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                                                                                                      Dear All,

You should learn  what our motherland is  !  One of the  richest  countries  even today in the world !  Only  thing is that  we are ignorant  on our  greatness ! When   scientists  from world  over started  patenting   our  heritage knowledge, we started thinking about  our scientific and cultural heritage… I request  every student, that they  should  ask thousands of questions  on Ajanta, Ellora, huge temples, and like that   on the subject of Indian heritage … try to know more and more  and  feel proud  of our nation.  We , in Indian  Institute of  Scientific  Heritage assure you that   the books, cassettes and  CDs published  by us for the last three years will definitely  give you  many many information  on our  heritage.  You are free to spread the message  to all your colleagues  by taking the copies.
Dr. N. Gopalakrishnan
M.Sc. (Pharm); M.Sc. (Chem.); M.A. (Soc.); PhD (Bio); D.Lit (Scientist, CSIR)

Uniqueness of India:

• Indians tested ten atom bombs in the same test bed without the   aid of any foreign country.
• Made the expedition to Antarctica in its own ship.
• Indian soldiers defeated the enemy in 4 wars.
• Indigenously developed heavy water, atomic reactor, submarines and  cryogenic rockets when foreign countries refused to provide us  the know-how.
• We launched our own and others' satellites with our own expertise.
• Indian scientists developed 20 different types of missiles.
• Indians stunned the world by repeating several times green and white revolutions.
• This nation never broke down as predicted by many futurologists even when 3 Prime Ministers were assassinated. 
• Khalistan, Gorkhaland, Assam, Kashmir, Nagaland were all liberated from militants.
• India is the only country where members of 3 different faiths Hindu, Christian and Muslim), are ruling as Prime Minister the Minister of Defence  and  President  of our nation.
• This is the country where Kumbhamela, the world's largest religious congregation is held without one policemen.
• Let us  all feel proud of  our Bharath  and  pray to be born in this blessed land if we have another one hundred lives/janma.
• Many  leading  scientists, technocrats, industrialists  and managers  are from India.
• Many recently followed books  and knowledge  are taken  from our motherland. 
• Indian spirituality has become the  synonym of  the modern physics, according to the  writings of  Fritjoff Capra.
• Indian customs and rituals  are becoming the new age therapy in the modern medical curriculum.
• In fact Indians have  conquered the  world  Information  technology
• India is the only country which gives the  incarnations   and noble Rishies  even in the  21st century  for guiding the world.

This is value based education.

• Learn to accept and assimilate in one's own life high thinking and noble  thoughts  from all over the world  as the Upanishads advice.
• Make integrated individual development possible through family- social ties  and also through national outlook and vision.
• Be always willing to receive the good of  the modern science and technology  and keep on receiving the  inspiration   from  our  scientific and cultural heritage.
• Get to know scientifically and rationally the greatness of our country's contributions  in all the  aspects of life.
• Discard any theory  and superstition not suited to our heritage, and  refine  our  faiths  with help of   good science.
• Take care not to get infected by the inferiority  complex  generated   by the so called progressives   and the so called 'radicals'/ 'rationalists' due to their ignorance on our heritage. 
• Try to replicate a life   style,  based on the good achaaras, faiths and practices based on the cultural heritage of our motherland.  Know that they are   nurtured by our forefathers  for the physiological, psychological benefits  and  to improve the bondage of  family, society and nation.
• Do not pollute life with mummy-daddy culture  which can never  convert  an Indian   into an American. These two words have  already been discarded even by English and Americans.
• Remember that you should never waste your precious life  for  the sake of the so called politicians , who want  to build their image on your blood .
• Show gumption to discard the advice of politicians who act with ulterior motives, of building their party, image  and making money  and position, on your  life.
• Nurture truth, justice, patriotism and kindness  and remember  that  you are the citizens of the most  noble  free land of the  world which could survive on the surface of the globe  earth for the last  ten millenia .
• Go into the world with the aim to achieve for our country the exalted place it deserves amongst the nations of the world.

The foundations of value based education is your progress in life with the blessings of your parents and teachers and with the realisation that life is a mixture of success and failure, recognition and denouncement, joy and sorrow, profit and loss, rise and fall..

Dear students  I want  to tell you more and more, because you are  going to be the policy makers  of  this nation in the coming years…!

Our motherland is a supremely sacred country. You are growing up devoid of any knowledge of this great nation's moral values   and its  heritage. Intellectuals and the media that ceaselessly lecture on the erosion of  Values have so far failed to clearly define what this value is. You live in a desperate world of disintegrating family ties, political overkill, religious fanaticism and drugs.  At this junction ,  it is our motherland's great heritage  that  alone  can give you a mooring in life,  among all these frighteningly chaotic elements.

