Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Experiences in fund collection for Bihar flood victims by RSS swayamsevak

Experiences in fund collection for Bihar flood victims by RSS swayamsevak

1. Morbi Muslim people remember- RSS swayamsevak work during 1979 Morbi Machchhu flood

While collecting fund for Bihar flood victims, one of Karyakarta went to Morbi old industrial area called Latiplot. In this area there are so many shops and small industrial units and wood cutting shops of Muslim and vohra community. RSS swayamsevak were collecting fund in their dress of Khakhi short and white shirt. Most of all gave good sum of money even so many pseudo secularist people blame RSs as anti Muslim. Not only that one shop keep commented with his neighbor that these are real worker in society who has feeling for people who are in trouble. He told that I do remember in 1979 when Machchhu dam was broken and Morbi was flooded, RSs swayamsevak arrived to help people and they did difficult task of burning dead bodies, not only that they had also helped Muslim people to burry their relatives dead bodies. They are true secular. We have no worry to hand over money to them for relief work.

2. Faith in RSS work

RSS swayamsevak were moving on road, shops and establishments to collect fund for Bihar flood victims. There were in uniform of RSS. Few people were commenting that it is doubtful to believe that money will reach to real people when sent to Bihar. This is due to all over effects of Bihar politician e.g. Lalu Prasad Yadav’s fraud about feed for animals etc. But they immediately told that we have full faith when RSS people are doing work. We have seen it reaches to people and in proper manner.

3. Respect to RSS Work

While collecting fund for Bihar flood victims, one was old RSS swayamsevak of retired age and difficult to walk even due to age and heavy body. But seeing him in RSS uniform and collecting money for Bihar flood victims shop keeper were coming down from shop to give money for fund as that old karyakarta was not able to climb shop’s steps

4. New way of meeting more people for donation

One new idea came in mind of RSS swayamsevak for collecting fund for Bihar flood victims. They went to old and new bus stops in Morbi and requested all bus drivers to stop bus for while. In mean time they requested all bus passengers to donate for fund. This has tremendous response in all buses. 40-50 % of passengers were giving fund

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