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Hindu Samajotsava - Mangalooru

Mangalore, Mar 15: The Hindu Samajotsava, called for by various spiritual leaders in an effort to unite the Hindus and create a Hindu vote bank, was held at Nehru Maidan on Sunday March 15. The event was organized by the Dharma Raksha Vedike, formed under the leadership of Pejavar Viswesha Theertha Swamiji.
Twenty Swamijis from various Maths in the state participated in the Samajostsava and asked the Hindus to be united in electing an individual who is pro-Hinduism and who works for Hindutva. The Swamijis addressed the gathering from dais which was named ‘Laxmanananda Saraswathi Vedike’.
Surendra Kumar Jain, secretary, VHP central committee, was the main speaker of the Samajostsava who said, “The country and the Hindu youth should unite to build a strong Hindu nation. The country is under attack from conversion, terrorism, and anti-Hindu activities. The so-called secularist politicians, for the sake of the votes of the 12 or 13 percent of minority votes, have failed to form laws against conversion, terrorism, and to protect cows from slaughter.”
Live Like a Hindu
“Live like a Hindu if you want to live in Hindustan. This a warning to all those anti-Hindus, who are doing activities to harm Hinduism. The fact that seers have come out on streets shows that all limits have been crossed by anti-Hindus and when seers get out on streets they create revolution,” said Surendra Jain warning all the anti-Hindu people and so called secular politicians. He said that politicians who cannot stop conversion, cow slaughter, Bangladeshi infiltrators and declare Sri Ram Sethu as national treasure, have no right to rule India. He said that may it be Amarnath Yathra or Ram Sethu, the Hindu sentiments have been hurt. “Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh have questioned the identity of Sri Ram and said that Ram never lived. This is Sri Ram’s land and he is the identity of Hindus and if anyone questions his identity, will have to face dire consequences,” he said.
Calling conversion as the greatest crime, Jain asked the missionaries to practice their religion within the four walls of the church and not resort to conversion in the name of service.
“We will not interrupt you if you conduct masses not only on Sunday but 7 days a week and not for one hour but for 24 hours. But if you resort into conversion, thereby insulting Hinduism and Hindu gods, we will not tolerate,” he said and added that the Churches in North East have built nexus with the terror outfits as it is a known fact that the fathers in these churches are in possession of RDX and other weapons.
“If one Hindu gets converted to Christianity, it is not that number of Hindus decreased by one number or number of Christians increases by one. It means that number of our enemy goes up by one,” he said.
Calling upon the Hindus to be alert, he informed that the terrorists have an aim of converting India into Pakistan by 2020.
“If you want the symphony of recital of Vedas and manthras and not the cacophony of bullets and bombs, wake up Hindus and rise above religion. Elect candidates who are determined to root out conversion and protect Hinduism,” he added.

“These ‘secular’ political leaders have coined the word ‘Hindu terrorism’ to hide their failure in safeguarding the Hindus who are the majority in India. If the Hindus unite, a third world war will happen in their attempt to protect themselves and to protect Hinduism”, he said.
“We will not allow the national flag to be burned inside India in the name of ‘jehad’. Kerala is the launch pad of terrorism and it is supported there”, said Jain.
Sri Gurudevananda Swami of Odiyoor said in his inaugural speech that a Hindu vote bank should be created not as a political move, but as a vote of the Hindu religion. He added that the Hindus should work for the prevention of problems in the country by using spirituality and not weapons.
Sri Ramananda Swami of Kolya Math said, “The Hindus, who are in the majority in this country are treated as second-class citizens. To avoid this, the saffron flag should fly high in the country.”
Sri Vajradehi Rajashekarananda Swami, who administered the oath, said in his speech that Hindus should select a person who is a supporter of Hinduism and who works for Hindutva. He also said that the word ‘Talibanization’, used recently by a central minister should be taken as a challenge for a revolution.
Sri Viswesha Theertha Swamiji of Pejavar Matt said, “Hindus are going to unite to protect the country from conversion, terrorism, cow slaughter, and untouchability”.
A rally was also organized from Jyothi Circle to Nehru Maidan prior to the Samajostva. Members from various Hindu organizations of the district participated in the Samajotsava in large numbers.

Security in the city was tightened and police deployment was at a high from early morning on Sunday

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