Even after independence our rulers, by giving a distorted view of secularism, failed to instruct us on our  noble heritage. They wished to shape India into  another America, England, China or Russia. Even more tragically, they are willfully trying to make India into something that is far from  great Bharath . Some of the so called  intellectuals  belonging to this genre  are leading you  to  this direction of hating our culture and values. It is time  now that  you have   to  recognise the inherent danger in their  mission of creating  an inferiority complex in us. It is again time  for you  to analyse  our most respected heritage scientifically in order to save yourselves from those who try to create a feeling of inferiority  by declaring that rational thinking is equivalent to maligning every form of thinking that is Indian. You should wake up to the dangerous motives of those who, distorting science and literature, nurture their parties and isms. They have never bothered to understand  that  Indian heritage  has been proved and established by modern scientific means. True scientific enquiry alone should be your guiding light. Instead of making us proud of being true Indians,  these so called intellectuals have even been deliberately  trying to  divide  us  into majority and minority.  These politicians   reap  by  further dividing us  into capitalists and labourers and made to fly at each others throats. They always try to  make deep injuries  among  Hindus   by dividing them as Savarna and Avarna and encouraging to feud with each other. These leaders feather their nests by capitalizing on all these created negatives. The person who uses his brains maximum to divide Indians is hailed as the 'greatest of all intellectuals'. The one who goes around lecturing on subjects he has no knowledge of and who swears by obsolete ideologies is regarded as a 'great progressive thinker'. Literature is considered 'progressive' if it denounces  all Indian heritage and those who peddle this are 'progressive writers'. You should understand to whom  these amusing definitions would suit. You should take care not to get cheated.  These politicians, in order to get the votes they require to rule over us, create vote banks by dividing us into Hindu, Christian and Muslim. There  is no place for an Indian heritage  in their scheme of things. You should follow the footsteps of the noble leaders  who deserve to be  considered  great,  that too only after ascertaining their educational qualifications  and  sacrifice they made for the nation .

The list of  heritage knowledge,  we have already lost and are continuing to loose is very long. You should see  and gain  first hand  exposure  from  the ruins of our temples, palaces and forts systematically plundered and looted by foreign invaders starting from Muslim marauders like Omar Abdulla, Mohammed Bin Kassim,  Ghazni, Ghauri, Babar, Khilji and Lodhi   from the Muslim  religion  and  then  by their counterparts of the Christian faith – French, Dutch, Portuguese and finally the English. If your heart breaks  from the scene  of destruction,  let  you  cry for hours  from the  pain. You should taste a bit of the unbearable pain that our motherland went through  for many centuries. All this has been recorded in history! Today Sanskrit, that was hailed by none other than Mark Twain as the mother of world languages,  has given a status below that of a foreign language like Arabic. Sanskrit has  been converted into  a dead language in its own birth  place.

Is there any nationalism left in our hearts ?  Some of us were  enjoying the  cricket on TV when the Kargil war was raging ! There are people in India  who ask us to cheer for Pakistan . Shouldn't we take note of this. You should know that there are Indian citizens who went complaining to the President of USA for  protecting the freedom of converting any Indian into  their  religion  by hooks or crooks ! Those who act like the descendants of British who stamped everything Indian as unscientific and not worthy of any kind of study are chartering your academic curriculum. And it was to these people who declared as unacceptable the very foundations of our  ancient cultural heritage such as Tillaka kury, lighting the oil lamp, Saraswati  Vandanam , who got the opportunity to implement this monstrous educational system in Kerala and in many other Indian States. You should know that everything in this secular country is selected only on the basis of religion. And there is an eighth wonder here ! These policy makers  have invented  a novel method  of inculcating  patriotism in your hearts  ! – collective running for a few minutes !   i.e.  patriotism by collective running ! Or by making the 'CHAIN' for few seconds!
For the eternal good of our sacred land,  youth power has to be channeled. You should open your eyes  and  realize  from  the lives of those who destroyed themselves for the sake of petty  gain  from politics and  politicians.

