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How a Hindu becomes an Islamic terrorist:Part - II



How a Hindu becomes an Islamic terrorist: Part – II


1. The phenomenon of turning Hindu to Christian to Muslim! The metamorphosis of Kalimuthu to David[1] to Umar has been interesting for sociologists, anthropologists, psychologists and all other social scientists. That a "believer" could change his god two or three times within 25 years[2] shows alarming condition. How a believer would be thinking about god in instalments or believe in god for 10 years and switch over to the other in the next ten years and so on? So naturally, the propaganda activities of Madrasas / Jamats / missionaries etc., with high-tech gadgets[3] could create more psychological impact leading desired results, but harmful to others, society, nation and the world. When 25 years youth has not been in a steady condition changing god for three times, how innocent children[4] would respond to different gods? Thus, he has been not only fooling, cheating and hijacking god and religion, but also others. This clears proves that the conversion has been farce, but ultimately, Islam could motivate him to bomb and kill is billion dollar question and subjected to psychological analysis.

2. Ideologists and secularists are responsible: Particularly, the ideologists, protagonists, secularists and such other groups have to come out with their responsible response as how this type of secular aberration, theological deviation, and ungodly transformation could have happened. They cannot hereafter fool or cheat public by giving different interpretation. Moreover, this is not the first instance, but best one, as unless publicity is given, the public do not understand the seriousness, implication and importance of the issue affecting India and Indians. However, the so-called secular, elite and progressive category, who sign and send petitions to the President, PM etc., now just kerep quite. Romila Thapar never writes history analyzing the repetition of history in "The Hindu" or EPW! K. N. Panikkar, Chempakalalksmi, Irfan Habib and others do not write or clarify to "Frontline" on historical points.

3. Malik-kafur and Umar: That a hardcore Islamic terrorist could be made out of David and in turn out of Kalimuthu has been a fact, it is very serious, as the damage would be more than Malik-kafur[5] in the context. Though, there has been a gap of 700 years, the psyche of Malik-kafir and Umar has been the same. He raised, looted, killed Hindus mercilessly only in the name of Allah (though it is very sorry to mention, it is fact and the honest Muslims / Mohammedans have to ponder over). It is not that Malik-kafur as an Indian or Bharat indulged in such act of heinous crimes, but the sanctified command or divine dogmatism that acted from his mind. Note, here the psyche of "Aurangazeb"[6] has been different, just like Alexander![7] Actually, Irfan Habib, Romila and their Company should carry out research and inform the pattern and modus operandi. Otherwise, what is the use of having such eminent historians?

4. Systematic studies[8] prove "conversion" in India has been hoax and fradulent: The studies undertaken, on conversion and particularly, the new converts, show that the new converts have been very active, responsive, and more enthusiastic in the scriptures, fundamentalist, fanatic and totally dogmatic in believing what the inspired preachers, tutors and religious heads discourse[9]. In fact, they have been very aggressive, violent and destructive[10], as they are viewed by his / her family members, friends and members of society differently. His / her guilty conscience or the conversion syndrome works differently to suppress the blunder of conversion or appreciate his / her wisdom of becoming a "different believer". He has to be apologetic and aggressive at places, when known persons address him / her with the previous names. In insisting others to call him with new name, again, he has to act and react and interact accordingly. So for name-change[11] alone, he / she has this much of problems, other aspects are best understood by the respective contexts.

5. How becoming Holy warriors and Jihadis? They made up their minds conditioning to carry out any act in the name of God and scriptural injunctions. They get so divine inspiration, theological stimulation and celestial brainwave that they think that they are the chosen and ordained soldiers and warriors to strike terror in the hearts of the heathens and kafirs. Just read their statement purportedly given to the Police as appearing in the media:

"We all the three have taken shelter in Chennai as per the directions of the State President of "God is one". The persons of the Hindu organizations and particularly, some specific persons of those organizations have been our enemies. Our plan was to kill them by planting bombs. We came to Chennai only for the purpose hiding. Dhaubik, our leader had already explained in detail what we should do (to carry out the killing by planting bombs). Before that the Police have rounded us.

"There have been youth like us in our organization. "God is one" is providing financial help to the Muslim educated youth, particularly degree holders without any job. Only those who believe in the organization can join (this outfit). Once you join the organization, you need not worry about the money. The President has been proving enough money to our families taking care of. Hindu leaders have been oppressing us for a long time. Therefore, our main aim has been to put an end to it (by eliminating them). Accordingly, we got training and preparing mentally to do carry put terrorist activities."

So how they got such mental preparedness to bomb and kill? Read, "Accordingly, we got training and preparing mentally to do carry put terrorist activities." So the fact is that they have been brainwashed or wilfully stimulated and conditioned to have such mental-state. Remember, how science, zoology or medical student first look at the dissection of cockroach, frog, rabbit, monkey and so on and finally a man, then slowly getting conditioned to dissect him/herself? In the same way, the terrorists are also given such practical training. For killing people only, they exploit the concept of heathens, kafirs etc., invoking Bible or Quran. Oath, vow or pledge is taken on such scriptures with blood to adhere to the divine order.

