Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Puppet Prime Minister ,Communalizing Indian Polity

Letter to the Editor

From: Narain Kataria, New York

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Puppet Prime Minister
Communalizing Indian Polity

While releasing the Congress Party manifesto, Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India mischievously and scrupulously tried to resurrect the dead issue of demolition of dilapidated Babri structure at Ayodhya. The idea behind this cheap gimmick was to create a sense of insecurity in the members of India’s Muslim community and thereby garner their votes.

The Muslims, more or less, have reconciled to this issue by now. By reminding them all over again, Manmohan Singh should be deemed guilty of communalizing the Indian polity and inciting the Islamic jihad in India. Instead, it would have been much dignified for him to express regret and offer an apology to millions of Sikh brothers for the criminal massacres in 1984 riots engineered by the then Congress Party leaders of Delhi.

Dr. Manmohan Singh may be a highly educated person, a great economist or academic, but his traits of “Jee Hazoor” (yes sir, or yes madam, in this case) are in his blood and are clearly visible in his totally subservient character. It is a matter of utter shame and disgrace for a country of over one billion people that the top political leader of land takes unwritten orders – without any questions – from a half-literate foreign lady having no executive authority of any kind. This is absolutely degrading for every Indian but it happens to be completely true.

India is one of the world’s military superpower. Its advanced nuclear arsenal and over a million active troops will soon be augmented by the indigenously developed Agni-III Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles. But look at the scared mindset of the Government of India, it cannot even guarantee the safety of Indian Premier League (IPL) within its own borders. By this weak and vacillating attitude, the Government of India has indirectly accepted that the writ of terrorists runs not only in Swat Valley in Pakistan but also all over India.

Nothing could be more damaging to the dignity of all Indian people – its intellectuals and geniuses included – than the display of pusillanimity shown by the UPA government, headed by this spineless Dr. Manmohan Singh. The other day Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi aptly commented that “If the India Government cannot guarantee the safety and security of its 11 cricket players, how else will it save the country’s 1.11 billion citizens?”

We have seen how the thousands of our valiant soldiers, over the years, have been killed in Kashmir by the Islamic terrorist outfit LeT in collusion with Pakistan’s official intelligence agency ISI and the local Muslim Jihadi groups. But instead of taking care of the families of these brave Indian soldiers, the same Dr. Manmohan Singh, the puppet Prime Minister of India, now has plans to provide pensions to the families of terrorists who have been fighting the Indian security forces! If the country’s own Prime Minister would go out to encourage and reward the terrorists butchering its citizens, why blame the outside enemies?

In order to further polarize Indian polity on communal lines, Prime Minister Singh, during his tenure of 5 years, misused his official position and doled out innumerable freebies to the minority community; viz. Rs. 45 crores for modernizing madrasas, 80 crores for pre-matric scholarships and Rs. 4000 crores for the development of 90 minority districts.

India government should learn from the United States how to eliminate terrorism from the country. In last 6 years, US has restored almost normalcy in the war-torn Iraq – thousands of miles away from their territory. But, it is a sad commentary on this new superpower - India - that it has failed to eliminate terrorists even from its own soil, in the last 60 years! This state of affairs demonstrates a total absence of political will and resolve on the part of Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of country. His own Congress Party knows fully well that more than 99% of these terrorists are Islamists. But, Dr. Singh is worried that if the Islamic terrorists are eliminated, he would lose the life sustaining votes from India’s Islamic community that his party treats as its vote-bank.

NATO forces are using Drone attacks in Pakistan’s Swat valley region to seek and destroy terrorists hiding in the rugged mountains without risking the lives of their own soldiers. But, it is incomprehensible as to why India’s army is not using the sophisticated and modern weapons in dense jungles of Kupwara in Jammu and Kashmir to flush out and destroy the five groups of Islamic terrorist outfits. My sneaking suspicion is that the Indian Army is not given a free hand to liquidate the enemy. These things are, again, happening under the leadership of a person who is used to taking orders – from Sonia Gandhi – but does not know how to exercise his constitutional authority.

It is essential that Dr. Manmohan Singh displays a sense of self-respect, dignity and confidence at a time when the threat of Jihadi terrorism is menacingly hovering over India to engulf her. For the Prime Minister of over one billion people to stoop so low – just to harvest a handful of Muslim votes – is a sad commentary on the poor performance of this man.

From the above it is abundantly clear that Dr. Manmohan Singh is simply a de jure Prime Minister (the one who occupies the position only by law, even though undeserving otherwise) whose strings are being pulled from behind by the “invisible hand” of de facto Prime Minister (existing in fact whether with lawful authority or not). The robot Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has completely surrendered himself to the de facto Prime Minister Sonia Gandhi who has no executive authority in the country whatsoever.

Because of his incapacity, incapability, and mental servitude, Dr. Manmohan Singh has earned for himself the sobriquet of “inconsequential” and “weak” Prime Minister from L.K. Advani, the leader of the Opposition in Parliament and the nickname of “eunuch” from Udhav Thackrey, the leader of Shiv Sena party.

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