Monday, September 1, 2008

Truth Revealed: Christian MISSIONARY Killed SwamiJi

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The Bajrang Dal and VHP activists as well sections of the media have received a suspected Maoists╩╝ letter where they claim that their central committee had no role in the murder.

The letter claimed that some wayward cadre of the Maoist outfit were lured by nefarious elements to commit the crime.

As per the letter the organization would initiate action against some of their cadres in Kandhamal district who could be hired for money by communal Christian miscreants for the murder of the VHP leader and his associates. The reason for the murder was their opposition to religious conversion by missionaries and recent clash over cow slaughter in Tumudibadh area. "The State central committee of the Maoists had no knowledge of this", the letter claimed. The naxals felt police were putting the blame of murder of VHP leader on them trying to detach them from the common mass.

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" It was written that some of the comrades had approached committee ( Maoist's Central committee ) to kill the swami who was in the obstacle in their way. And for this, some christian Bishops had given a huge sum of money to these comrades"

" However, they did not give the permission to kill the swami. And these comrades without the permission of the committee had committed this killing and they regret the killing. They would investigate how much money was paid to their comrades by the Christian Bishops."

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