Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jambuvan Cave- Ranavav

This is cave where Jambuvan know worroier of Ramayana age was residing. He was born in satyuga and seen Treta yug and Dwaper waiting for Krishna Avatar. He found diamond of precious value which was given for playing to her daughter Jambuvati. Lord Krishna was in search for same diamond which was taken away from one king by lion and reached to Jambuvan after lion was killed by Jambuvan. Lord Krishna fought with Jambuvan and ultimately him cam e to know that Krishna is nothing but same Lord Ram. He bowed to Lord and given away diamond and her doughter to Krishna with marriage with him. This jambuvan cave is situated near Ranavav town in Porbander district in Gujarat state India. There is deep cave and small light source of sun. Inside there is Shiv ling made by sand when water falls from roof of cave. We can see nature carving too. Outside cave there is Lord Shiva temple and Samadhi of Guru Ramdasji who did Tapsya there

Information about Cave
Jambuvan, Jabuvati and Lord Krishna

Baniyan Tree in Ground

Barado Hill
Bharatmata Statue at Gound

Bhagvad Dhvaj
Sun Ligght source
sun light source in cave
Samadhi of Guru Ramdasji
Inside wall of Cave
Shiv Linga inside cave
Sun rise near cave

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