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Fwd: wake up call

Are Hindus Cowards?

June 5, 2006

1. There are nearly 52Jihadicountries. Show oneJihadicountry which provides Haj subsidy.
2. Show oneJihadicountry where Hindus are extended the special rights that Muslims are accorded in India?
3. Show oneJihadicountry which has a Non-Muslim as its President or Prime Minister.

4. Show one country where the 82% majority craves for the indulgence of the 18% minority.
5. Show one Mullah or Maulvi who has declared a `fatwa' against terrorists.
Hindu-majority Maharashtra, Bihar, Kerala, Pondicherry, etc. have in
the past elected Muslims as CMs; Can you ever imagine a Hindu becoming
the CM of Muslim- majority J&K or Christian-dominated
7. Today Hindus are 85%. If Hindus are
intolerant, how come Masjids and Madrassas are thriving? How come
Muslims are offering Namaz on the road? How come Muslims are
proclaiming 5 times a day on loudspeakers that there is no God except
8. When Hindus gave to Muslims 30% of Bharat for a song,
why should Hindus now beg for their sacred places at Ayodhya, Mathura
and Kashi?
9. Why temple funds are spent for the welfare of
Muslims and Christians, when they are free to spend their money in any
way they like?
10. When uniform is made compulsory for school children, why there is no Uniform Civil Code for citizens?
11. In what way, J&K is different from Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu or Uttar Pradesh, to have Article 370?

12. Why Gandhiji supported Khilafat movement (nothing to do with our freedom movement) and what in turn he got?
Why Gandhiji objected to the decision of the cabinet and insisted that
Somnath Temple should be reconstructed out of public funds, not
government funds, when in January 1948 he pressurised Nehru and Patel
to carry on renovation of the mosques of Delhi at government expenses?
If Muslims & Christians are minorities in Maharashtra, UP, Bihar,
etc., are Hindus not minorities in J&K, Mizoram, Nagaland,
Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, etc?. Why are Hindus denied minority
rights in these States?
15. Do you admit that Hindus do have
problems that need to be recognized. Or do you think that those who
call themselves Hindus are themselves the problem?
16. Why post-Godhra is blown out of proportion, when no- one talks of the ethnic cleansing of 4 lakh Hindus from Kashmir?
In 1947, when India was partitioned, the Hindu population in Pakistan
was about 24%. Today it is not even 1%. In 1947, the Hindu population
in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) was 30%. Today it is about 7%. What
happened to the missing Hindus? Do Hindus have human rights?
In contrast, in India,Jihadipopulation has gone up from 10.4% in 1951
to about 14% today; whereas Hindu population has come down from 87.2%
in 1951 to 81.5% in 2001. Does any politician have the guts to ask
Muslims to go for family planning?
19. Do you consider that -
Sanskrit is communal and Urdu is secular, Mandir is communal and Masjid
is secular, Sadhu is communal and Imam is secular, BJP is communal
andJihadiLeague is secular, Dr. Praveen Thogadiya is anti-national and
Bhukari is national, Vande Matharam is communal and Allah-O-Akbar is
secular, Shriman is communal and Mian is secular, Hinduism is communal
and Islam is secular, Hindutva is communal and Jihadism is secular, and
at last, Bharat is communal and Italy is secular?
20. When Christian andJihadischools can teach Bible and Quran, why Hindus cannot teach Gita or Ramayan?
Abdul Rehman Antuley was made a trustee of the famous Siddhi Vinayak
Temple in Prabhadevi, Mumbai. Can a Hindu - say Mulayam or Laloo - ever
become a trustee of a Masjid or Madrassa?
22. Dr. Praveenbhai
Thogadiya has been arrested many times on flimsy grounds. Has the Shahi
Imam of Jama Masjid, Delhi, Ahmed Bukhari been arrested for claiming to
be an ISI agent and advocating partition of Bharat?
23. When Haj pilgrims are given subsidy, why Hindu pilgrims to Amarnath, Sabarimalai & Kailash Mansarover are taxed?
In 2003-2004 - AJihadiPresident, a Hindu Prime Minister and a Christian
Defence Minister, running the affairs of the country, with a unity of
purpose. Can this happen any where except in a Hindu Nation - Bharat?
In Kerala, MLAs, MPs & Ministers take oath in the name of Allah and
Infant Jesus, which is against the Constitution. Can a Hindu take oath
in the name of Ram or Krishna?
26. Arabic language is promoted in India at Govt. expenses. but not Sanskrit? Is Arabic more national than Sanskrit?

