,947
Christian Aid, UK -- $21,094,737
Miseror Mozartstrasse, Germany -- $20,457,895
Foundacion Vicente Ferrer, Madrid, Spain -- $20,118,421
Oxfam, UK -- $19,721,053
NOVIB, Netharlands -- $19,321,053
Deptt for International Devpt (DFID), UK -- $15,723,684
Kindemothilfe, Germany -- $14,318,421
Save the Children Fund, UK -- $13,594,737
Manos Unidas, Spain -- $13,050,000
Missio, Germany -- $12,900,000
Population Service International USA -- $12,826,316
Total funds sent to India: -- $336,218,421

The following is a brief description of each organization:

Gospel Fellowship Trust India, USA, $57 million, here. The URL says that, "Gospel Missions of India (GMI) is an IRS approved non-profit, tax exempt, religious organization based in Michigan, USA to support Christian workers and ministries in India associated with the Brethren assemblies. GMI is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) and Christian Ministries Management Association, both of which stand for financial integrity and public accountability. GMI stays abreast of the work of the missionaries and ministries in India to ensure that gifts are faithfully invested for the Lord's work."
Gospel for Asia, $34 million, here, Gospel for Asia is a Texas-based Christian missionary organization whose, "Focus and goal as a ministry is to reach the 2.7 billion people in the 10/40 window who have never heard about the love of God. In India alone, there are over 500,000 villages with no Gospel witness."
Plan International, UK, $28 million, here, The URL explains, "Plan is a child-centred community development organization with no religious and political affiliations, enabling families and communities in the poorest countries to make lasting improvements to the lives of their children. Plan's work is made possible because more than a million people across the world support us through sponsoring children. In doing so they benefit many other children, and entire communities. Plan's also supported by the UK Government's Department of International Development, the European Union and partners and governments worldwide."
Foundation Vicent E. Ferrer Alicante and Madrid Spain - $26 million and $19 million (the organization occurs twice in the contribution list), here - Until 1970 Vicente Ferrer was a Jesuit missionary associated with the Society of Jesus. In 1996, the Foundation was created in Spain to promote economic development in rural India by organizing small cooperatives to dig wells, form seed banks and irrigate small plots as well as building community hospitals and schools. The foundation is viewed as a cooperative between a sponsoring Spanish family and a corresponding family in India.
Christian Aid, UK, $20 million, here, This organization was formed after World War II by British and Irish Church leaders to help European refugees. In the 1950's Christian Aid began responding to emergencies in Africa and Asia and in the 1980's Christian Aid received government funding. In the 1990's Christian Aid "Became one of the first aid agencies to highlight 'unsexy' and complex global economic issues. Our celebrated Banking on the Poor campaign alerted people to the need to cancel Third World debt, while the culpability of the World Trade Organization and International Monetary Fund was exposed in our 'Who Runs the World' campaign. We were not afraid to confront governments and challenge the rules of the day that said charities should be apolitical. This resolve helped change government trade policy and establish the Fairtrade Foundation - our campaigning works Christian Aid was also quick to respond to humanitarian crises in Rwanda, the Middle East and, at the end of the decade, working across ethnic and religious divides in Serbia, Bosnia and Kosovo."
Miseror Mozartstrasse, Germany, $19 million, here, Miseror is affiliated with the Catholic Church in Germany. The organization has mandated to, "Fight the causes of hardship and misery as manifested chiefly in countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America in the forms of hunger, disease, poverty and other forms of human suffering thus enabling the people affected to lead a life of human dignity and to promote justice, freedom, reconciliation and peace in the world."
Oxfam, UK, $19 million, here, Oxfam UK is an affiliate of Oxfam International. Oxfam International is described as a confederation of 13 organizations working together with over 3000 partners in more than 100 countries to find lasting solutions to poverty and injustice. Oxfam UK is known for specializing in crisis aid such as clean drinking water and tents.
Novib, Netherlands, $18 million, here, The URL says, "Oxfam Novib is and will remain an independent organization, rooted in the Netherlands. Twelve independent Oxfams are collaborating, dedicating their efforts to the five basic rights of people throughout the world: the right to an honest income, to drinking water, to healthcare and education, to safety and to one's own opinion, for women and minorities too. Cooperation takes place in development projects, emergency aid and campaigns that bring a just world without poverty closer.
Deptt for International Devpt (DFID), UK, $15 million, here, Represented by both the Cabinet and the House of Commons, the 1997 White Pater on International Development describes the focus of DFIB as, "A commitment to the Millennium Development goals. Much of this involves direct poverty reduction work, through our development activities, and work with multilateral institutions such as the World Bank, the United Nations and the European Union."
Kindemothilfe, Germany, $14 million, Kindemothilfe was founded in 1992 and encourages monthly sponsorship of a needy child in a third world country. The sponsorship of 60 marks a month is transferred to the native churches and Christian organizations of third world countries and from there a welfare organization called the 'child help in need' coordinates the cash dispensing for meals, clothes, and medicine.
Save the Children Fund, UK, $13 million, here, This humanitarian organization was founded by two sisters at the beginning of the 20th century to assist starving children in Berlin and Vienna. Under the initial leadership of Eglantyne Jebb the ideals spread worldwide and inspired the present UN Convention on the rights of the child.
Manos Unidas, Spain, $12 million, here, Manos Unidas, "Is a Catholic development organization which fights against poverty, hunger, malnutrition, lack of education and underdevelopment as well as against their causes: injustice, unequal share of goods and opportunities between people and countries, ignorance, prejudice and lack of solidarity. The purpose of its work is to contribute to the full development of the countries of the South, to take an active role in the fight against famine and inequality and to support those countries in their process of liberation from poverty and dependency."
Missio, Germany, $12 million, here, Missio is the German Catholic Bishops' Agency for International Mission Work and has been known to campaign against sex tourism and child abuse. The main site is in German.

Population Service International, USA, $12 million, here, The URL says that, "PSI is a nonprofit organization based in Washington, D.C. that harnesses the vitality of the private sector to address the health problems of low-income and vulnerable populations in more than 60 developing countries. With programs in malaria, reproductive health, child survival and HIV, PSI promotes products, services and healthy behavior that enable low-income and vulnerable people to lead healthier lives. Products and services are sold at subsidized prices rather than given away in order to motivate commercial sector involvement. PSI is the leading nonprofit social marketing organization in the world."