Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wonderful Definations

A pinch of tobacco
rolled in paper
with fire at one end
and a fool at the other!

The art of dividing
a cake in such a way that
everybody believes
he got the biggest piece

A curve
that can set
a lot of things straight!

A banker
provided by

An art of transmitting Information
from the notes of the lecturer
to the notes of students
without passing through the minds
of either

A feeling when you feel
you are going to feel
a feeling
you have never felt before


The hydraulic force by which
masculine will power is
defeated by feminine water-power!

A person
who kills
your ills
by pills,
and kills you
by his bills!

A person
who tells you
to go to hell
in such a way
that you actually look forward
to the trip

The only time
when some married men
ever get to open
their mouth

A place where divorce comes
before marriage

A guy
no different
from the other,
unless he gets caught

A book
which people praise,
but never read

The name
men give
to their


A fool
who torments himself
during life,
to be spoken of
when dead

A sign
to make others believe
that you know
more than
you actually do

A person
who while falling
says in midway

who can do
nothing individually
and sit to decide
that nothing can be done

who is early
when you are late
and late
when you are early

One who
shakes your hand
before elections
and your Confidence

A place
where you can relax
after your strenuous
home life

A person
who says that
O is the last letter
in ZERO,
Instead of the first letter

A person
who starts taking bath
if he
accidentally falls
into a river

An invention
to bring an end
to all

A person
who lives poor
so that
he can die RICH!

It's an agreement
a man loses his bachelor degree
and a woman gains her master

A place where everybody talks,
nobody listens
and everybody disagrees later on

The confusion of one man
multiplied by the
number present

Monday, June 29, 2009

Monkey lover Michael Jackson and Zambian President

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Two articles: (1) Monkey lover Michael Jackson and Zambian President (2) Obama and Jackson ideals of racial unity
June 27
Monkey lover Michael Jackson and Zambian President 
Jackson's life was sad and tragic: Obama says in his condolence message.
"We're gonna miss you Michael. We loved your strange, bony, talented, moonwalking, monkey- owning, amusement park livin', crotch grabbin' , high voice yelping, brilliant video makin', Elizabeth Taylor lovin', body poppin', prodigiously talented legendary ass. Michael Jackson died. Damn. R.I.P. "Lenny Henry
Michael Jackson, is survived by three children, Bubbles the monkey (Chimp) and various assorted unidentified life forms.  Chimp a person or not, question was before the Australian court. But it's never been a question before Michael Jackson.  
'Bubbles' is a chimpanzee (monkey), known for his association with Michael Jackson. Bubbles initially resided at the Jackson family's Encino home, but moved to Neverland Ranch in 1988, where he slept in a crib at the corner of Jackson's bedroom. Bubbles' was allowed to use Jackson's private toilet, although the chimp sometimes wore a diaper.
Jay Coleman, 59, was Jackson's marketing representative in the 1980s. He was the one behind the singer's famous Pepsi campaign in 1984. Coleman said he once visited Jackson's home, years ago.
"He was 25 years old then and he lived surrounded by stuffed animals and his monkey, Bubbles," he recalled. "He really was very eccentric."
Coleman says he'll always remember the filming of the famous Pepsi ad in 1984 when Jackson's hair caught fire.
"It really was very serious, but he came back on set a few weeks later," Coleman said. "He took off his hat despite his injuries and joked about his condition, he wanted to show that he was OK."
Portsmouth-reared Ralph Wolfe Cowan of 77, portrait artist of the rich and titled, painted Michael Jackson four times around 1993. The pop star bought the first one, then commissioned and paid for three more. Cowan got a call. "Hello, this is Michael. I don't like dogs," he said in a soft, gentle voice. "I like monkeys."
Las Vegas native James Ronald Whitney -- an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker who raises monkeys says Jackson was "very, very bonded" with Bubbles.
"I'm sure he was a much better father to his chimp than he ever would have been to a child of his," Whitney says. "I think he loved his chimp. I don't know for certain, but my guess is he had children for very different reasons than the reasons he had his chimp."
Monkey Urinates On Zambian President
It may be called coincident that monkey urinated on Zambian President Rupiah Banda as he spoke to journalists at a news conference on June 24. The Zambian President softly shouted: "You have urinated on my jacket," and paused as he looked up to see the animal playing in a tree just above his chair.
"Perhaps these are blessings," he said continuing his address amid laughter from the audience of journalists and diplomats at the State House presidential offices.
Several monkeys play around the grounds of Banda's residence and his office. There are also many species of antelope and birds in the State House grounds.
Monkey Hanuman
Ganesh of elephant head
Some elements abroad and in India make jokes on the monkey Hanuman and Ganesh of elephant head. In Hindu tradition, our entire environment including trees, mountains, birds, animals regarded as sacred and there are specific instances, which provide important symbols for this.
God made Universe, Monkeys made Ram Setu
Even we treat Bharat Bhumi as motherland. Scientists Jagdish Chandra Basu proved that there is a life in trees also. Even on the order of Ram, monkeys made Ram Sethu
Every event in Hinduism is unique with scientific reason
Lotus Flowers are presented to 'Laxmi'. Lotus flowers are under the water level, which has risen gently and smoothly. Surface tension prevents the water from submerging the flower.
Only we Hindus are in the world those accept there is no one religion that is superior or inferior and that all forms of God are acceptable to the Supreme. Hindu never convert to others opposite to other believers who say their God is the only God for reaching heaven. Due to t is conversion of tribal and poor Hindus is going on.
Garud Garud Bola in America
Even now Garud Winged Eagel is a strong presence in many Asian countries.
"We're gonna miss you Michael. We loved your strange, bony, talented, moonwalking, monkey- owning, amusement park livin', crotch grabbin' , high voice yelping, brilliant video makin', Elizabeth Taylor lovin', body poppin', prodigiously talented legendary ass. Michael Jackson died. Damn. R.I.P. " we endorce the condolence words of Lenny Henry
Analysis by Premendra Agrawal
June 26
Obama and Jackson ideals of racial unity
U S President Obama and Michael Jackson have the parental similar identities in different ways.
Barack Obama's mother was a white American named Stanley Ann Dunham, who hailed from Wichita, Kansas. Opposite to this Michael Jackson's motherKatherine Esther was black African.  Barack Obama's father was a black African named Barack Obama, Sr. Michael Jackson is the son of white American Joseph Walter Joe
Michael Joseph Jackson was born in Gary, Indiana (an industrial suburb of Chicago, Illinois) to a working-class African American family on August 29, 1958.
Obama and Jackson both Shattered Racial Barriers
James Watson, a Nobel Prize winner for his part in discovering the structure of DNA, claimed in an interview in The Sunday Times on Oct 17, 2007. that black people are less intelligent than white people.
Who is in India more racist than Noble Prized James Watson?
 'King of Pop' Michael Jackson and America's President Barack Obama both shattered racial barriers established by James Watson likeminded white persons.
Racial Australia should learn a lesson from the life of Michael Jackson
Racial crime is not less crime than terrorism. The survey figures show that 85 percent of Australia acknowledges there is racial prejudice in the Australia. After judging the insufficiency of UPA government, now the Supreme Court seeks the action taken report to direct the Centre to explain by June 26 the steps initiated to ensure safety of Indian facing racial attacks in Australia and Canada.
Black or White
"Black or White" was the first single taken from Michael Jackson's Dangerous album, released in November 1991. The single is considered the biggest selling rock song of the 1990s. "Black or White" is a mix of Hard rock, dance and Hip Hop.
Written, composed, and arranged by Jackson with the rap lyrics by Bill Bottrell, it is a song that promotes racial unity. The song's introduction and main riff, reminiscent of that of "Hurts So Good" by John Mellencamp are performed by guitarist Slash and Bill Bottrell.
The song peaked at number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 and the UK Singles Chart, as well as in 18 other countries.

