Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sewa International Raises nearly $60,000 for Bihar flood relief


Sewa International Raises nearly $60,000 for Bihar flood relief

Bihar is currently experiencing devastating floods. The embankment along the Kosi River in northern Bihar has broken, drowning towns and numerous villages – many are reported dead or rendered homeless.

More than 3 million people have become homeless and 800 villages destroyed. Innumerable amount of crops and property have been destroyed or damaged. The flood situation is very dire.

Sewa International USA is working with various organizations such as Sewa Bharati to provide relief to victims of devastating flood in Bihar, India. 3,500 dedicated volunteers working round the clock rescuing, distributing relief materials, providing food and essential health care.

From Aug. 19th itself, a main center is setup in Muzaffarpur to collect relief materials and distribute to seven sewa centers (camps) and twenty-one sub-centers. These centers are providing immediate relief in form of food, medicines, clothes etc. Material is provided to needy by boat to remote places. Sewa Bharati schools in all seven districts are converted into relief centers to provide place for people to stay and provide food to thousands and we plan to set up relief centers at more locations. For more information on relief effort please visit www.sewausa.org.

Sewa International USA has raised $60,000 for Bihar flood so far and appeals to all to donate generously. Besides Sewa Bharati, Sewa International USA also intends to contribute to Patanjali Disaster relief of Swami Ramdev.

“We greatly appreciate generous donation of all so far”, said Sewa International USA President, Gautam Desai. “This will help us accelerate our relief effort. I am sure people affected by the flood will be grateful. But we urge all sympathizers to contribute generously. Need for resources are far greater since we also intend to help in rehabilitation.”

About Sewa International USA:
Sewa USA is a Non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization with International presence. It is supported NGOs has over 25 years of experience and has the capability to develop volunteers from the local population. Sewa USA helps victims regardless of caste, class, creed, color or religion. Sewa International USA funds project in the area of health care, education, women empowerment, environment and disaster relief and rehabilitation in India, USA, Caribbean countries and South America.

If you’d like more information about the topic, or to schedule an interview with Gautam Desai, please call 510-579-4742 or email info@sewausa.org.

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