Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Online signature campaign for Gou Mata has started - be one of us


Vande Gou Matharam...
A proposal to The Honourable President of India will be submitted in January, 2010
Our nation is a country of villages. Lives of villagers are mainly based on agriculture. Agriculture largely depends on the cow and bull. The bull is given a place of pride in our culture and national heritage. The holy 'Gou Matha' is a source of both food and economy. She is the centre of ayurveda, environment, Indian economics, culture and agriculture.
Neglect of villagers and cows has produced ill effects on earth, environment and health of living beings. Due to this, our culture, agriculture and economic conditions suffer. Due to the failure of crops, farmers are committing suicide. Our religions, culture as well as constitution do not support the killing of cows and other animals. In fact, the cow protection issues created the platform for the Indian freedom struggle. During that time, all freedom fighters assured that 'after getting freedom, there will be no more cows slaughter in the nation'. But even today, cow slaughter is going on unabated.
Therefore our request to The President is…
1. Declaration – cow as the National Animal.
2. Formulation of laws to preserve various breeds of Indian cows and to ban the cow slaughter.
3. Provision of separate ministry to handle the issues related to cow.
4. Promotion of Indigenous cow protection movements to save Jana, Jala, Janvar, Jungle, Jeeva.
We all request you to give us a chance to protect the respect of the National symbole, that is 'Gou Matha'.
Be one of us & make others also one of us.
Its Time that we all unite and strengthen our Nation, Our Villages and Protect our Cows.
Please send this on line petition link ( http://eng.gougram. org/signature- campaign- for-the-welfare- of-indian- cows/ ) as many people as possible simply send to all mail ID's in your mail Box. Let us Show our strength.



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