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

: First drafts of history' go online at British Library

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First drafts of history’ go online at British Library
Hasan Suroor


It is now possible to access back issues of 49 newspapers from year 1800
Searches are free but downloads are charged


LONDON: More than two million pages of 19th and early 20th century British newspapers â€" the supposed “first drafts of history” â€" can now be accessed by simply clicking a button on your computer under a new online service launched by the British Library on Thursday.
The pay-as-you-go service aimed at widening the access to the library’s treasure chest of rare documents will make it possible to read scanned pages from 49 national and regional British newspapers stretching back to 1800.
Among the major world events, as reported in the British press at the time, is India’s first war of Independence of 1857 though it is variously described as the “Sepoy Mutiny,” “The Great Mutiny in India” and “The Indian Mutiny.”
On July 24, 1857, The Morning Chronicle, London, published a letter from a 19-year-old British soldier from Meerut to his sister in Britain giving an account of the “fearful massacre.”
:“...your brother has been spared from the fearful massacre that has taken place at Delhi; and although he is still alive and well, Oh, my own dearest sister, the escape I have had has been most miraculous - in fact, I can hardly realise it; and, when one comes to look back upon it, it is scarcely to be believed... there is only one other officer of my unfortunate regiment out of those who were with it at the time of the mutiny who has escaped to this place, and he, poor fellow, is in hospital with a musket-ball through his thigh,” he wrote.
The library said the content for the online service had been chosen by historical experts and was aimed at presenting a cross-section of 19th century society in the areas of business, sport, politics and entertainment.
These include the first FA Cup final between Wanderers and Royal Engineers at the Kennington Oval in 1872 and the first England-Australia Test match in 1877. The collection focuses on national newspapers such as The Times and Daily News and regional titles, including the Manchester Times.
“Users are now able to read first-hand factual reporting of the Battle of Trafalgar in the Examiner and the gory details of the Whitechapel murders in the melodramatic Illustrated Police News,” the library said.
Simon Bell, the library’s head of product development, said: “There’s a huge appetite for wider online access to this kind of resource, which is already well used by readers at the British Library and by people in higher and further education. The new pay-as-you-go service will enable users across the U.K. who don’t wish to travel to our Reading Rooms in London or Yorkshire to delve into this unrivalled online resource.”
Simon Fowler, Editor of Ancestors magazine, said: “This new service really does open up a major new resource for family historians. Realistically, for the first time it is possible to use newspapers to complement other records to build up a rounder portrait of our ancestors, with information that would not be possible to obtain elsewhere.”
The searches of the site (http://newspapers.bl.uk/blcs) are free but there’s a nominal charge for downloads


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