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Vanechandbapu of Morbi RSS Shakha

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Vanechandbapu of Morbi RSS Shakha

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Dec 8, '09 5:28 AM
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Vanechandbhai Gangaram Somalia known with nickname as Vanechandbapu of Morbi

Passed away on 3rd Dec 2009.

He was 78 years old and his native was Mathak village.

He was one of founder worker of RSS in Morbi area. He worked like anything for RSS and any social work thought out his life. He was very energetic till last illness. He joined RSS in about 1946 and got training of OTC 1952 at Nagpur. He continuously attended OTC as teacher for years together. He was well known teacher in Dand yudhdhha. He mastered all physical training in RSS for himself and for others also. He worked as Vistarak and did pravas for RSS work around Morbi region. He was going to surrounding villages even on bicycle for RSS work. He worked as Taluka Karyavah of Morbi for years and then was looking after all parivar kshetra. He has participated in all Satyagrah and went to Jail in emergency also in 1974.

He was very particular in attending daily RSS shake. Whenever he is not seen in shakha , means that he is out of city or ill and can not walk. He was like Tapsvai and truth speaking. He was very kind to all karyakartas. He was very fond of reading, not only that but was sharing his knowledge with others. He had read lot of books and gave lectures also in all patriotic functions. He has in his heart whole long letter of Shivaji Maharaj, who has written to Mirza Raja Jaysing. He had many songs at heart. He had never kept distance with anyone. He has got faith in all. During his illness he tried all treatments suggested by doctors, vaidya, accupressure specilist and friends and relative toot. He never argued to any pathy but followed as obedient patient. He was ideal patient for doctors.

He was kind husband and lovable father too. He graduated his entire daughter and gave them such culture that they became knowledgeable, patriotic, working for Rashtriya Sevika samiti. He worked hard during Morbid flood when Machchhu dam was broken in 1979. He worked at cost of family and his business. He managed all relief workd done by pur pidit sahayata samiti at that time. He was guide to all working group at that time, Same experience came to know in earthquake during 2001.He sometimes get difference with others but very easy to match up with any one. His arguments were patriotism.

He was traveling in his old age too for Shakha work. He was having routine to attend shakha and discuss all running topics related to shakha work and national importance. Last days he was talking about book named 'Jyotipunj' written by C.M. Narendra Modi.Old aged problems were there but he fought with them with good will power. He was never looking tired of anything. Due to respiratory infection he was bed ridden for few weeks and breadth his last

He will be long remembered in heart of all Morbi people, particular RSS swyamsevaks as friend, philosopher, guide, saviors to others, kind hearted and loving personality

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