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An open letter to Baba Ramdevji

Date: Tue, 3 Nov 2009 08:49:38 -0500
Subject: An open letter to Baba Ramdevji
From: dinesh1234@gmail. .com

You are wrong, Swami Ram Dev Ji

My letter dated 20th October 2009, addressed to Swami Ram Dev Ji.

P. Deivamuthu, Editor, Hindu Voice (

To: Swami Ramdev Ji, Bharat Swabhiman Trust
Pathanjali Yogpeet, Maharishi Dayanand Nagar
Bahadrabagh, Haridwar 249402

Poojay Swami Ram Dev Ji, Saadar Pranaam.

I am the Editor and Publisher of Hindu Voice, a Monthly in English and Hindi, published since April 2002. I am your great admirer. I regularly listen to your and Rajiv Dixitji's inspiring lectures on nationalism in Aastha channel. When all the Sadhus and Sants are interested in promoting and protecting their personal fiefdom by only talking about spiritualism, you are the only Sadhu who is talking of nationalism. Although I am a RSS Nagarsanghchalak, I have many times criticised RSS for not taking up national issues, and have appreciated your efforts in my editorials. In fact, you are doing what RSS should have done about 50 years ago. Therefore you are the only hope for Bharat - which I have mentioned in my editorials too.

However, my hopes were shaken when I was reading your book - Jeevan Darshan - where I found some wrong and false statements made by you. And that is the purpose of my writing this letter.

In page no. 77 of your book, you have mentioned about Dharm Granth, where you have also included Bible and Quran, which was unwarranted. I am enclosing a sheet containing a few verses from Bible and Quran. Please judge for yourself whether such verses qualify them to be called Dharm Granth. My simple question to you is: Have you read Quran? If you have read Quran, you would not have mentioned it as a Dharm Granth. If you have not read it, then you have no right to comment on something which you are not aware of.

You say that Quran preaches peace, communal harmony and humanism. This is just false. There are 6236 ayats in Quran, out of which about 3900 preach hatred, intolerance and violence. About 900 verses directly talk about murder, killing, looting, beheading, raping, hell-fire, etc. of Kafirs. Taquiya means religious cheating. Quran allows cheating and telling lies for spreading Islam. You mention that Rooza is observed by Muslims to understand the hunger and thirst of the poor. This is wrong. Rooza is a training for war. During Mohammed's days, Muslims used to loot and plunder.. The war for looting used to take place during day time, when the warriors will not have time for eating and drinking. Therefore, eating and drinking was reserved for night. The warriors were trained to go without food and water during day time. Subsequently it has become a tradition to be observed for one month in a year. There is absolutely no spiritualism or science involved either in Rooza or in the entire Quran and Hadith. I would request you to kindly visit and, to know more about Islam. What ideology inspired just ten Islamic jihadis to attack Mumbai on 26th Nov. 2008? - when they know that they cannot succeed against the mighty Bharat and will be killed by our security forces. They just wanted to kill as many Kafirs as possible before reaching Jannat, as inspired by Quran. Don't you know that Islamic Jihadis are quoting from Quran after every successful bomb blast?
But it must be admitted that slowly and steadily, Islam is winning all over the world. In other words, the whole world, including Bharat, is surrendering before Islamic jihad. George Bush, Barack Obama, Tony Blair, Manmohan Singh, etc. are all praising Islam as a religion of peace, which is contrary to facts mentioned in Quran and Hadith. Now you have also joined this bandwagon. Please note that most of the problems in the world are due to Islam. Quran and Hadith have become a liability for Muslims, instead of being an asset. Unless Muslims are extricated from Quran and Hadith (or these terrorist manuals are eliminated) - an almost impossible task - there cannot be peace in the world. Having succeeded in the Middle East, it has spread to Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia and now to Kashmir. Islam is now targetting Europe and then America, by demographic war. Bharat is just peanuts for them. Even if the whole world becomes Darul Islam, Shias, Sunnis, Ahmedias, Ismails, Black Muslims, etc. will always be fighting between themselves, in the name of Jihad, and there will be no peace.
But it pains all nationalists when Sadhus like you start giving good character certificate to such a barbarous ideology. Politicians are doing it for vote. Why should you do it, Swami Ji? You have been saying that - you are not afraid of any one; you are not selfish; you are not interested in political power; your loyalty is only to Bharat Mata, etc. We do trust you. But in the case of Quran, why are you twisting facts? Whom are you afraid of? If you cannot tell the facts, for obvious reasons, you could have kept quiet. But you have made wrong and false statements, Swamiji. A cursory glance at Quran and Bible will reveal the type of venom they spew on Sanatan Dharm and the hatred they preach. It is these Religions (and not Sanatan Dharm) which preach hatred and violence. Unfortunately, Many Sadhus and Sants are singing "Mazahab nahi sikhaata aapas mey bair karna" (Religions do not teach to hate one another), equating Sanatan Hindu Dharm with these book-based religions. Please be different, Swamiji.

Magazine like Hindu Voice is doing its bit to expose these murderous ideologies in a limited way. But your talking of the exact opposite (which is false), will make our efforts maningless. We all have a duty to make Muslims good human beings. But with Quran and Hadith, this is impossible. That does not mean that we should submit to Islam, which is an Arab Nationalist Movement. It has demolished all native cultures, and will ban Yoga too. Kindly note that I am not against Islam or Muslims offering Namaaz to Allah. But Quran and Hadith are terrorist manuals and need to be banned, and your eulogising them is just unbecoming.

I would therefore request you to kindly remove these two paragraphs from your book, Jeevan Darshan, in page no. 77, as and when it is reprinted, so that wrong message does not go to our countrymen.

I will be publishing this letter in my magazine Hindu Voice November 2009 edition. As and when I receive your reply, I will publish that too, so that our readers know both the views. Therefore, I hope to receive your kind reply, as early as possible.

Meantime, Hindu Voice wishes you all Success in your efforts of bringing Nayi Azaadi and Nayi Vivastha in Bharat, which is badly needed. Otherwise, Bharat may once again become a slave nation. You are the only hope for Bharat. May Bhagwan give you long life and the wherewithals to achieve this goal, so that our beloved nation - Bharat - becomes a heaven on earth, as it once was, and the Vishwa Guru.

With Humble Pranaams, In the Service of Bharat Mata.

P. Deivamuthu,
Hindu Voice

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