27. IMTD act in Assam gives legal rights to Bangladeshi Muslims to
settle and become Indian citizen, whereas Indians cannot settle in
Jammu & Kashmir. Why this double standard?
28. J&K with
about 1 crore population has been provided with aid worth Rs.24,000
crores, i.e. Rs.24,000/- per head, whereas in other states the per head
aid is less than 5% of this amount. Is this not a reward for anti-
29. If painting is un-Islamic, why there is no Fatwa
issued against MF Hussain? If he still persists with painting, is he
not doing an un-Islamic act?
30. If music, singing and dancing are
un-Islamic (because Islam is a serious religion), why no Fatwa is
issued against the many Khans in the cinefield. What will they give up
- Islam or Acting?
31. Do you think that India will remain secular and democratic if Muslims become majority?
When Deepavali & Janmashtami are celebrated at White House, House
of Commons, Australian Parliament, etc. why are they not celebrated in
Indian parliament? Are we more secular than USA, UK & Australia?

33. If the communal riots is due to RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal, etc. why
there are riots in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Turkey,
Afghanistan, Indonesia, Chechhnya, China, Russia, UK, France, Spain,
Cyprus, etc. - where there is no RSS/VHP.
34. If Islam is a religion of peace, why Quran-reading and Gun-wielding is taught in tandem?
How do you explain theJihadipsyche : Enjoying the freedom in a
democratic country like India, USA, UK, France, etc. and still trying
to make it an Islamic nation, where they lose all freedom.
36. A
former President, two former PMs, Sadhus and Sants have demonstrated
against the arrest of Kanchi Shankaracharya, but the media says there
is absolutely no protest. Do you think violence is the only yardstick
to measure people's agony?
37. When Quran does not believe in
negotiation (it believes only in defeating Kafirs in a war), do you
think that the Ayodhya problem will be solved by negotiation?
38. Do you trust that Islam and Christianity believe in Sarva Dharma Samabhav? If yes, why do they believe in conversion.
Don't you believe that Islam and Christianity are political ideologies,
out to grab nations. They - through their Mullahs and Fathers - achieve
what Army, Navy and Air Force cannot, by converting locals and
destroying their culture.
40. Ishwar Allah tere naam - Can you show me oneJihadiwho has agreed to this?
Don't you think that `Secular Muslim' is a misnomer? A person can
either be Secular or a Muslim, and not both? AJihadi(who believes in
the only God, Allah) cannot be secular (believing in many Gods).
UN Charter says that minority means less than 10% of the population.
How can Muslims, who are nearly 14% in India be called a minority?
43. Do you believe that Communists love our country, when they refuse to admit that China was the aggressor in 1962?
Do you agree with the thesis of Communists that India is a State of
different nations, like the former USSR, (and not a Nation of different
states) and therefore is bound to break up?
45. How come
aJihadifamily peacefully lives in a predominantly Hindu locality,
whereas a Hindu family is not able to do so in aJihadilocality?
46. Why Hindu dominated Bharat is secular for ages andJihadidominated countries are only Islamic with no powers to minorities?
Why Christian Missionaries do not go to Muslim- dominated areas and
start their social service there? Is it because they will not get
sufficient return to their `investment'?
48. Are you aware that
India is the only country which openly invites infiltrators from
Bangladesh. Bihar, UP and West Bengal Govts. provide them with
immediate ration cards and make them voters.
49. Riots take place mostly after the Friday prayers (e.g. Marad, Kerala). Is it not because of the fiery sermons of the Imams?
