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16,000 Hindus present for HJS' historic Jalgaon Dharmasabha!

16,000 Hindus present for HJS' historic Jalgaon Dharmasabha!

December 15, 2008

Margashirsha Shuddha Trutiya

Grand show of strength by Hindus at Jalgaon! Show of Hindu unity frightful for Anti-hindus!! We congratulate the Jalgaon Hindus for their historical show of power of unity for the defence of Dharma!
Speakers of Dharma Sabha present on Stage
Speakers of Dharma Sabha present on Stage
Large numbers of Proud Hindus present for the Dharmasabha
Large numbers of Proud Hindus present for the Dharmasabha

Jalgao: More than 16000 Hindus who gathered here at Shivteertha for the Hindu dharmajagruti Sabha vowed unanimously to defend the Nation and Dharma and a history was created in the HJS's movement of Dharmajagruti Sabhas. Jihadi terrorism, rampant corruption, riots, the utter apathy of the ruling politicians towards the warring enemy country and as though that is not enough the mentality of restoring friendly relations with the enemy are all making this nation weak. At the same time the Congress politicians are purposely carrying on such activities which will demoralise the Nation loving Hindus and make their life miserable as Hindus.The Sabha was organised to save Nation and Dharma from such horrific condition by creating awareness in Hindus and uniting them. The residents of Jalgaon responded to this in an unprecedented fashion.
H.B.P. Yogeshwar Maharasj Upasani lighting the deep
H.B.P. Yogeshwar Maharasj Upasani lighting the deep

They took one step forward towards the forthcoming intellectual revolution as a part of war for etablishment of Dharma when they came together as only Hindus and cutting across the barriers of position, party, organisations , sects etc.The blowing of conch in the begining of Sabha had a hidden message for anti-hindus and the evil-doers to rethink about their blackdeeds. It was as if the Deities arrived at the place of Sabha to bless all those gathered for the defense of Dharma when there was increase in the Divine consciousness attracted by the Vedic chanting of Vedmurty Shri Nandu Shukla and his associates!Invocation to Sree Ganesh was followed by lighting of lamp on the dais at the hands of Rashtriya Kirtankar Haribhaktiparayan Sri Yogeshwar Upasanimaharaj. The diginitaries on the dais were then felicitated.

The dignitaries present on the Dais

The pride in Dharma in the attendees was kindled by the brilliant guidance of the dignitaries namely Rashtriya Kirtankar Haribhaktiparayan Sri Yogeshwar Upasanimaharaj, Haribhaktiparayan Dyaneshwar Maharaj Patil Jalkekar, BJP MLA and group leader in the legislative council Shri Eknath Khadse, Shiv Sena MLA Shri Gulabrao Patil, HJS spokesperson for the state of Maharashtra Shri Ramesh Shinde, Chief of Dharmashakti Sena Shri Vinay Panwalkar and Sanatan Sanstha's Shri Nandakumar Jadhav. The seed sowed in the Hindus has become a plant now! It was realised that the seed sowed in more than 8000 Hindus here at the same place last year through the medium of Dharmajagruti Sabha has turned into a plant now.The Hindus in Jalgao and surrounding areas were told the imporatnce of Dharmacharan through the medium of Dharmasatsangs. Besides various campaigns were carried out in connection with Nation and Dharma.The organisation of Hindus done through al these media frutioned in the form of such huge attendence today.

A large gathering of Hindus for Dharmasabha
A large gathering of Hindus for Dharmasabha
Proud Hindus watching the FACT Photo Exhibition
Proud Hindus watching the FACT Photo Exhibition

The following of Hindu Dharma is beneficial for the entire mankind! - Madhukarrao Choudhary, Past Speaker, Maharashtra Vidhansabha

I am grateful for the kind invitation given to me on 14th December. The philosophy of Hindu dharma is magnaminous, humanitirian and full of forbearence.The follwing of such philosophy is beneficial for the entire mankind. My best wishes for this Sabha!