6. Son has been assertive in conversion in the choice: The response of the parents of terrorist Umar has been revealing: "He did not accept out conversion to Christianity." Though, it is not clear as to whether such response was before converting himself to Christianity or Islam, it is evident that conversion has played havoc in their family members. However, such aggressiveness in dictating which religion one should belong is intriguing. How a "convert" could decide the religion of "converted"? Can parents decide the religion of their sons and daughters and vice versa? Has such situation has come to India ? So selling and buying gods is ridiculous, atrocious, perverted, unimaginable and ungodly.

7. His attempts to convert his brother's family to Islam: "Fifteen days before, he came there and urged his brothers' children to convert to Islam. He even tempted that he would give enough money. As they refused, he shouted at them and went away." Again this proves that the agenda has been not conversion of a single member but the entire family. Legally and socially such attempt has to be viewed seriously, as such forced conversions has been not aimed at Godhead or spirituality etc., but exactly opposite i.e, anti-God and atheism. That is why terrorists easily take the scriptures in one hand and bombs in another hand. The pattern is same as that of Meenakshipuram conversion episode of February 19, 1981 . Here, as pointed out and discussed enough, Islamic Personal Laws are invoked and exploited by hunting the families. The respectable, self-respect and sensitive families actually vacate or sell their houses[12] and shift to some unknown place to resume their living forgetting the disgrace (of losing their son or daughter). Particularly in the case of eloping away or going away or marrying with Mohammedan / Muslim, the mental agony and social torture of the Hindu parents, brothers and sisters is unimaginable and inexplicable. So it is evident that the same condition is exploited by the fundamentalists and terrorists.

8. The Hindu or Christian parents know the activities of their Muslim son! When they know (as per the reports), they responded:

"We never thought that he would have joined such an organization. He has put our family heads down with shame".

In fact, they themselves have shown a way for conversion by converting to Christianity first. Naturally, it must have stimulated the desperate youth Kalimuthu or David to become Umar. The response also point to the possibility that they know about his deviation or going in a different path. Otherwise, why he should lament that, "He has put our family heads down with shame". If strictly taken the meaning of "family" and "family pride" in the Indian context, as responsible parents, they have failed in converting to Christianity. So what they expect from their son? Only the difference is that the parents have not become terrorists like Murugan and Nalini. As Indians, Hindus or Tamils, they could not maintain any moral standards for the emulation to youth. Ironically, those who talk and shout about Tamil culture, tradition, heritage, civilization invoking "Tamizhachi" , "Pachai Tamizhan", "Tamizh karpu / chastity" etc., do not care at all[13].

9. Why hard-core terrorists do not marry? The parents of Umar have made an interesting and informative statement: "He would not respond when we used to talk about his marriage." So he is far better than others say, Liyakat Ali Khan[14] or Abdur Rahman[15] or Sangili Bhava[16]. So it is evident that Islamic terrorist-trainers adapt and adopt two methods for married and bachelors. For married, they are assured of wellbeing and respectful treatment and leading life of their wives with sons / daughters. For bachelors, though marriage is prohibited, but not the sex. Thus, the terrorists require women for providing sex, as youth cannot live or die without sex. To shun sex, one should have highest state of contentment, shunning sensuality and strict celibacy and if such condition is not possible or attained, it is quite natural that they have to exhaust the feelings. Remember, how the Greeks exhausted by solving the unsolvable Indian method of "circling square / squaring a circle"? Just by "exhaustion method"! However, mark, the so-called womanists, feminists and other Amazon categories keep mum, whenever such sex-exploitation comes out in the media[17]. They perhaps do not consider these women as women at all.

10. Politicization and corruption: with all these facts, many times, the terrorists escape ultimately, legally. Take the case of Abdul Madani. Even in the present case or the Hyderabad bomb case, only few have been arrested on ordinary charges. For all the action taken against the Islamic terrorists during his earlier reign, now Karunanidhi has made the opposite, thereby the Coimbatore blast case was speeded up and almost finalizing. At the prison level and other procedural relaxations, undue facilities were extended to the involved, which are not generally allowed. The passing of explosives manufactured and sold to quarries reaching these groups clearly point to the nexus between the politicians and terrorists indirectly. The dealerships given to certain persons / agencies point to such fact. As for as this topic is concerned, it may not be possible to analyze and give more details, as sensitivity is involved.

