Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gazing at the sun

Gazing at the sun

Man has not learnt
how to sustain himself with light
which is even more necessary than air.
As long as
he continues to nourish his brain only with
solid, liquid or gaseous elements
(which the brain needs the least),
man's understanding will be very limited.
He may understand material things,
he will never be able to grasp
the mysteries of the Universe.
By training to take in the energy of the sun
as food for sustenance through
Surya Yog,
the photons of the solar system
helps to balance the body, energy and mind,
the system that has been perfected
over a thousand years.

"Suryayog is an ancient way
of living near to nature that is beyond religion.
It helps to balance the body, mind and self in a straight line.
With the crisis of food and water looming large,
sunlight is the food of the future."

The practice begins with
sunrise in the morning or during sunset
– nadi shuddhi pranayama,
bringing the awareness of the sun's energy in
one's eyebrow chakra (Agnya),
gazing at the sun with hands in Surya Mudra.
Then there is a meditation on the sun
within with eyes closed and visualizing love
flowing in and out and throughout the body.
After meditation on fire,
the practice ends with touching the ground
with the forehead three times.
Then there is a process of clapping hands for 325 times
and laughing out aloud, which should be done in a group.

This lets the energy circulate
through the body and also rids one of several inhibitions.

"Surya Yog has helped me
in reaching inner realms of spiritual bliss
by finding the light within, the inner sun."


The system is good to cure
any disease from cancer to diabetes to HIV.
"It is a one solution for all ailments and
light is the future medicine,"

Suryayog is about breaking through
all the rituals of man that have cast a shadow
on the beauty and purity of gazing at the sun,
the end of all mental and physical turmoil
that people experience daily,
activating the inner sun with the help of the outer sun.
The Sun is an abbreviation of a
"Single Unified Nation,"
Suryayog is the technique of transforming
the mind and body from confusion to
conclusion for the health of body and mind.


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