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WHY FAMILY: - Shri R.Ranganji

WHY FAMILY: - Shri R.Ranganji

Many of the points presented by Shri Ranganji in the name of ‘Why Family?’ are from the article of Shri Gurumurthy.

Opponent’s view or Purvapaksha:
1. Family leads to pettiness and selfishness.
2. Therefore concept of families should be eliminated.
3. Then how to manage the creation if there is no family?
Through Open Sex.

Answer to the opponent’s view:
Greatness of America-
The richest nation
The greatest Democracy
The most civilized

America is the nation which has the largest debt in the world. The debt of America is more than the debt of all other remaining nations. America gets 10,000 crore per day from world market.

Why this much Debt?
Individuals get loans through credit card.. They get loan from the salary of not only the next month, but also from the next year. There is no concept of saving. The largest amount of imports. Debt of individuals leads to debt of Nation. America is the nation which has the largest imports in the whole world. Import is 2,50,000 crore more than Export per year. Japan , China , Korea , Singapore , Malaysia and India grow through the debt of America . Yet America is the richest nation, the greatest democracy and the most civilized state in the world.

Modern concept of Economy:
The greatest debt is the greatest development.
The best exemplary is to be the most extravagant.
Virtue of Selfishness.
Enjoy your life even by getting loans.

Indian concept of Economy:
“Save more and spend less” Rama says to Bharata (2.100).
“Rama is expert in acquiring the wealth in Dharmic way and visionary in spending it (Valmiki Ramayana, 2.1.).

Secrecy of America ’s debt:
Saving is dependent upon family life. Individualistic life spends a lot. But a familial life emphasizes upon saving. As individualistic life is more prevalent in America spending and getting loans grow in America .

Bitter Facts:
33% of the pregnant women are school going children. In many schools there are separate rooms to take care of the babies of school children. 50% of children suffer from single family problem. Gun culture

30% of the tax goes to Social Security in America . England – 48%, France- 49%
and Germany- 56%. Social security is to take care of those men and women who are left by their families. They include unemployed, physically challenged, old men and children.

Children are the future pillars of the Nation. But they are not taken care properly in many of the western countries as the no body is ready to take responsibility of father or mother. They are not properly educated and cultured. Old men are generally called as senior citizens. The Vedas always emphasize to respect the old men as they are highly experienced. But unfortunately old men are thrown out and they are not taken care of properly in many of the western countries.

Sweden government framed a Law: “Anybody who is above 58 can fix for an assistant for whom government will pay.” This law has come because no body is ready to take care of his or her old parents. Physically challenged persons are not taken care by their relations in the western world in general.

Women are respected in India for various reasons. Women are hero makers in nation. Jijabhai is the maker of Shivaji. Kowsalya is the maker of Rama. Kunti is the maker of Pandavas. Women are respected in three levels- Kanya (Virgin), Pativrata (chaste) and Mata (Mother) in our culture. They are culture makers and they are the foundation of family values. Sweden is the country which widely fought for the freedom of women. But the country which is the greatest victim for female suffering is also Sweden . This is because many of the women in Sweden are not in family life. Therefore they do not have proper security as nobody is ready to take the responsibility of a father or a brother or a son.

By seeing these problems prevalent in the states where family values hardly exist, we should realize the merits of family principles and strengthen the family system throughout the country. Human society is nothing but a group of families. If families cannot be in peace, the society will loose the peace.

Thus family is required for:
To safeguard the senior citizens.
To protect the future pillars of the Nation.
To serve the physically challenged.
To guard the mothers of nation.

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