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Watch Upanishad Ganga, EVERY SUNDAY 10AM on DD NATIONAL, 11th MARCH

Upanishad Ganga is not merely a television serial, it is a window that offers a glimpse of the ancient culture and value system of India. India is not just a geographical entity, it signifies an entire vision of life which is an art as well as a science of living.

This is a vision that shows a single Consciousness that weaves through every particle of the universe, that knits together man and man, man and animal, man and his world and all that is beyond. This is a vision that our ancient seers called "Atman" or the "Self".

What is that, knowing which nothing else remains to be known? Was it just the imagination of the ancient seers and thinkers? What was the Truth revealed by the experiments of adepts in the science of life? What exactly is this vision of the "Self", the knowledge of the "Self"?

What is that eternal Truth which is the foundation of the art of life, the science of life that flourishes in India? What is that Truth which is beyond time, which is universal, which is the very basis of all time and place?

It is this Truth that is explained in Vedanta -- in the Upanishads. They talk about that which sustains this life and this universe, and that which is beyond it.

From time to time great seers and thinkers have proclaimed it in different ways, from King Janaka and Rishi Yajnavalkya in the days of yore to Adi Sankaracharya, Sayanacharya and Madhvacharya, and Swami Vivekananda and Swami Chinmayananda in the present times.

Time flowed and so did the flow of knowledge. Geographical frontiers changed, history changed, communities changed, literature changed, words changed and their meanings changed, but the immutable Truth remained the same, though many kinds of veils covered it.

After independence, India developed as a nation, with many new revolutionary ideas and slogans that spurred its material growth, but dimmed the glory of its ancient spiritual heritage. The art and science of life that gave it its unique identity was bundled and moved out of the regular stream of school and college education, and even declared to be irrelevant by some.

Chinmaya Mission entered the picture to enable the flow of spiritual knowledge to continue unhindered, so that it could irrigate and nourish our day to day lives. Unfortunately, today this knowledge is considered outdated and unwanted.

However, can the longing for Truth ever be suppressed? Can the experience of humanity for thousands of years, their untiring quest for Truth be denied?

Watch Upanishad Ganga, EVERY SUNDAY 10AM on DD NATIONAL, 11th MARCH

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