Thursday, June 17, 2010

Former Bhopal cop sacked from govt job


Former Bhopal cop sacked from govt job



Dear Editor.

The Problem with the Bureaucrats (Top Civil Servants) is that their loyalty is to the Party Leaders in Power and not to the Nation and Public they are serving. Their Pay packet comes from the Public Purse (Tax Payers of the Nation) but loyalty to the Political leaders. Which party has been in power during last 60 Years and who have promoted such officer to top positions? One must retrospect in the past and then blame the State Government. The Bureaucrats are to be blamed for their action against the People and Nation. One must not stop here but confiscate the property of the individual who have amassed during his/her service. That will keep the Bureaucrats on their toes when it comes to their duty to their Nation and the Public.

I hope there is lesson in allowing the CEO of Union Carbide scot-free. I must say that that Bureaucrat who helped in Fodder scam and many more such scams must be brought  to books.


Dr. Ambekar.

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