All Hindu-majority regions are peaceful. But all Hindu- minority
regions have become problematic - like J&K, North Eastern parts,
etc. Can you explain why?
51. A MLA, C.P. Shaji, said in Kerala
Assembly that "the hands that touches even a syllable of the Shariat
will be chopped off then and there" (Mathrubhumi, July 3, 1985). Do you
concur with this?
52. Do you agree that the policies of all
political parties are contradictory to the aim of uniting all sections
of the people by a stream of thought?
53. Are you aware that
illegalJihadiimmigrants have become a deciding factor in the election
of nearly 25 Lok Sabha and 120 MLA seats in India? - And they are
voting for a particular party lump sum - Congress, RJD, SP, ML or
Communists - whichever is likely to form the Govt.?
54. Are you
aware that according to KPS Gill some of the NGOs or even media
organisations were actually front offices for terrorist groups? He says
there is a nexus between some of the terrorist outfits parading as NGOs
and human rights group.
55. Are you aware that the so-called
secular Maulana Wahiduddin, when asked to pray for the Indian soldiers
fighting at Kargil, refused, under the pretext that he cannot pray for
people who are fighting the Muslims? (Sonia and Priyanka attended his
funeral later).
56. A Pakistani becomes Indian when he marries
aJihadigirl from J&K. But when the same girl marries a Hindu from
any part of India, he does not become a J&K citizen, but on the
contrary, she loses her J&K citizenship. What kind of law is this?
In the Ayodhya case, the Supreme Court questioned the locus standi of
Vishwa Hindu Parishad. But the SC did not question the locus standi of
the Babri Masjid Action Committee or the All IndiaJihadiPersonal Law
Board. Is this not double standard on the part of SC?
58. In the
Ayodhya dispute, you say that Hindus must abide by law. Do you know how
many times the constitution has been amended to overturn verdicts of
the High Courts and Supreme Court? - Shah Bano, unseating of Indira
Gandhi, etc.
59. When you are asking for the resignation of CMs
like Narendra Modi, Uma Bharti, etc. on trivial grounds, why are you
not demanding the resignation of the CM of J&K, where thousands of
security personnel have been killed by terrorists? - where nearly 4
lakhs Hindus have been ethnic cleansed.
60. The UP govt.
confessed that it cannot abide by Supreme Court judgement of 1986 on
the Varanasi burial ground dispute between Sunni and Shia Muslims. The
Karnataka Govt. refused to abide by the SC's order on the Cauvery water
dispute. Is this respecting court judgement?
61. When one Graham
Staines is killed, the English press goes overboard in condemning his
killers. But when 58 Hindus, including 30 women and children, were
burnt aline in Sabarmati Express, they kept silent. The victims are
depicted as the villain. Is this responsible journalism?
Farooq Abdullah, former CM of J&K who has married a Christian,
rejoiced at the marriage of his son Umar with a Hindu girl. But when
his daughter married a Hindu boy, he disowned her. Is he the icon of
63. Have you ever visited aJihadighetto? If not please
make it a point to have a Darshan Yatra of place like Mumbra (near
Mumbai) or Mallapuram in Kerala. If you are a real secularist, you will
really `feel good'.
64. When Islam and Secularism/democracy have nothing in common, why Hindus are made to watch this ugly dance in their stupor?
According to law, human organs cannot be an election symbol of any
party. Then how come `Hand' symbol is allotted to Congress. Is it not
against the law?
66. Delhi Imam Syed Bhukari declared that Taliban
is the ideal for all Muslims and Osama Bin Laden is the hero? Do you
consider him a secular icon?
67. Delhi Imam Syed Bhukari is rearing
a Black Buck in his courtyard, which is against law. The Delhi police
team which went there to arrest him, came back calmly. Is he above law?

