Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Robert S Fernandes : Empowering tips from Louise Hay

The work of Louise Hay has transformed the lives of millions.
Here are some empowering tips from her philosophy for YOUR life!

1. Be willing to love and accept yourself - no matter what!
You don't need to lose the weight, have the relationship, or
anything else first. Start NOW.

2. Pay attention to your thoughts. If your thoughts create your
future (and we believe they do!) - are your "typical" thoughts
during the day the ones you really want to be thinking? You have
the power to change them in a moment.

3. Learn to create and use powerful affirmations to focus on
what you DO want in your life. (More on affirmations. )

4. Nurture your Inner Child. Talk to him/her with encouraging
words and positive messages.

5. Be willing to change. Our ego tends to hang on to "the way
things are." Trust yourself and Spirit as you change.

6. Meditate on a regular basis. This will help you listen to your
inner guidance.

7. Listen to your body's messages. They will give you vital clues
about the emotions affecting you.

8. Honor your emotions, but don't get stuck in them. Release
anger, resentment, and guilt.

9. Forgive the past and free yourself from bondage.

10. Stop critcizing and judging yourself. You are doing the best you can!

The key : Love yourself for the unique and magnificent being
you are.

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