Thursday, September 25, 2008



Shri R. Ranganji taught various Mantras from Vedas related to the concept of family.
Meaning of Vedic Mantras related to family are given below-

Enjoy the life:
May we live for hundred years; May we see for hundred years; May we be happy for hundred years; May we hear and talk for hundred years. (Yajur Veda)

Sweet Home:
May my home be sweet. May I call those homes in which we can live and meditate comfortably, which give a happy shelter with understanding.

Home of the man of sincere hospitality is a Divine abode. It is like a lotus stream.

Happy couple:
I am Sama (symphony); You are Rik (poetry); I am space; you are earth; May the Divinities make us harmonious.

Be here. O couple! Get not parted. Enjoy the complete life. Play with children. Build a happy home. (Rig Veda)

Unity in family:
May the son follow the father and be happy with mother. May the wife talk sweetly and peacefully to husband.. May the brother not hate brother. May the sister not hate sister. May they speak auspicious words. May you share common food. May I tie you in same yoke. (Atharva Veda-3.30.6.)

May the mother sleep happily. May the father sleep happily. May the dog sleep happily. May the lord of people sleep happily. May all the relatives sleep happily.

Significance of women:
May this woman be auspicious. O great souls! Come and see her and bless her with welfare.
Be the queen of father in law. Be the queen of mother in law. Be the queen of sisters in law. Be the queen of brothers in law. – Rig Veda

See the Divine in Father. See the Divine in Mother.. See the Divine in Guru. See the Divine in Holy guest. Do the harmless deeds. Be not lazy with discourses and self-reading. Speak truth; practice dharma. - Krishna Yajurveda Aranyaka

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