Friday, June 4, 2010

Hampi, a living example of Muslim cruelty. [1 Attachment]


Dear Hindu Brother's and Sister's,


Hampi is a world heritage site declared by UNESCO. It is situated in Indian state of Karnataka. It was the capital the Kingdom of Vijayanagara .


In 1296 AD, Islamic invader's under the leadership of Alla-Udin-Khilji invaded the southern part of India . Culture and religion of the local people were endangered by these Islamic invader's. In order protect  themselves, their religion and their culture, people united under Sh. Harihara and Sh. Bukka, and founded the great Hindu Kingdom of Vijayanagara in 1336 AD.


Four dynasties rules Vijayanagara Kingdom , they are, Sangam dynasty, Salva dynasty, Tulu dynasty and Aravidu dynasty. But the most famous ruler of Vijayanagara is King Krishna Devaraya of Tulu dynasty, who ruled the kingdom from 1509 AD to 1529 AD. 


King Sadasivaraya, who ruled the kingdom from 1543 AD to 1571 AD recruited a large number of Muslims in his army. These Muslim soldier's cheated the King in his war with Bijapur and Golkonda, These Muslim soldier's helped the invading army to steal all the wealth of Vijayanagara Empire. They not only steal the wealth but also destroyed the temple as well as all other monuments of Hampi.


We request all Hindu's to visit Hampi, to personally see our forefather's created a Hindu Kingdom and how brutally our Islamic brother's destroyed it.  We attaching a photograph of 22 feet high statue of Lord Narasimha, which was destroyed by Islamic invader's in Hampi.


Hampi is situated in Hospet taluk of Bellary district in Karnataka. Hospet has a railway station also. All important trains coming from Hubli, Bangalore , Hyderabad , Tirupati halt at Hospet. Quality lodging is also available at Hampi as well as Hospet.


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