Monday, September 1, 2008

Christians in Orissa, by closing the schools run by missionaries and churches through out Bharat on

As many of us know, Swami Lakshmanananda ji is killed by the Christian missionaries in Kandhmal of Orissa. He was one of the persons who served the Vanavasis in that region. He started many service projects for Vanavasis and tried to protect the Vanavasi culture. He created awareness about the fraudulent techniques of Christian missionaries to convert innocent Vanavasis into Christianity. Under his guidance Vanavasis got organized and started telling Christian missionaries 'No entry'. This made Christian missionaries unhappy and they hated him to the core and tried to kill him in December 2007 also. There were many attacks on him by them and luckily he survived, but this time it was misfortune of Hindus that we lost him. As an impact of his killing, a lot of sorrow and anger among the Hindus of Kandhmal which took the form of violence.

If there is some violence in Orissa there is a reason behind it. It is the killing of Swamiji, which is causing the violence there; not the hatred towards Christians without any reason. Hindus are tolerant by nature and this sort violence does not take place without any reason. Just imagine that the good work that Swamiji would have done for the people of that area, that his killing has created such a great anger among Hindus.

Now, Christian missionaries and churches have called to protest the attack on Christians in Orissa, by closing the schools run by missionaries and churches through out Bharat on 29th August 2008, Friday. If they have protested the killing of the Swamiji, it could have been justified, because he was the one who was serving the people by starting a huge number of social service projects. Rather they protest the protesters who protested the killing of a social worker, who did not create any hatred in the society, who was struggling to bring peace among the Vanavasis.

This is something that all of us have to think seriously about. If they have to protest, they can always ask their followers to do so. They do not have any right to ask the schools, in which children from all religions study, to close and protest the Orissa violence. They cannot do it just because it is run by them. Parents send their children to study in schools and not to participate in the religious protests. Have they taken the permissions from the parents of the kids? Have they taken permission from the education department? Is it not illegal to do so? Many questions arise. We all have to think about it and protest. You can write letters / emails to Education department, Governor, Chief Minister and Prime Minister and ask them to take action on these people. It may not stop them doing so tomorrow, but it creates an impact on them. It stops them using the schools for such protests in future.

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