Thursday, February 5, 2009

Few things to learn from

We should learn one thing from tiger, two from cock, three from donkey, four from flamingo fibe from crow and six things from dog.

1. We should do our work with full concetration by mind wether work is small of big, that is thing to learn from TIGER

2.To wake up early in morning and also try to wake up others, these are two things, we should learn from COCK

3.We should work hard till we sweat,not to complain about cold or heat,to eat whatever we get wether it is dry or wet, and thank God for whatever he gives with pleasure. These are three things to learn from DONKEY

4.To make kin observation, keep mind concentration at one point,be alone with care,to work according to our energy, thse are four things to learn from FLEMINGO

5.To conserve when we get occasion, to keep oneself in safe place,don't keep blind faith on any one,to collect our brothers and fellows to fight against enemy,and to do sex very silently, are things to learn from CROW

6.To be silent even when we are hungry or having pain,to wake up with small noise even if in deep sleep,to be bold,to fight with enemy till death,to do work completely when it is asked to do, and to be faithfull to our master, these are six things to learn from DOG

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