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Identity of Bharat as 'Spiritual Nation' will be re-created!

Identity of Bharat as 'Spiritual Nation' will be re-created!

February 1, 2009

Magh Shuddha shashti

This union of Saints is a manifestation of God in His collective form and will cause flutter in the hearts of Hindu-haters!

Mumbai: Our country has been seized by terrorism. More than 150 saints who were present for the Sankalpa Sabha proclaimed that to defend the country from terrorism, the usual ‘secular’ image of he country will be replaced by ‘ spiritual nation’.The Sabha which was organized by ‘Dharma Raksha Manch’ here on Somaya Grounds was attended by 150000 proud Hindus.To realize this resolve whole country will be covered during the period 20th February to 20th March 2009. The attendees were guided in the direction of completion of the resolve by the brilliant speeches of the Saints present for the Sabha.

…then the change in power is a must!- H.H. Gyandasji Maharaj , Prsident, Akhil Bharatiya Akhada parishad

No sooner the America was attacked by the terrorists, the nation responsible for the thriving of terrorists was destroyed by her. Here we are just supplying the evidences! We do not want such a widowed administration at the centre. If we want to root out such evils as terrorism,religious coversions etc then a change in the power is a must.

Even the likes of Ravan and Kansa could not destroy Sanatan then how can this government destroy it!- Sadhvi Ritambara

Do not think that Sanatan is under distress because of impure motives of government. How can Sanatan which was not destroyed by the orders of Ravan and Kansa, be destroyed by the present era government? The country is under the grip of materialistic storm. The youth of the nation is searching for peace in the wine bottle. We left the path of spirituality while running after the science. However the saints have preserved the country and its culture solely by the strength of their spiritual practice. Today the saints have united to kindle the dormant vitality of the nation. How long can we go on sacrificing? The lineage of Takshaks and Rakshasas should not thrive in this country fro now onwards. Therefore O Hindus, let us make a resolve through the medium of this Sabha that the , the ruling power should not be secular, there should not be appeasement policy, streams of human blood should not flow and the power should not be in the hands of weak.

Remember the might of Sri Ram and Sri Krishna!- H.H. Asaram Bapu

Whoever possesses adventure, courage, intelligence and valour realize their goal by overcoming the difficulties. Therefore we will have to remember the might of Sri Krishna and Shri Ram.

Why then the Muslims do not accept the Shariyat laws for punishments?- Shankaracharya Swami Ganga Dhiren

The Bharatiya Muslims should either return to their original religion that is Hinduism or should accept common civil code. If they are not ready for common civil code then when the question of punishment comes why do not they accept Shariyat law which is the height of cruelty?

First of all make a resolve to awaken the youth!- Jain Muni Saint Vimal Maharaj

We are scattered and hence have become weak. The land of Bharat being holy land we have to live for the preservation of her culture. The Saints and the doctrines of Dharma tell a common truth that when the people sleep, the King also goes to sleep. Hence our government is sleeping. Our educational culture has enhanced the Christian culture. There is not an iota of pride in the youth towards Dharma. Therefore first of all make a resolve to awaken the youth.

Saints’ march towards revolution!

Give us your youth and we will give you a ‘Spiritual Bharat’!- Swami Chinmayananada

We are ashamed of all the political parties who have failed to solve the problem of terrorism. Our history shows that whenever there were assaults on dharma, saints only too the initiative to defend the Dharma. Now also the saints have come forward to solve this menace of terrorism. To finish off this terrorism, We call the youth of today, ‘Give us your youth and we will give you a ‘Spiritual Bharat’. We do not want secular constitution, we want Spiritual nation. The day on which our Bharat will become a secular nation, it will be self sufficient and free.

Saints’ march towards revolution!

Bhagwan Sri Krishna had done such actions like taking weapons in hand, covering the sun even if they were against the rules. Saints also will have to do the same for defence of Dharma. Saints will not wear just Malas ( japmala or garlands)but are going to hold weapons We have not come for peace today but want revolution The media should stop defaming the Hindu dharma and should remove the word ‘Hindu terrorism ‘from their vocabulary. All the saints who were present on the stage reiterated their stand that Sadhvi Pradnya Singh Thakur is not considered by them as terrorist.

Saints’ call to all Hindus!

The organizer of Dharma Raksha Manch, H.H. Hansadas maharaj said,’ ‘ Dharmaraksha Manch is ready to take converted Hindus back into Hinduism. The God who was killed by stoning and submitting to the sharp point of a stake can not save you. In this land Sri Krishna is born to kill Kansa and Rama takes birth to kill Ravan. All the incarnations in our Vedic heritage have been destroying the evil throughout the yugas. How come Hindus are not ashamed to visit the Dargas of such Peers and prophets who did not have children in spite of having 20 marriages? Let all Hindus make resolve today that they will not visit the dargas. Don’t you now that our 33 crore deities are great?

Hindu Saints’ call to Muslims and Christians!

Muslim religious heads should take out Fatwa that Hindus are not Kafirs. This Land of Bharat is not Darul Harab. It is Holy. If Christian missionaries do not stop the wrong propaganda about Hindu Deities, they will be given answer in their own language.


  • All the area surrounding the Sabha had saffron flags depicting the symbol ‘OM’
  • The stage was so huge that hundreds of Saints could be accommodated
  • The written matter of ‘ Mama Diksha Hindu Raksha!’ on the background,
  • The picture of Virat vision of Bhagwan Srikrishna and the screen containing symbols such as OM, Swastik, Sudarshan Chakra and Trident(trishul) were calling the Hindus for enhancing their warrior attitude and preservation of Hindu culture.

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