Monday, March 5, 2012


Narain  Kataria in New  York
The  vituperative comments by Anna Hazare Team Member Prashant Bhushan in
the main  stream media last week against RSS and Chief Minister Narendra Modi
are not only  appalling but also highly reprehensible.  It looks as if this
loony leftists is suffering from cognitive disorder,  Hinduphobia, or both.
It is a  matter of great regret and shame that instead of expressing
sympathy with 58  innocent Hindu women and children who were burnt
alive by 2000
Muslims goons at  Godhra station on February 27, 2002, this guy has the
temerity to find fault  with Hindus and Chief Minister of Gujarat
Narendra Modi!
Narendra Modi is a very capable  administrator and knows full well as to
how to handle religious bigots with an  iron hand.  That is the reason, in
the last 10 years, there is complete harmony and peace in Gujarat!
Conversely,  relentless jihad against Hindus and Sikhs is going on in
Pakistan and Bangladesh.  Hindu girls are kidnapped, converted to  Islam and
forcibly married to Muslim men.  Hindus live in Pakistan and Bangladesh under
Islamic subjugation. In December 2011, 250 Hindus left their homes and
hearths  and sought political asylum in India.  In November 2011, 4
Hindu doctors
were  gunned down in Sind by Islamic militants.  In May, 2010, according to
a report in  DNA 50 Pakistani Hindus were converted to Islam under pressure
from their  employers.  Hindus have been almost  ethnically cleansed in
Pakistan.  Bangladesh Minority Watch in January 2012  reported that
some Muslims
perpetrators wearing masks and equipped  with deadly weapons attacked
Hindus and destroyed Hindu deities in Barisal  district.
More than  half a million Hindus have been forcibly driven from the Indian
state of  Kashmir by Deobandi / Barelvi / Salafist /  Wahhabi Islamic
Though  Radical Islamists have been murdering innocent people all over the
world as  mentioned below, it is inexplicable  as to why this guy is
supporting Islamic  terrorism in India.  Last year he had been beaten for
supporting separation of Kashmir from India.
This guy is  exploiting his position with Anna Hazare to promote his
pro-terrorist  agenda.  Thus, he is tarnishing the  image of Anna Hazare.  This
dubious  character is a security risk and should be watched by intelligence
agencies.  He should also be  investigated by CBI for his links with ISI
It is also  disgusting to note that media, particularly English, in
collusion with deadly  combination of Leftist-Islamist activists cynically
exploited the  10th anniversary of Gujarat riot to  denigrate,
degrade, demonize and
vilify Hindu organizations and Narendra  Modi.
A cursory  glance at the history of terrorism will clearly indicate the
fact that most of  the terrorist activities, at least 95% of them, all over the
world in the last  50 years have been and are being conducted by the
adherents of Islam and trained  Islamic terrorists..
The World  Trade Center in New York, Beslan in Russia, Bali in Indonesia,
Madrid in Spain,  London, Mumbai,  Godhra Railway Station in India, India's
Parliament  Complex in New Delhi, Thailand and Philippine – these were all
cases of global  Muslim terrorism.
Recently  in his 36 page report entitled "Building Resilience against
Terrorism", Canda's  Public Safety Minister Vic Toews said that muslim
extremists are the number one  threat to Canada.
In  Sudan, Jihad was declared and  approximately two and half million
Christians were butchered by  Islamists.
Boko  Haram, an Islamic organization in Nigeria, is believed to be
responsible for  killing and maiming hundreds of people.
Somali  Jihadists and The Islamist al-Shabab militia who are slaughtering
people like  goats in  Mogadishu are all the followers of  Islam.
There is  a wholesale attack and murder of Coptic Christians in Egypt by
the  Islamic Brotherhood.
Last  month, 40 Islamic extremist organizations held three big public
meetings in  Pakistan.  In Multan, Lahore and Karachi somewhere between  50,000
to 100,000 jihadists vigorously participated in each meeting.  They  vowed to
break India into  pieces, kill Americans and wipe out Israel.
Under the circumstances, we  suggest that this guy should be  immediately
removed from Anna Hazare Team and arrested by Government of  India for
seditious  activities.

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