Thursday, December 18, 2008

Not to take anything without efforts

Once Ravishankar Maharaj was distributing coconuts to poor people in village during drought period. All small children were lined up to take it. When all children finished taking coconuts, one girl was standing near by seeing this distribution. At last Ravishankar maharaj told her to take one coconut to her also. She refused telling that my mother has told me not to bring anything in free, without making efforts or paying for that. I will not take it. When function was over, Maharaja went to see her mother at her home. She was poor girl of poor mother staying in small torn out hut. Mother talked same thing as her daughter told. She told we have learnt this as tradition. They have lost father when girl was at younger age. But even with limited resources, mother made well for people to give drinking water to villagers. This was his husband’s dream which she has fulfilled. Now they were passing normal life with limited things at home but not taking from any one free.

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