68. If Muslims do not want common civil code, will they clamour for
the Quaranic code of criminal justice? - eye for eye, leg for leg, hand
for hand, etc.
69. In J&K, about 2 lakh Hindu adults are voters for the parliamentary elections, but not for the assembly. Why?
70. The duration of the J&K assembly is six years and not 5 years as in other states. Why?

Do you support the building of a Memorial for Afzal Khan, who plotted
to kill Chatrapati Shivaji, in Pratapgarh (Maharashtra)?
72. Do you support the building of a Masjid for Babar, a looter and invader, at Ayodhya?
Do you consider that celebrating Valentine (Lovers) Day on 14th Feb. is
in tune with our culture? - when exactly after 9 months, i.e. on 14th
Nov. you celebrate Children's day.
74. What is so special about
Nehru liking children? Children are liked by one and all. Is it not
absurd to celebrate his birth day as Children's' Day? The real
Children's' Day should be Gokulashtami - Yes Lord Krishna. along with
his colleagues did all the antics of a child.
75. Hindu girls are
molested and gangraped in Bangladesh. Temples are burnt or destroyed
almost every day. Why none of our secularists and Human Rights
Activists raise their voice for Hindus in Bangladesh. Are Human Rights
only for Muslims?
76. Are you aware that Islam does not believe in
nationalism and national boundaries. It wants to bring the whole world
under Islam - from Darul Harab to Darul Islam?
77. A 65 years
oldJihadihas remarried his first-divorced wife for the 54th time. What
could have happened to the other 50+ wives he divorced. What type of
society it would be, can you just imagine? Do you want this type of
society in India?
78. Why Muslims go after building Masjids and
Madrassas, and not schools and colleges? Do you think Madrassas churn
out Scientists and Engineers?
79. Mohurram processions are being
taken out in Hindu majority areas. But Hindu religious processions are
not allowed throughJihadilocalities. Why? Does this not perpetuate the
communal divide?
80. Is a Dist. Magistrate/Police Commissioner
justified in treating a particular area in our country as alien
territory (by not allowing Hindu processions there)? Is he not
violating our constitution? Is he not abetting communal divide?
In six states - J&K, Punjab, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Mizoram
and Nagaland - where Hindus are minorities, they do not have minority
rights. But others who are in majority still enjoy minority rights
there? Is this not ridiculous?
82. In which Islamic States are
Hindus extended the special rights that Muslims are accorded in India?
Likewise, in which Christian State, the Christian majority accorded
Hindus the special rights that India accords the Christians?
Do you know that Mother Teresa projected a negative image of India - of
dying without dignity - to make money. Did she ever attempt to
counter-balance this image?
84. Do you think that Nehru family is
the only family which fought for freedom or there were other freedom
fighters too? - like Bhagat Singh, Chandrasekhar Azad, Madan Lal
Dingra, Vaanchinathan, Chapekar Brothers, Veer Savarkar, Raj Guru,
Subhash Chandra Bose, Udam Singh, etc.
85. There are some pockets
in Godhra where Sales Tax/ Income Tax/Electricity Personnel cannot
enter. Even policemen do not tread, unless in huge numbers. This is not
the case where Hindus are in majority. Can you explain the reason?
In support of Ishrat Jahan, the lovely terrorist from Mumbra shot dead
by the Ahmedabad police, the whole locality observed a Bandh and every
one participated in her funeral. If this is not supporting terrorism,
what it is?
87. China is still showing Arunachal Pradesh as its
territory. Will you please ask a Communist to condemn this? He will
not. For Left outfits, Communist camaraderie comes before the interest
of the nation. Are Communists nationalists?
88. "The list of those
I want to kill is very long, but I will shoot Modi if I am given a
pistol" said Vijay Tendulkar. Do you consider him a Human Rights
Activist or a terrorist?
89. In Mallapuram (Kerala), a doctor
found that 3 generations ofJihadiwomen - daughter-13, mother- 26 and
grandmother-39 - all pregnant being admitted for delivery. Do you still
think that family planning is unnecessary for Muslims?
90. Lalu
Prasad Yadav gave a resounding slap on the face of judiciary by
derisively and openly notifying his palatial house as Jail. Do you
still feel all are equal before law?
91. The author of Ramanayan,
Rishi Valmiki, was a bandit. Same way, the author of Mahabharat, Veda
Vyas, was a fisherman. Both the epics and the authors are revered by
all Hindus. Do you still think that Hinduism supports casteism?
In 2002, the Karnataka Govt.'s revenue from temples was Rs.72 crores.
Out of this, 50 crores were given to Madrassas, 10 crores to Churches
and only 10 crores to Temples. Why Hindus should pay for development of
Madrassas (terrorist factories) and Churches?
93. When Taliban
demolished the Buddha statue in Afghanistan, Times of India wrote that
it was in reaction to the demolition of Babri mosque. Do you agree to
this justification by TOI? Is tit-for-tat OK? Then why do you criticize
Gujarat riots in reaction to Godhra carnage?
94. "Genocide"
"Holocaust" are the words used by the media for the riots in Gujarat.
But do you know that Jews and Parsis were never persecuted and lived
and prospered in total freedom in India?
95. In Pondicherry
aJihadiwas denied burial because he constructed a temple for Lord
Muruga. Do you still think "Religions do not teach to hate one
96. Why Mother Teresa did not stay in her native
country, Albenia, and help poor there? Why Greham Staines did not stay
in Australia and help needy people there? Why Sonia Gandhi selects
India, and not Italy, for her service to the poor? Why do you want