The blessing received from Haribhaktiparayan Mangesh Maharaj, Chief of SriRam Mandir, Gramdev of Jalgao for Dharmajagruti Sabha

The Unity of Hindus and creating awareness about Dharma is the only remedy for the pathetic condition of Hindus!- Haribhaktiparayan Mangesh Maharaj

Heartfelt wishes for this Dharmajagriti Sabha manifesting through the effoerts of HJS and congratulations to the organisers!The HJS is doing the great and pious task of simaltaneously opposing the various attacks on Hindu Dharma in an constitutional way , imbibing the impotance of Dharmashikshan, Dharmacharan and Dharmabhiman and uniting the Hindus!The Unity and strengthening of Hindus and creating awareness about Dharma and teaching of Dharma is the only remedy for the pathetic condition of Hindus!Let us all who are proud of dharma and nation unite for the sake of our own nation, independence and good governence on this occasion of Dharmasabha! Jay Sri Ram! Vande Mataram!

Guidance by the speakers

Do not celebrate 31st December if you are a Hindu ! - Haribhaktiparyan Dnyneshwar Maharaj Jalkekar

O Hindus! you will be labelled as Hindus only when our women stop wearing bangles form the Muslim bangles seller, will not purchaswe fruits from the Muslim fruit vendor and will not sell our scraps to them.Henceforth do not observe 31st December as New year day but celebrate Gudhi Padwa as New year day according to our Dharmashastra.What is Pakistan? it is so dependent on our help. We have to flutter our tricolour in their Lahore. Stand firmly behind the HJS which teaches us how to awaken the Hinduttva.

The need of the hour is to root out the Jihadi terrorism from Hindustan!-Vinay Panwalkar

The threats from the terrorists are on the rise day by day. Without neglecting them it is essential to develop physical and mental capacity to counter them.The self defence classes conducted by |Dharmashakti |Sena offers such training.It is the need of the hour to root out these Jihadi terrorists from our land who are dreaming of finishing Hindu Dharma.

Sadhana is of unquestionable importance for the defence of Dharma and nation! - Nandakumar Jadhav

Swatantryaveer Sawarkar had asked for the blessing from Ashtabhuja Devi for strength to sacrifice and fight for the nation at a tender age of 14. Shivaji Maharaj as you all know started his campaign for Hindavi Swarajya by worship of Devi Bhawani. This indicates the unquestionable importance of Sadhana and ritualistic worship for the defence of Nation and Dharma.

Respected speakers participated in <i>Pasaydaan</i> (A poem for peace)
Respected speakers participated in Pasaydaan (A poem for peace)

...Then all pro hindu organisations would come togetherto stop the menace of terrorism- Gulabrao Patil, MLA,Deputy leader

The Congress MP who was stuck inside Hotel Taj when terrorists had attacked Mumbai told later to the correspondents ," I was under the impressio that that is the sound of crackers but i continued to enjoy myself even when I came to know that it was a terrorist attack." When such irresponsible Congress politicians are there then terrorists only will rule the country.Therefore now onwards only ProHindu organisations wil take the lead in defence against terrorism.O you who want Shiv Sena chief in exchange for the terrorists try to take at least one Shiv Sainik in your custody ,what to talk of exchanging our chief then? Hindus join the self defence training classes of Dharma Shakti Sena which is fully base on the rights given by our constitution.

Dissolve the congress in the coming elections who has changed the scene from ' The guest to be seen as God (Atithi devo Bhav)' to ' The terrorist tobe seen as God (Atireki devo bhav)'- Ramesh Shinde

Can this congress government declare the colour of the terrorism we faced few days back while it tried to defame Hindus under the stamp of Saffron terrorism? We Hindus do not have a culture of terrorism. More than 93000 Hindus were massacered in Kashmir with a slogan ,' go away you Hindu dogs'.And here we observe the leaders of BSP, SP visit the house of terrorist Abu Bashir as if it were a pilgrimage and declare a help of ten lakhs.It is all right if it is proved that he is not a terrorist but if the opposite is true then are these leaders rady to face the noose?Therefore dissolve the congress in the coming elections who has changed the scene from ' The guest to be seen as God ( Atithi devo Bhav)' to ' The terrorist to be seen as God( Atireki devo bhav)'

It is important to keep the lamp of Hindutva always kindled in our heart- Haribhaktiparayan Yogeshwar Upasani Maharaj

This is the first Sabha where I came across the blowing of conch and chanting of Ved Mantras.The foot of HJS is just like the foot of Angad which was firmly rooted in the Sabha of Ravan.No demon in the Sabha of Ravan had the strength to lift the fot of Angad.Similarly nobody will be able to oppose the steps of HJS.Who can save this Nation? Hindus have a long history of opposing the evil.Sri Krushna has elaborated everything about tackling the terrorism but how many of us are trying to become Pandavs? It is important to keep the lamp of Hindutva always kindled in our heart.

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