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Profiling muslim passengers: Laurie Roth

We are at war with Islamic extremists
It is time to profile Muslim passengers

  By Dr. Laurie Roth  Tuesday, December 29, 2009
We are at war with Islamic extremists. They are peppered all over the
world and throughout our country. These terrorists have proven to be
represented by various nationalities, the latest was Nigerian and the
attack was on Christmas day.  The common theme between them all isn't
that they were victimized by America or that they were all desperately
poor, but that they were all committed to fundamentalist Islam,
believing they were doing the will of Allah and would gain eternal
blessings as martyrs.

If you look at who most of the Jihad killers have been since 9/11,
they have been well funded, pampered and even wealthy.  They are
religiously committed to killing infidels.  They don't believe they
are getting away with wrong and criminal behavior but rather,  they
are doing the Holy will of Allah and will be greatly rewarded.

As a Christmas present to naive and ever so polite America,  Abdul
Farouk Abdul-Mutallab, a 23 year-old Nigerian national, whose Father
was a former Nigerian official, tried to blow up flight 253 headed
toward Detroit Metropolitan Airport from Amsterdam originally.

Abdul tried to explode a bomb attached to himself shortly before the
flight was to land.  Fortunately,  no, miraculously, part of his
attached bomb didn't work right but thankfully made enough noise as it
was trying to explode to horrify and gather an immediate response from
nearby passengers who pounced on him and stopped the process.  All 238
passengers survived that day but will they next time?  Al Quaeda taken
credit and promised much more.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told CNN's "American
Morning" that officials would 'review' how anti-terrorist watch lists
are maintained.  Obama dove into the fray from his vacation in Hawaii
saying that security was immediately enhanced and more air marshals
were assigned on international flights.  Both said that things were
being reviewed.  Don't you feel safer now…..being 'reviewed'.

Well……review this, Obama and Napolitano

We are at war and we have to identify the enemy…..not Christian gun
owners;  not Republicans;  not conservative talk show hosts and not
our military.  It is Islamic fundamentalists who are being recruited
and trained to kill infidels worldwide.  Though they are represented
by many nationalities, they are mostly Middle Eastern and are being
recruited in our prisons and trained in Islamic compounds across this
country.  These Islamic compounds have been exposed and investigated
by Doug Hagmann and many are being watched by authorities.

While we wax ever so intimidated and insecure around CAIR and other
Islamic advocacy groups,  as they paint pictures of Islamic Imams and
Jihadists as victims of racism and persecution,  the next attack is
planned.  Just with our military alone we have seen numerous attacks
on our soldiers by radicalized Muslim soldiers preparing to strike
against the enemy……us.  I reference you to the following, not that we
want to remember.  Most recently we were treated by Nidal Malik HASAN,
who murdered 14 unarmed soldiers in a Jihad at Ft. Hood.  Remember
Muslim Sgt. Hasan Karim Akbar who murdered Army Captain Christopher
Seifert and Air Force Major Gregory Stone and wounded 14 others?  Then
there was 23 year- old Muslim abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad who murdered
two officers.  It continues:  Hassan Abujihaad actively provided
Islamic terrorists with sensitive information about the location of
Navy ships and their weaknesses and James "Yousef" LEE, former Muslim
chaplain charged with espionage while serving at GITMO.

Then there are the plane moments with Islamics

We aren't allowed to notice or we are Islamaphobes and hideous racists
but some of us in spite of ourselves have noticed suspicious behavior
that continues on various flights.

We saw strange and suspicious behavior with a group of Muslim
'musicians' aboard Northeast Airlines Flight 327 back in 2004,
witnessed by an eyewitness and profiled by Annie Jacobsen.  There was
also similar suspicious behavior exhibited by Muslim passengers aboard
Air Tran Flight 297 back in November 2009 and Air Tran Flight 175 on
January 1, 2009.  Of course there is more.  Certain Muslims are
testing our airline security, intimidating and scaring our people and
trying to hurt our Airline industry hoping for more victimization
status and law suit action.

Of course how can we forget those special Imams in 2006 who had
displayed frightening and suspicious behavior also on the plane and
were reported by passengers.  Naturally, since they were so religious
and inspired they sued the passengers backed by the usual 'victim
creation Muslim groups' (CAIR).  They only just settled out of court
and my favorite, Ibraham Hooper, their spokesman said it was 'a
victory for civil rights.'  Let's have a moment of silence.

It is time to identify the enemy and start profiling without apology

How many more suspicious events and outright attacks must we see by
Islamic fundamentalists?  How many more military personnel murdered by
Islamic soldiers?  How much more do we want to take as the enemy sets
us up,  messes with our lives and circles the wagons to kill us???

Where have we seen profiling and security that actually works on
flights?  El Al in Israel has the best security in the world and these
events as described above simply don't occur.  Don't think it is just
the Gestapo with them either.  They are known for their hospitality
and gracious service aboard each flight.  They just do REAL questions,
cross referencing and take red flags and watch lists seriously.  It
isn't a popularity contest with them in letting folks get on planes,
but people can actually enjoy the flight and stay alive.

I think there needs to be a whole other set of questioning and checks
by anyone who falls in the realm of the following:

Middle Eastern

Has Arabic writing anywhere near them
Has a Koran with them
Once on the plane, any movement to a cell phone, getting up and
changing seats or going to the bathroom, should mean immediate
checking and/or consequences.
Loud prayers, chants and anti American or military
statements….immediate denial to fly.
We must put MORE Muslim fundamentalists and their supporters on watch
and do not fly lists, then train ALL of our security force to actually
follow through on the list instead of minimizing or 'spacing'
regarding it.

Remember, we are at war and there have been multiple dry runs and
attempts at attacks on our planes since 9/11 and multiple murders of
our troops by other Muslim soldiers.  These people are organized,
persistent, study our system, sensitivities, legal loop holes and play
us like a violin.  We must stop this madness unless we wish to die.

I would rather be rude and alive than polite and dead.

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