Your hands should never hold any flag other than that which has the 
Ashoka Chakra, the symbol of "ratha chakra chiti" of the Vedic message of  a great nation. You should make the joys and sorrows of the motherland your own.  We cannot expect our  policy makers  and rulers to act like responsible leaders like other world powers who chart their policies to generate patriotism and nationalism in their people.  Hence  we have to grow ourselves as patriots through our own efforts  by taking inspiration from our heritage. The duty of every patriot is to serve his nation and his own people. The duty of every son and daughter is to serve their parents who gave birth to and raised them up. The duty of every student is to separate evil from good and act according to what is good. To allow the free and unhindered growth of eternal moral values  in their nation is the duty of every citizen. You should grow into a generation imbibing inspiration from  our great heritage. Never become a traitor to your country for the sake of power, money or fame. Proclaim to the world that this heritage belongs to every Hindu, Christian and Muslim of India. Our motherland should be Bharat and not Russia, China , America, Arabia or  Israel  . Our guiding spirits should be those who lived and died for this nation, its dharma and its freedom.
There are a hundred thousand facts which we as Indians can be proud of. I will enlighten some of them. It was the Indians who invented  the  equations and formulae for determining the area, sine, cosine, tangent,  etc of  the triangle, trapezium, circle, sphere, square, rectangle, quadrilaterals, rhombus, etc.,  in mathematics. It was  the Indians who invented many of  the theorems now known in the name of  Gregory, Lebinitz, Lhuiler, Kelvin, and  Tychobrahi.   Our forefathers had at their fingertips  the  methods connected with the calculation of  Geometric progression, Arithmetic progression, simple interest, compound interest, share, permutations and combinations. They had also accurately determined and fixed orbits of planets, the angle of their inclination, laws of eclipse, latitude, longitude, parallax and real planetary positionsOur ancient astronomers could,  compute the radius of earth, its revolving speed, angle of apogee,  perigee, precision equinox, declination,  height of atmosphere,  time of  eclipse,  parallax of  longitude,  etc. Ancient Indians practiced in their daily lives thousands of years ago fermentation technology, extraction of medicinal constituents  from medicinal plants, balanced diet, vegetarianism, diagnosis and cure of diseases  including metal diseases.

Indian knowledge on  Management principles which integrate body, mind, society, nation  are  clearly given   in  Bhismoupadesam,Viduroupadesam, Bhagawat Gita.   All these are  the part of management syllabi in renowned Universities of the developed world. Our treatises and smritis are also ever-bright value based sources of known social structures. Mother –father – son, husband – wife, teacher – student, king – subjects relationships are radiant gifts our ancestors had handed down to us. Sanskrit, the mother of all languages is the cornerstone to  many Indian  and foreign  languages. Vastusastra has flown overseas to the table for  patenting. Modern world has patented in foreign countries many things that are ours. Besides, there are innumerable books on Statecraft, beginning with Chanakya's Arthasastra  and dharma saastras.  Indian Arthasastra has become part of  the   studies in civil services in many countries including Pakistan. Aryabhata, Lallacharya, Varahamihira, Vateswara,  Manjulacharya, Brahmagupta, Puthumana  Somayaji, Sangamagrama  Madhavacharya, Paramesawaracharya,  Patanjali Kanada, Charaka, Susruta, Bharadwaja,  Avastamba were all great  scholars  born in this country. C V Raman, J C Bose, P C Ray, Sarabhai, Saha ,…. And many more  were all Scientists born here. Thousands of scientific books including Aryabhateeyam, Bhaskariyam, Leelavathi, Thantrasangraha,  Sishyadheevrudhithantram, Aryasiddhantam, Panchasidhantika, Brihalsamhita, Brahmasputasiddhantam, Karanapaddhathi, Charakasamhita, Sushrutasamhita,  Ashtangahridayam were all  written  here. Ancient Indians  could  predict the  modern science in the orbit of electrons   in atoms, in the spinning  of nucleus and in the consciousness called "prajnanam" that is  the knowledge present inherent in the cells of every living body in this universe. Our forefathers were those who formulated traditions/customs and rituals  aimed at the total development of man's body-mind-family-society-natio
n, etc.,  elements with a view to making life on earth  heavenly comfortable .
They were the blessed souls who prayed to be led from darkness unto light (thamaso maa jyothir gamaya) , desired to evolve from evil to good ( asatho maa sat gamaya) , who proclaimed that there shall be no malice to anyone  ( maa vidvishavahai)  and who prayed fervently for the good of the whole world ( Lokaa samasthaa sukhino  bhavanthu) . 

Students, we shall repeat this prayer of our ancestors.  And let you all  follow this path of the  scientific  heritage  of our motherland !
Hon. Director - IISHDr. N. GopalakrishnanM.Sc. (Pharm); M.Sc. (Chem.); M.A. (Soc.); PhD (Bio); D.Lit (Scientist, CSIR)


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