imported leaders - like imported religion and imported products? Is
India a land for all and sundry?
97. Are you aware that illegal
immigrants from Bangladesh are settled in an area where Hindu
candidates win by a narrow margin, so as to change the trend in the
next election?
98. In 1989 election manifesto of Congress, Rajiv
Gandhi declared that if the people of Mizoram voted the Congress to
power, it would run the govt. on the basis of teachings of Bible. If
this is not communalism, what it is?
99. Shaikh-al-Sayeed Yusuf
Sayed Hashim al Rifai of Kuwait, the chairman of the
WorldJihadiMinority Community, was allowed to land in Kerala without
visa. He was not only not arrested but was given royal treatment as a
guest of the govt. of Kerala and was provided with govt. cars to enable
him to carry on conversion. Is this promoting nationalism?
100. If
aJihadiin Britain or USA (secular countries) cannot marry more than one
woman, why should he be allowed in India to marry more?
101. The
Pope was invited to visit India, but the King of Nepal, Mahendra, was
not allowed to participate in the Makar Sankaranti function at Nagpur
in 1965? Is this secularism?
102. In the Hindu Code Bill, a Hindu
is defined as not being a Muslim, Christian, or Parsi. It is an
inclusive and unifying definition - to include all others - Sikhs,
Jains, Buddhists, etc. Then how come our present- day politicians have
fragmented the Hindu society, can you ponder?
103. Tipu Sultan
wanted to Islamise the entire south India. He was prevented from doing
so by the British, as British wanted to rule them. So he had to fight
the British first. Is he a Indian freedom fighter? If yes, are Babar,
Aurangazeb, Afzal Khan, Gazhni, etc. too?
104. An English daily
published Sonia Gandhi's speech on Hinduism under the column of
spiritualism! Is this not ridiculous, and insulting Hinduism too? Have
our presspersons become intellectually bankrupt?
105. Ashoka and
Kanishka ruled Afghanistan. Khandari, mother of Duryodhana, came from
Khandar, now in Afghanistan. Do you believe that Afghanistan was once
an integral part of India?
106. Our Sanatan Dharm was time
immemorial. But still Bharatvarsh was continually partitioned - Iran,
Afghanistan, Burma, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. Today
Kashmir is with India not because of Sanatan Dharma but because of our
security forces. Do you agree that for dismembering Bharat, one has to
target our Sanatan Dharm.
107. The Baptist Church in Tripura was
set up by missionaries from New Zealand 60 years ago. Do you think the
Church will promote nationalism?
108. Students in Pakistan are
taught from the very beginning that Hindus are our enemies, that Hindus
can never be our friends and that Kafirs (Hindus) are to be killed. Do
you still think that friendship is possible with Pakistan?
The defence establishment of secular America observes Church services
for Good Friday, a pure religious ritual, and deliberately asks
evangelists to address security personnel. Can you imagine the Indian
Army or Navy or Air Force doing a puja and inviting a Shankaracharya to
address them?
110. Pakistan is an Islamic country. But for a
by-pass surgery or cancer operation, they come to India. How come a
country, which has developed nuclear weapon, did not develop good
hospitals and world class doctors? Does this mean that Pakistanis are
only trigger happy, at the cost of development and health services?
Communist leader Stalin's daughter, Swetlana, wished to marry Dinesh
Singh's brother and settle in India. Our Communists and Indira Gandhi
opposed this. How do they now support an Italian lady?
112. When
Yoga has become a multimillion dollar industry in USA, why our govt. is
blind to this human- development technology? Is it because it is a part
of Hindu culture?
113. In a Pooja, the `sankalpa' begins with
"Bharata varshe, Bharata kande ...". What are they? Do you still think
that spiritualism and nationalism are different or are they the two
eyes of the nation?
114. Spiritualism and nationalism are
inseparable in Bharat. Don't you think that without spiritualism Bharat
will be like a body without soul?
115. Why should practising my
religion or wearing my religious symbol hurt the feelings of other
religionists, when their practising their religion or wearing their
religious symbol does not hurt me at all? If this is not religious
hatred, what else is?
116. Is it not true that from 1920, the
Britishers, knowing that their rule is going to end soon, started
doling out large plots of land to Christian organisations and Churches
at throw away prices?
117. Kanchi Shankaracharya is not allowed to
perform pooja and eat the food he likes, but Pappu Yadav is allowed all
facilities inside Jail, including Mobile phone facility for contacting
even Bihar Jail Mantri. Is this equality before law?
118. Muslims
convicts in jail are allowed time for Namaz and also given all
facilities for observing Ramzan fasting. Then why Kanchi
Shankaracharya, only an accused, is denied facilities for performing
Puja in jail?
119. Armstrong, the US astronaut, landed in moon in
1969. Since then many astronauts have done so. Can you inform this to
yourJihadifriend and see whether he admits this fact?
120. Temples
are over-crowded in TN. Durga pooja is celebrated on a grand scale in
West Bengal. Still in both the states, the God-fearing people vote for
atheists. Why?
121. In Hinduism, you find a lot of `Reformers'. Why such reformers are not found in other religions? Do they not need reform?

I dont believe we are cowards. We are divided, selfish at times , ignorant, but not cowards..... how else did we survive centuries of onslaught against our nation and dharma. But it is time to wake people and spread the message and the threat to our nation.

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