Friday, December 18, 2009

Who is supporting terrorist activities in Kerala?

There has been several articles written and several reports published
by individuals (Not by any so called investigative reporters from our
leading dailies which boasts as saviors of journalism) in various
social forums & newspapers regarding the increased activities of
religious extremism which later turned out to terrorist activity, and
all the time the high ranking police officers under pressure from
political leadership use to dub these news as politically motivated
and baseless. The premier investigative agency of India CBI was handed
over all the cases in which politicians suspected Hindu organizations
are involved in an attempt to gain the Muslim votes which plays a
significant role in deciding the poll outcome while ignoring the
demand for a CBI enquiry on all the Islamic terrorist attacks took
place in Kerala especially the Marad Massacre in which 12 people
killed when Islamic terrorist with support from the ruling Muslim
League party brutally
attacked indiscriminately and killed 12 Hindu villagers, the demand
for a CBI enquiry was rejected by the state government led by congress
party under the pressure from the Muslim League party leaders who were
part of the Congress government coalition. The Islamic terrorism was
first brought to Kerala by Abdul Nasser Madani (Who has been released
from Thamilnadu jail where he was held for his involvement in
Coimbatore explosion by the pressure from Kerala Government, he is
also known for his extremely instigating speeches against Hindus) in
the name of ISS which was later renamed when banned by the government.
Later Madani started his political party PDP but was behind all the
terrorist activities took place in south India till date, they were
allowed to continue their subversive and anti national activities by
the left and right government due to the Muslim vote bank in the state
which decides the poll outcome. It was a known secret among everybody
that the industrial minister from the Muslim League was openly
supporting extremist activities in the state but was never
investigated due to his political connections, and some of the cases
investigated against him were all diluted by the police team in order
to weaken the case which allowed him to get away all the time. We all
seen how anti-national a left government can get when they allowed
Muslim supporters to march through the streets of Malappuram holding
and chanting anti India/pro-Pakistan slogans during Kargil war, the
ruling Left government headed by E.K. Nayanar not even try to do a
Lathicharge against these extremists, and he realized the danger only
after when Madani was involved a series of Blasts which shook
Coimbathore, a city in Thamilnadu close to Kerala border. This
incident prompted him to hand over Madani to Thamilnadu police(He was
released by Thamilnadu police after 7 years under the pressure from
the same Left Party led
government headed by present chief minister Achudanandan) several of
the terrorist explosions could have been avoided if the police had
investigated them with true spirit as even Nasir the one who is
responsible for the Bangalore and several other bomb explosions in
Kerala and India has been caught several time by Kerala Police but
released under pressure from political leaders. Due to the umbrella
provided by the politicians looking for organized Muslim votes to the
terrorists operating in India, Kerala became a perfect soil for
terrorist activities. The home ministry headed by Mr. Kodiery
Balakrishnan was a complete failure in intelligence gathering as the
terrorists conducted several training camps across Kerala which was
initially denied by the police but later confirmed by Media. The
threat was not only security but also economical as all these groups
was actively involved in large scale money laundering and circulation
fake currency printed in
Pakistan in order to destabilize Indian economy. Container loads of
currency were smuggled in to Kerala via Kochi with the help of high
ranking customs officers and politicians. Both the congress and
communist government conspired and associated with these terrorist
outfits in order to stay in power, they betrayed the public and
compromised on our national security. It was perfect example for how
shameless and opportunistic a politician can get when the supremo of
communist party in Kerala Mr. Pinarayi Vijayan said that he had no
alliance with Mr. Madani after his role was confirmed by a LeT south
India leader named Nasir was arrested. These so called secular non
communal leaders from Left party waited more than 10 hours to receive
this dreaded criminal from Chennai jail when he was released few years
back and shared stages in several occasions during the election
campaign, they even saved his wife and few terrorist activists (Who
were later arrested by
Karnataka police)when they torched a state transport corporations bus
to protest against the custody of Madani, not a single case was
punished due to the loop holes police created in order to facilitate
the escape route for them. This is not just an affliction of Kerala,
the main accused and sentenced to death for the parliament attack by
the supreme court of India is still enjoying his life in jail as the
Congress government in Delhi is reluctant to execute his punishment as
they afraid it will antagonize the Muslims which will result in
elections. It is this vote bank politics compromising on national
security for political power which caused India suffer from terrorist
activities, it is the weak will power of non-patriotic and shameful
politicians failing to send a strong message to these terrorist by
punishing them as per the law is letting us down. When you compare the
Dharam Singh, Malagon case with the Parliament attack and other
several attacks
you will realize the biased and discriminative approach of the
police/Judiciary and politicians in Congress government, their
ultimate interest was always to woo Muslim votes and stay in power at
the cost of national security. They know that they can afford to
antagonize the Hindu majority and being injustice to them because they
do not hold their votes together to gain political mileage and was
also splitted on several lines which was imposed on us by British
rulers with the help of our so called national leaders. The situation
will only change if the Hindu community realize this biased approach
of the governments and decide to stand united, or the Muslims in India
start considering that they are an integral part of India and declare
their solidarity to India and further more they must come against the
extremist openly while tolerating all the religions practiced in

Biju Madhavan

Biju Madhavan
Flemingo Intl DRC s.p.r.l

Kinshasa, DRC.


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