Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hindu rashtra is against Constitution: judge

These kinds of judges are dime a dozen. It is our Hindusthan & no SOB is going to take that away from us. First of all the so called constitution was forced upon us by these moslem & firengee loving congis who do not feel any shame at the partition of our Hindusthan. Now their pet jude is giving his or is it sonia maino' opinion dictated by xtistianistan's Pope. Nepal also had a constitution & that also centuries old. Why these congi-commies colluded with the terrorist maoist prachanda's organization supported by Hindusthan's enemies, china, chief amongst those, to destroy that bastion of Hinduism - a Hindu nation. A Hindu Rashtra. Where was the interpretation of these cheap judges. This moron judge along with the rest of his kind need to go back to basic schooling and learn more about the historical facts of our nation than the f*ing constitution which is nothing but 1935 british india act etc. taken as is by the congi regime without the majority consent of the people of Hindusthan,. It is similar to the nuclear deal signed off by the brain dead, raghead madmohan singh. Whatever he was told he agreed to without the consent of the people of Hindusthan. He is an illegal PM- not elected but selected by this foreign woman heading this anti-national corrupt party & digging our country to the ground, then obviously, it stands to reason that how any thing this congi regime signed on could be legally binding on the people of Hindusthan. Even the trust vote that they went through was a farce, bribing the criminals to forcibly stay on to power. I pity the poor masses of our nation who refuse to see through these mischievious machinations of this corrupt congi- commie system. Ask this judge how the xtian cross has been put on the one rupee & two rupee coins & by what authority the phrase "satyamev jayate" has been removed from our national symbols. Where the hell was the constitution at that time.? just because we allowed foreigners to srtay in our country out of our goodwill doesn't mean they start acting as if they own it & we forfeit our inalianable rights to it. It is ours & no anti-national is going to change it no matter what tricks they try to apply to achieve it. Governments change & so do constitutions but Hindusthan will remain forever a Hindu Rashtra.

Naresh Khanna

Hindu rashtra is against Constitution: judge

Staff Reporter

Mumbai: It is one thing to form a Hindu organisation and quite another to speak of forming a Hindu state, which is not in keeping with the Constitution, the special court under the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crimes Act noted on Wednesday.

“Forming an organisation is fine, but wanting to create a Hindu ‘rajya’ [state] is against the Constitution. We are working under the Constitution,” judge Y.D. Shinde said during a hearing in the Malegaon blast case.

The judge’s remark came when counsel Shrikant Shivade, arguing the case of bail for an accused, Lt. Col. Prasad Shrikant Purohit, said there was nothing wrong with his vision of a Hindu ‘rashtra.’ “If I say, ‘remove the word secular and insert the word Hindu,’ there is nothing wrong in that,” counsel said.

The charge sheet reveals that the blast accused were led by the ideology of forming a Hindu ‘rashtra.’

The transcripts placed on record highlight Lt. Col. Purohit’s contempt for secularism and the Constitution.

http://www.thehindu .com/2009/ 03/05/stories/ 2009030561061100 .htm

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