Wednesday, January 28, 2009


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(Spiritual Sayings )

Everything happens according to the will of God.
Have faith in this.
Then every place,every moment , every event of
your life begins to feel like heaven.
And your are convinced that
what is happening is meant for you

If you want to embark on the great adventure
of putting on a new life, all you have to do is
ask yourself a question…. "Am I living my life
according to the will of God?"
As long as God's will is very present in your life,
then everything is alright.

One who is happy with whatever clothing he is given,
whatever food he is fed,
and whatever resting place he is offered,
shines like an emperor.

You have to have a great heart
to see with this kind of vision.
How do you get such a heart?
You recognise your own worth,
You know what you really are,
You know what you contain
within yourself.

The world is as you see it.
You have your own glasses with your own colours
and prescriptions,
and you perceive the world thorough glasses
That's why the world appears to you as it does
However your mind is,
however your heart is
however your attitude is
that's how you see the world.
Therefore wear good glasses
with the right prescription.

A crow once flew into the sky with a piece of food in
Twenty crows flew after him, greedy for his dinner.The crow
let the piece of food drop, and immediately his pursuers
turned and flew after the morsel.
Said the crow…"I have lost the food and gained
this peaceful sky"…..

Don't worry about what has already happened.
Concentrate on what is in the present.
Turn your heart towards God
And merge it in Him.

Nothing in this world is our enemy.
Everything is our friend---
Whether it's pain or joy,
misery or delight….
if we learn how to look at it.
For this we do the practices,
we perform austerities, we contemplate
what this world really is.
Through grace all this is possible.

Offer yourself entirely to the Lord.
giving up the pride of your own effort.
The Lord will become yours in His fullness.
This is the essence of all teachings
and answers of all answers.

It is only because of our understanding
that we are unable to accept what happens to us.
We blame others for our sorrow, saying:
"He did this to me;… He did that to me…"
But the fact is we ourselves are
the creators of joys and sorrows.

We reap the fruit of our own actions,no one else's.
An ignorant person suffers them
weeping and grumbling.
while a wise person, with the eye of knowledge,
sees the world as a divine play,
as the light of his own soul and enjoys it
while still laughing happily

Watch yourself….when you are troubled,
do self inquiry….ask yourself..
"Why do I feel so troubled?"
you can not put it aside, saying..
" It will just go away."
Nothing ever just goes away.
If you think .. it will goaway,..
it will be added to your karma box.
No one is going to empty that box but you.
It will only get fuller and fuller.

Facing the consequences of past karmas…
is not something to dread.
With right understanding,
with right knowledge
you actually look forward
to wiping the slate clean.

When you see something,
instead of judging it at its face value,…energise it
with the understanding of God !
Then even from a very plain,
simple incident .. you learn a great deal
because you have wisdom
and you are happy with yourself.

Whether you attain something
or you do not attain it
whether it is great or small,
it should always be enjoyed….. without desire
and with a contented mind

In `samadhana' ..the state of constant concentration
on the God Almighty…
you are able to experience everything
as a blessing..
Your mind becomes so positive
that you are able to accept everything
as a gift from God.

Samadhana is self surrender and contentment with what you have
chosen to pursue your dharma..
your only desire is to pursue
the greratest….! the highest…!
When a seeker is armed
with this quality..
he has a great ally ..
in the quest for the truth.

It is Shakti.. the divine power of consciousness,
who becomes the earth and
produces the valleys and plants and trees. So after you receive
Shaktipat,.. whatever happens_,
whether it is big or small__,
consider it to be a play of Shakti.

The appearance of the world
depends on a person's vision.
For God, only His world of bliss exists.
If you practise God's viewpoint
and attain your blissful inner sight,
then no matter where you go,
there will nothing but bliss and joy.

Change your vision …
Go deeper and deeper
to where the state…
of extraordinary ecstasy awaits you.
When you reach that state,
you will become it.
You will know: " I am That".

The truth of the matter is,
there is only….
the radience of God in the world,
and everyone is the image of God

Remember… God loves you
And will fulfill all your needs.
He will give you everything
when the time is right.

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