In any case, in the terrorist related cases and issues, government officials should act without any favour or fear, as otherwise, the legal proceedings would be scuttled easily and the heinous offenders and law violators could escape easily. The terrorism has to be treated without any religious branding. If many terrorists happen to be Mohammedans / Muslims, the sincere, elite and responsible Muslims should critically analyze and see that they are not treading such path for any reason. It is better to nip it in the bud, instead of allowing it to grow and then suffer. Indian has already committed such grave blunders of creating Binderawale etc., and therefore, none should repeat such Frankenstein type experiments. As science and technology have advanced, the vehicles and application of terror have also reached millennium standards targeting more innocents to create more terror all over the globe. Definitely, the terrorists have also learnt the art of LPG (liberalization, privatization and globalization) , as otherwise, Taufeeq could not have just gone to Saudi Arabia and returned and again involving in some in the same terrorist activities.



[1] Times of India , May 18, 2008.

[2][2] In psychological studies, the religious attitude studies reveal interesting details, as in secular, elite and highly educated and oppositely, religious, simple and illiterate people exhibit different responses to applied stimuli (interviews, questionnaire, video-clippings etc).

[3] Note the high-tech usage of Al-Jasheera, Taliban, Mujahideed, LeT and other groups, their way of handling arms, weaponry and bombs, the changing planting pattern etc.

Incidentally, the CDs recovered from the terrorists and as well as Sangili Bhava show the pattern. While the so-called "pirated" CDs are recovered from the three, from Sangili Bhava, religious CD with propaganda ,materials have been recovered. Note, Umar has been women-shunning, whereas, Sangili Bhava has been going on marrying many and using them for sex.

[4] That is why the activities of these groups are questioned in the secular nation. However, the "secular" groups, ironically invoking "secularism" supports such fundamentalists, fanatics and terrorists too, in India.

[5] Malikafur, the general of Alaudeen Khalji the Sultan of Delhi took advantage of this and invaded Pandya country. This led to the incorporation of the Pandya country in the Delhi empire in subsequent years. A sultanate was established at Madurai . There are two inscriptions relating to the period of the Sultans of Madurai in the district, one at Rangiam (1332) and another at Panaiyur (1344).

[6] Aurangazeb has been a non-Indian creed and thus, he had been more fanatic, heinous and anti-Hindu than others. Note, this statement is made not for any communal divide, as one try to misinterpret, but made based on past-studies with evidences.

[7] "Alexander" exhibited such violent behavior killing his own friends, gymnophists / Brahmins and others, till he was checked by Porus / Purushothaman or an Indian / Hindu King.

[8] The "Institute for the Study of Western Religions" have undertaken different studies during the last 30 years, particularly, has a data base and information of Hindus converting to Christianity and Islam. The interviews with the concerned coverts directly, through family members and close-friends and culled out details are used for interpretation.

[9] This, we categorize as "mild category".

[10] This is categorized as "violent category" prone to anti-social, anti-national, anti-religious (particularly against one particular religion or his / her previous religion).

[11] It has been a legal one, as he / she, has to change in all personal, private and government documents. For convenience or discomfort, they may not change many times, but when violation is found, it becomes serious. Here, only the act and law violators take advantage, exploit and carry out their illegal and terrorist activities.

[12] Here too, data is available for five families, who sold and went to different places, when their daughters married Mohammedans. However, in the case of sons marrying Muslim girls, in two specific cases, they follow different methodology. Daytime, they would be with their parents / original home and night time, with her wives and In-laws. As the Muslim family(ies) involved have been elite and educated, they have been getting along without any itch so far.

[13] Think about the stand of Kannagi statue by Karunanidhi, silence of Kanimozhi, Kushbu's freedom of expression of sex and chastity etc., in the context. None wonders why and how she appears always in fully covered silk sarees and other Indian / Tamil attire, instead of other kind of "freedom of expression" type dress. Again, recall about her petition filed against a Journal for publishing her photo with `lesser dress". At that time, she never thought of "freedom of expression" of others.

[14] Liyakat ali Khan has cheated many girls and women through internet chatting using his own way of modus operandi.

[15] Now news reports come that he simply buy and sell girls and women for sex. See the vernacular papers of last two days; as such details are disgusting to repeat. It is unfortunate that the Indian / Hindu women could stoop down to such a level selling their bodies for sex. This can be compared with sati / johar practices conducted or performed during the Mohammedan and the European periods of rule in India to escape from the Mohammedan and European sexual abuse and exploitation after raping and keeping them in harems and sex-slaves.

[16] Read last two days newspapers, he has become more than a Liyakat Ali Khan. He has contacts with Karunanidhi, the CM of TN; Anbazhagan, another No.2 Minister of TN etc.

[17] Really, the indifference or callousness of the women rightwalis in the context is unbelievable, unimaginable and inexplicable. Perhaps, they should be subjected to some highly developed psycho-analytical tests, as they may tend to fool all such tests with their sophistry.

"We must create a history of India in living terms. Up to the present that history, as written by the English, practically begins with Warren Hastings, and crams in certain unavoidable preliminaries, which cover a few thousands of years...The history of India has yet to be written for the first time. It has to be humanized, emotionalized, made the trumpet-voice and evangel of the race that inhabit India."
- Sister Nivedita
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