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Aryaadan Muhammed's speech

Aryaadan Muhammed's speech


Sri. Aryadan Muhammad ( Minister of Power and Transport, INC MLA from Nilambur ) speaking at the Hindu  Sammelan held on 21st May 2013, at the Putharikandam Maithan, Trivandrum, Kerala. He was inaugurating the session on 'National Security'.


When I was invited to this Ananthapuri Hindu Maha Sammelan, I accepted the invitation without hesitation. The reason for this is twofold. The main reason for accepting the invitation is the respect I have for the Hindu religion and the Hindus. I believe that Hindu religion is something which stands against divisiveness – divisiveness based on caste, community and religion. We all know that Hinduism was the first religion in India. In fact if someone asks when the Hindu religion came into being, the answer would be that Hindu religion came into being when India came into being.

Another reason for me to accept this invitation is that, I personally have a relationship with Hinduism. My father's father's father's father's father was a Hindu. Everybody knows this. At the onset, there were only Hindus in India. That was so for thousands of years after India came into being. It was because of the tolerance of Hindu religion that other religions established themselves here. It was just 1400 years back, in the 8th century, that Muslims came here. Before that there were only Hindus in India. It was in AD 52 that the Christians came to India. At that time St. Thomas came to India. And the belief is that he planted 7 and a halfCrosses here. And one half of that cross was searched for at Nilakkal. All these developments took place in recent times. So who is the father's father's father'sfather of the Christians ? It is a Hindu. You should have no doubt about that. So, I have a relationship with Hindu religion. Every Indian has a relationship with Hindu religion. I don't see this religion as being similar to other religions. As Swami Vivekananda said, it is a way of life. It is a culture. It is not a religion like Islam. Not like Christianity. If it was so, there would not be another religion in India. On the other hand till recently there was a flow of converts to Buddhism from Hinduism. This flow of converts was stopped by Sri Shankaracharya's ' Advaitasidhanta'. We can see Buddhists all over the world and in China. It was a religion which evolved from Hindu religion, from India. It was Sankaracharya's Advaitaprinciple which strengthened the Hindu religion and held it together as it is today.

I know there might be so criticism regarding me coming here, I have always swum against the tide. I have not been defeated yet.

I have come here also because it was my duty to do so. Hindu religion should not perish in this country. It should survive in this country. Hindu religion is the religion of this country. This can be accepted by everyone. Not only that, I have no doubt that Hindu religion is rooted in the concept of tolerance. One should not forget that it was the Hindu kings who welcomed St. Thomas in AD 52 and allowed them freedom to convert. Likewise when the Muslims came over here, it was the King- the Zamorine, who welcomed them and even gave them a separate title-name. This would never have happened if the religion here was anything other than Hinduism. That is why I say that, the people of India cannot and should never forget Hinduism. It would not be right to do so. This is all I have to say. I once again acknowledge the Hindu religion which is based on the principle of Advaita, the principle based on unity, as being responsible for the peace and tranquility in this country and express my wish that it remains so in the country for all time.

This is a program on national security and in this occasion I have to say that thesection which can ensure this security are the Hindus who have maximum allegiance towards this nation. The political formation which is most interested in the integrity of the country is the Congress and the people who aid them in this endeavor are the Hindus. The BJP also stands for national integrity like the congress. There is no doubt about it. Also, the survival of this nation is essential for world peace.


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