Thursday, March 5, 2009

About Swami Ramkrishna Paramhansh

Ramakrishna has no peer. Nowhere else in the world exists such unprecedented perfection, such wonderful kindness to all, such intense sympathy for men in bondage.

He had the same sympathy for all; he had found the secret of their harmony. A man ought to be intellectual, or devotional , or mystic, or active; each of the various religions represents one or the other of all these types. Yet it is possible to combine all the four in one man, and this is what humanity in the future is going to do. That was his idea. He condemned none but saw the good in all.

He was a triumphant example, a living realization of the complete renunciation of lust and money. He was far beyond any idea of either; and such a man was necessary for this present age. Such renunciation is necessary in these days when men have begun to think that they cannot live even a month without what they call their 'necessities, ' while at the same time they are increasing in geometrical ratio. It was necessary in a time like this - one man should arise to demonstrate to the skeptics of the world that he cared not a straw for all the gold and all the wealth that was in the universe.
This is the message of Sri Ramakrishna to the modern world. Care not for doctrines or for dogmas, for sects or for churches. All these count for but little compared with that essence of existence which is in each one, and called 'spirituality' . The more this develops in a man, the more powerful is he for good. He who has most of it can do good most to his fellow man. First, then, acquire that. Only those who have seen it will understand this; but such spirituality can be given to others, even though they be unconscious of the gift. Only those who have attained to this power are amongst the great teachers of mankind. They are the powers of light. Then be you this! The more of such men any country produces, the higher that country is raised. That land where no such men exist is doomed. Nothing can save it. Therefore, my Master's message to the world is, ˜Be ye all spiritual! Get ye first realization! And to the young and strong of every country he would cry that the time is come for renunciation. 'Renounce for the sake of humanity! You have talked of the love of man till the thing is in danger of becoming words alone. The time is come to act. The call is now. Do! Leap into the breach and save the world!
I am what I am , and what I am is always due to him. Whatever in me or in my word s is good and true and eternal came to me from his mouth, his heart, his soul. Sri Ramakrishna is the spring of this phase of the earth's religious life., of its impulses and activities. If I can show the world one glimpse of my Master I shall not live in vain.
He (Shri Ramakrishna) was contented simply to live that great life and to leave it to others to find the explanation!
Ramakrishna Paramahamsa was the only man who ever had the courage to say that we must speak to all men in their own language!
The future, you say, will call Ramakrishna Paramahamsa an Incarnation of Kali? Yes, I think there's no doubt that She worked up the body of Ramakrishna for Her own ends.
But you may ask, 'What is the place of Ramakrishna in this scheme?'
He is the method, that wonderful unconscious method! He did not understand himself. He knew nothing of England or the English, save that they were queer folk from over the sea. But he lived that great life: and I read the meaning. Never a word of condemnation for any!
Yes, my own life is guided by the enthusiasm of a certain great personality, but what of that? Inspiration was never filtered out to the world through one man!
It is true I believe Ramakrishna Paramahamsa to have been inspired. But then I am myself inspired also. And you are inspired. And your disciples will be; and theirs after them; and so on, to the end of time!
My old Master used to say, "It is all very good to teach the parrot to say, 'Lord, Lord, Lord' all the time; but let the cat come and take hold of its neck, it forgets all about it"
He made me his slave by his great love for me!
He was the Savior of women, Savior of the masses, Savior of all, high and low.

From the date that the Ramakrishna incarnation was born has sprung the Satya -Yuga. Whatever the Vedas, the Vedanta, and all the other incarnations have done in the past, Sri Ramakrishna lived to practice in the course of a single life.

Whoever -- man or woman -- will worship Sri Ramakrishna, be he or she ever so low, will then and there be converted into the very highest ... Everyone has the right to worship him. Whoever will worship him only with devotion shall be blessed for ever.

In the Ramakrishna Incarnation there is knowledge, infinite love, infinite work, infinite compassion for all beings. You have not yet been able to understand him. Even after hearing about him, most people do not understand him. What the whole Hindu race has thought in ages, he lived in one life. His life is the living commentary to the Vedas of all nations. People will come to know him by degrees.

-Swami Vivekananda.

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