Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pakistan not an enemy of India: Omar Abdullah

Pakistan not an enemy of India: Omar Abdullah

Sat, Jan 17 12:29 AM

Mumbai, Jan 16 (PTI) Pakistan is not an enemy of India but there are elements in that country which do not want normal bilateral relations, Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah said tonight. "We expect a response from Pakistan in terms of fulfilling the commitment of working together with us to ensure that their soil is not used for terrorism," Abdullah, who was here as the chief guest at Business India Businessman of the Year Award, said.

"I recognise that Pakistan is not an enemy of India. There are elements within Pakistan that do not want normal relations with India," he said.

"But I only hope that we do not react in a way that we marginalise those voices in Pakistan that are looking for a strong relationship with India because that would be the victory of these terrorists and the defeat of the rest of us", Omar said. About a ban on Pakistan artists in the wake of Mumbai terror attacks, Abdullah said "any effort to marginalise moderate voices in Pakistan will be counter-productive.

" On whether he was satisfied with Pakistan's action on evidence provided by India in regard to the Mumbai terror attacks, he said "there is no question of being completely satisfied. There is a lot left to be done.

We have placed our case before them. Even world powers have said the evidence given by us have substance.

" "We now hope that Pakistan rises above "siyasat" (politics) and recognises our concerns." He said a lot of efforts were required by Pakistan to improve ties with India.

Oberoi Group Chairman P R N Oberoi was honoured with Business India-27th Businessman of the Year Award. PTI.

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