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War on Terror - And finally the Pakistan Link

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War on Terror - And finally the Pakistan Link
Offstumped started this quest to unravel why Tarun Tejpal's Tehelka
went out of its way to bat for SIMI. Offstumped then revisited his
ISI links from past and his recent investments. However the SIMI
trail to Chicago's so called Indian Muslim Community opened up an
intersection with Tarun Tejpal's felicitaion by IMC-USA a Chicago
based Muslim Organization.
Earlier today we tied IMC-USA the front organization for opposing
Narendra Modi' visa and favorite of Communal Socialists in India to
Mr. Syed Azmatullah Qadri of Chicago. It turns out Mr. Qadri is the
President of Chicago's Mosque - The Muslim Community Center. Now
Offstumped has uncovered a document by the Pakistan Embassy that
lists contributions from Mr. Qadri's Mosque to the Pakistan
President's Relief Fund via the Pakistan Consulate of Chicago.
See how the whole story ties up.
23rd Aug 2008 - TOI reports SIMI link to CCIM Chicago from e-mail
intercepts in 2001
19 Aug 2008 - Tehelka reveals a 3 month investigation by Ajit Sahi
in favor of SIMI
Rewind 3 months to May-Jun of 2008
May 31st 2008 - Tarun Tejpal of Tehelka goes to Chicago to be feted
by IMC-USA for Tehelka expose on Gujarat Riots before the Gujarat
Above 3 establish
- SIMI link to Chicago Indian Muslim organizations
- Tehelka link to SIMI
- Chicago Indian Muslim organizations link to Tehelka
So who are these Chicago Indian Muslim Organizations and what is
their agenda ?
1994 - Book "Muslim Communities in North America" describes in great
detail the Indo-Pak Muslim Organizations of Chicago. The piece is
authored by Prof Asad Hussain, founder of CCIM, Chicago
How are these Organizations relevant today ?
IMC-USA is the main organization that has been active in putting
together the Coalition for Genocide to lobby the U.S. Government
against granting a visa for Narendra Modi.
IMC-USA is registered in Chicago. Its Tax records reveal Syed
Azmatullah Quadri to be the main person behind it.
Who is Syed Azmatullah Quadri ?
Mr. Quadri wears many hats but he is rarely associated with IMC-USA
in its media releases. In fact several recent press releases quote
Mr. Quadri as founder of IMANNET. It is interesting to note that
press releases promptly condemning the Hyderabad Blasts and the UP
Blasts but no press releases ever since the Indian Mujahideen
started claiming responsibility for blasts - Jaipur, Ahmedabad etc…
So what exactly is IMANNET ?
To understand how much of a Islamic fundamentalist organization
IMANNET is sample this solicitation for funds at a New Jersey Mosque
that had Mr. Quadri's comrade in arms Mr. Ubaid as a speaker.
To also understand IMANNET's Pakistan links see this appeal for
funds by MR. Ubaid.
How are CCIM, IMANNET linked ?
Upward Bound Program an educational Program for the advancement of
the underprivileged Indian Students that is supported by Indian
Muslims Education Foundation of North America (IMEF North America)
lists both Mr. Asad Hussain of CCIM and Mr. Quadri of IMANNET as
Advisory Members describing their day jobs.
Asad Hussain, Ph.D. (President Islamic College, Chicago)
Syed Azmatullah Quadri (President Muslim Community Center, Chicago) -
also read page 237 of the above book to know more about Muslim
Community Center, Chicago.
Also see April 2002 event in Chicago that lists Asad Hussain and
CCIM Chicago participate in Gujarat riots related event.
Also see April 2005 letter to editor in InFocus Magazine from
Mohammad Yacoob National Chairman, CCIM on lobbying U.S. State
Department for denial of visa to Narendra Modi the campaign for
which was lead by Mr. Quadri's overt organization IMC-USA under the
banner of Coalition against Genocide.
Also see Assad Hussain's Biography that appeared in WCMIR News
Letter Winter 2007 which refers to his association with both CCIM
and Muslim Community Center as well as his failing health which
perhaps explains why we dont hear of him anywhere on IMC-USA's
How do the Qadri's of Chicago link to Pakistan ?
See this blog that describes the Qadri family as influential in
Chicago practically running the Muslim Community Center.
And finally this Pakistan Embassy document that lists some kind of
fund raising between 2005 and 2006 (President's Relief Fund) and
lists Contributions from the "Muslim Community Center" as well as
from 2 Qadris Saleem and Anam c/o Chicago Pakistan Consulate,
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War on Terror - More spotlight on Chicago's Indian Muslims
In yesterday's post we traced the many links that converged into
Chicago's so called Indian Muslim Community.
But how Indian is this Muslim Community ?
Offstumped has obtained the Tax Exempt Records of IMC-USA maintained
by the U.S. Government and they reveal something interesting. The
organization' s public face maybe Dr. Hyder Khan of Minneapolis who
has been at the forefront of the Coalition against Genocide but the
tax records list a less known name as the person in-charge based in
Chicago - Syed Azmatullah Quadri.
Now Syed Azmatullah Quadri is better known and associated with
another U.S. based Muslim group called Imannet. It is funny that Mr.
Quadri's name is never mentioned directly associated with IMC-USA in
any of the media releases despite his name being on the Tax Records.
So what exactly does Imannet do that IMC-USA ostensibly doesnt ?
Here is a sampling from 2002.
The killers of Gandhi now rule India and openly plan to ethnically
cleanse India of Muslims and Christians. They also want to annex
Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangla Desh, Mynamar (Burma) & Sri Lanka
and they possess nuclear weapons. They have treated the Dalits (Black
) as sub-human un-touchables for 5000 years.
Thats not hyperbole but an actual solicitation for a fundraiser in
New Jersey that lists Mr. Quadri's well known colleague Mr. Ubaid as
a speaker.
Thats who Tarun Tejpal, Tehelka, Teesta Setalvad are associating
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