Tuesday, January 20, 2009

India prone to more similar Mumbai attacks

.Bangalore: The terror threats on India have not seen its end and predictions are lurking around about possibilities of more attacks similar to the Mumbai carnage. The attacks are presumed to be from Pakistan-based terrorist groups, who are increasingly organizing terror campaigns in South Asia.

"India will continue to face a serious jihadist threat from Pakistan-based terrorist groups, and neither Indian nor U.S. policy is likely to reduce that threat in the near future," said Angel Rabasa, lead author of the study and a senior Political Scientist with RAND, a non-profit think tank based in Santa Monica, California.

According to RAND, the other extremist groups in Pakistan will find inspiration in the Mumbai attacks, and there can be more attacks from groups with high body counts and symbolic targets. The Mumbai attacks will also imply a surge in the terrorist groups who will strategize their attacks. The study also identifies operational and tactical features of the attack, evaluates the response of Indian security forces, and analyzes the implications for India, Pakistan and the United States.


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1 Assign this job to KPS Gill (IPS) from Punjab to take action against these
extremists group without interference of Amnesty International and Human Rights
Commission who is silent spectacular of Mumbai attacks.

Posted by: Ashok Kumar Aggarwal Monday, January 19, 2009

2 People should be trained to defend themselves and they should also know as to
what they are defending. We are not just defending our personal lives, property,
and territory. We are defending our freedom to think for ourselves and cherish
ideas and values as we like. We are defending ourselves from the imposition of
an alien culture and the attempts to transform the civil society. We have to
understand the enemy and prepare for this ideological conflict. The enemy calls

Posted by: Major(Retd)R.Rudra Monday, January 19, 2009

3 Terrorism is like a disease. People may tolerate certain diseases based on a
trade-off of pain due to the disease versus pain inflicted by the cure.
Terrorism is like cancer. It spreads until the person dies. The best cure is
surgery and advance therapy if you can afford it. The alternative to a fight is
demise. India has to mount a national campaign against terrorism. They have
taken the first significant step by appointing a performance-oriented leader,
Mr. Chidambaram, as the Home minister. India has to train every policeman and
home guard in recognizing the links in terrorism (like symptoms in cancer) when
they observe certain happenings. These forces have to be equipped adequately. It
is aid that every citizen in Switzerland has a role in case that country needed
to defend itself. India has to adapt that model and train common people
(porters, fishermen, taxi drivers, receptionists, booking clerks, tellers, even
common criminals, and so on) to be vigilant (not vigilantes) about happenings
around them as they go about their daily lives. Terrorism will be reduced to
common sores and its virulence can be contained.

Posted by: Som Karamchetty, PHD Monday, January 19, 2009

4 The attacks are inspired by hatred for Indian way of life. We need to pay
attention to their motivation and their theology.Jihadists want to sacrifice
themselves with a mission to transform the society and change the social order
which they perceive as repugnant. India had attracted similar attacks since the
times of Mahmud Ghazni and the Mughal Emperor Babur used similar feelings of
hatred and aroused the anger of his troops in the fight against the Rajputs.As
we respond with security measures, we also need to give others proper education
to understand Indian Culture.The Cultural practice that arouses most anger and
invites military attacks and aggression relate to Indian pracices of Idol
Worship, and the Worship of Creation. Muslims believe in God's transcendental
omnipresence(exists apart from material universe) and Indians believe in God's
immanent omnipresence(exists everywhere as part of the material universe).These
divergent theological perceptions is the basis for intolerance.Indians need to
project their religious views to the world community and ask for better
understanding and tolerance. Indian behaviour should not be viewed as
disobedience of the one and only God.Respect and obedience to God is an
important aspect of Indian Culture.To promote this understanding, we need to
include the Worship of Creation as a Fundamental Right in the Article 25,Part
III of the Constitution of India and the Article 25 should be amended to
prohibit propagation of ideas that undermine and devalue the Fundamental Right
to Worship of Creation.A security response to terror threats is not adequate.We
need to defend our Way of Life.

Posted by: Major(Retd)R.Rudra Monday, January 19, 2009

5 We have to Blame Mahathma Gandhi for all his selfishness and dirty politicies he
did to India. Alteast Now it is good to change our policies. See that the
persons who stands for elections are Directors of top 500 companies in India.
Allot 20% Reservation for Army persons to stand for elections. and then u see
all these problems are eleminated.

Posted by: shiva Monday, January 19, 2009

6 now its the security system's responsibility to prove this study wrong show
their potential..

Posted by: yasmeen Monday, January 19, 2009

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