Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Indian Muslims Organizations in US are funding Terrorism in India

Indian Muslims Organizations in US are funding Terrorism in India
AHMEDABAD: The Surat SIMI conference, it is believed, was organized by an assistant professor in Jodhpur University, Abdulhai Abdulsattar Silavat, with two others whose names are still not known. The prime objective of this meet was the recruitment of Muslim youth after the ban was imposed in September 2001.
During the course of the investigation, the police intercepted emails by a SIMI activist from Ahmedabad, Suhel Patel. Suhel was a US-born Indian from Paguthan village in Bharuch district of south Gujarat, living in Ahmedabad for nearly 15 years.

The email messages revealed vital information on the financial support being provided by two US-based organizations: the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and the Chicago-based Consultative Committee of Indian Muslims (CCIM).
One of the messages dated December 11, 2001 contained a Rs 1.24-crore proposal forwarded by Suhel to one mehman (guest) for sustaining the SIMI movement following its ban in September that year. The break-up of the fund was thus - Rs 48 lakh for the families of the arrested SIMI leaders and Rs 25 lakh as legal aid for fighting their court cases.
Suhel had asked for Rs 12 lakh for offering scholarships for thoseworking for the "cause" and another Rs 7 lakh to launch a magazine on "Muslim brotherhood and making Muslims aware of the fast-changing situation in the Islamic world".
In his confession to then Surat joint commissioner of police Ashish Bhatia, Suhel confessed to drawing up the proposal following a directive from the then SIMI President Shahid Badr Falahi.
Suhel revealed that one of his brothers-in-law Yasin Ghulamrasool Patel, who owned a printing press in Ahmedabad had travelled to Chicago for collecting funds for SIMI. Suhel was one of the many recruited by Badr to amass funds for SIMI.
Other e-mail messages in Suhel's account show how money is being transferred from the US to India. Rafik, his Chicago-based brother-in-law, has written to him about an ISNA conference in the US attended by delegates from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Singapore and India on August 31, 2000.

Rafik's email to one Chicago-based Professor Munnawar Hussein "of the Jamaat" explains the new operations for SIMI which was to target universities, unions, women, farmers and local field workers and create a political wing of SIMI. Rafik had also advised Patel to delete every message as soon as it has been read.

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