Monday, March 16, 2009

Sadhvi Pragya stops taking food for 7 days; Admitted in Hospital

Sadhvi Pragya stops taking food for 7 days; Admitted in Hospital

March 8, 2009

Falgun Shuddha Dwadashi

One is not Hindu whose blood does not boil by the atrocities done on Hindu Saints by Congress which is heir to Mughal regime!

The result of forcing non-vegetarian food!

Mumbai: Sadhvi Pragya is being tortured by the administration for last few days in Arthur road jail.Though Sadhvi Pragya is a strict vegetarian, a boiled egg was served to her for meals last week. She is also being forced to eat other non-vegetarian food. (During the regime of anti-Hindu congress the terrorists like Afzal are leading leisurely life in the jail on one side while on the other side a Hindu Saint is severely tortured. Hindus, defeat this congress in the coming election and bring the regime of Pro-Hindus. Thereafter severely punish every anti-Hindu! - Editor)

Tired of such torture Sadhvi Pragya stopped eating food for last seven days which led to deterioration in her health. As a result her lawyer Navin Chomal submitted an application in the special MOCCA court asking its permission to admit Sadhvi in the hospital.(In spite of repeated news of her torture in the jail getting published , what have mighty Pro-Hindu organizations and political parties done to prevent her torture? Why should Hindus believe these Pro-Hindu organizations? - Editor)

The court then gave her permission following which she was admitted to a government hospital.(Leave aside Muslim pontiff, if it was clear that even an ordinary Muslim is subjected to such torture, it is anybody’s guess what Muslims would have done. Hindus are as good as dead hence this type of torture by Congress is reserved for Hindus! - Editor)

Talking to the reporter of ‘Daily Sanatan Prabhat’ advocate Navin Chomal said,” Some time back worms were found in Sadhvi’s meals. As a result she started falling sick. Now when non-vegetarian food was forced on her she stopped eating food. When I met her today I found her general condition to be very poor and hence I immediately applied for permission to admit her in a hospital.”(What Mr Chomal could observe, why the police could not see even though they are in touch with her everyday? Or is it that they are least bothered whether Hindus live or die? Why should Hindus feed such police by paying taxes? - Editor)

Few days back Shrimati Himani Sawarkar, President of Abhinav Bharat Sanghatana had revealed that Sadhi Pragya had expressed to her of her intention of taking ‘Samadhi’ in the jail itself if the jail administration continues with her torture.

Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat

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