Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Extract of a letter to the Editor – in Janmabhoomi edition from Mumbai

Extract of a letter to the Editor – in Janmabhoomi edition from Mumbai.
Story is of Terror: Agony is of a Muslim

I am a Muslim born and brought up here, studied here, grew up here and living happily with my family. This is my heaven. Today, I am a 65 year old man.

Today, it is a matter of great shame that the terrorists who had created recent chaos are supported by Pakistan and traitors within our own country. Such an act of terror is not possible without the active support of traitors inside. Pakistan is unable to tolerate the progress made by India and that we live happily. We and the people of Pakistan or Bangladesh are all brothers of one family. Just like water cannot be separated by beating with a stick, our hearts also cannot be divided. In the same family, brothers and sisters do not attain same level of progress and all of us get our happiness and sorrows in our life as per the wish of Allah and as per our deeds. Such jealousy and envy, hatred and vengeance are not good.

Many people defame our Chief Minister Narendraji Modi, but lot of Muslims in our State love him. He is only against anti-nationals and not against any particular community. Post Godhra incidents are natural and haven't 350 Hindus died then? Haven't 60-70 Muslims died in the recent cowardly attacks? Modiji had the courage and was the first one to come to Mumbai and declare help. We will go to the extent of saying that Chief Minister of every State; whichever government they may belong to ( there have to be other parties in true democracy ); should be like Modiji and so also the Prime Minister. I have grown old but, if I get cooperation, I am self- motivated to sacrifice my life for my beloved country. I am ready to bombard the camps of traitors Dawood and Masood – for the sake of my country.

- Anees Mohammed


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