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One was a doctor, the man to trust, who wished to set fire to the airport at Glasgow and KILL everyone around. One was a teacher, a man trusted by society to educate children, who blew up the tube in London, KILLING scores of innocent commuters.


One was a policeman in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, who was a comrade of our soldiers, a man who was expected to look out for the enemy but he turned the gun on British troops relaxing, under his watch, in a safe compound.


One was a major, a senior officer holding field rank in the American army who was supposed to defend fellow citizens, but he shot dead 13 unarmed soldiers in Fort Hood, America.


"How could he turn on his comrades?", asks THE SUNDAY TELEGRAPH (Nov 7, 2009. p.9) while reporting the carnage at Fort Hood, the largest US military base in the world.


My answer: "Because he is a good Muslim. (I say "is" because he was wounded but not killed!).


I wish I could tell all the esteemed readers of THE SUNDAY TELEGRAPH, "I have been asking the SAME question about Messrs. Mohammed Ali Jinnah, Liaquat ali Khan and all the founding "fathers" of the ISLAMIC Republic of Pakistan- the free gift by Labour Government to separatist and savage ISLAM, "How could they all turn against their own COUNTRY of birth, COMRADES and FELLOW CITIZENS?"


Seeing them celebrated, honoured, adored and felicitated all over Pakistan I have concluded that they were all extremely good Muslims. The "Rest", that is, the millions upon millions of them, living and working peacefully everywhere, are linked to them by KORAN & MOHAMMED but act as "cover up, propaganda machines or simply, breeding & sustaining grounds."


When the Vanguard of "good" Muslims make a "kill", or occupy new lands, "The Rest" instantly become SCAVENGERS and come running like hyenas and jackals to join in the loot. 


I believe our rulers have committed two grave blunders in recent past throwing to wind the lessons learnt from World War 2. Yet no minister is held responsible for endangering the present and the FUTURE of this country.


One was the unrestricted IMMIGRATION under great cover up by concealing the GENDER and RELIGIOUS BELIEF of these people.


Citizens in our democracy were DENIED the right to know how many were Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Jews and MUSLIMS? There was too much obsession with White, Black, Yellow and Brown, the outward COLOURS but not the inner BELIEF, ASPIRATIONS, INDOCTRINATION, LOYALTY and MOTIVATION.


If it turns out that they were MOSTLY single, male and MUSLIM, should one not have recollected the bloody PARTITION of India that reduced that country by ONE THIRD territorially?


One cannot understand as to why the mutilation of (United) India in 1947 is never looked at closely in order to discover the eternal Muslim disposition and propensity.


Why is the "venomous MUSLIM "mosquito" with its lethal bite in India (1947) regarded "friendly and harmless" in this country? I think this is due to the fact that Partition of India was the brainchild of none else but the (then) Labour government in the United Kingdom.


Whose job was it to educate the people in this country on such an ISLAM? It was the job of the man who often shouted, "EDUCATION, EDUCATION, EDUCATION."


He reminds me of notorious Rajiv Gandhi, a Catholic in secular India, married to an Italian, and beneficiary of tens of millions of pounds secret commissions from shady Defence deals.


Muslims have some unique characteristics


First, they have fanatic and blind faith in their religion. The conditioning and brainwashing starts at very young age. One grows up believing in superiority and infallibility of Mohammed, disregarding all his crimes, sins and faults.


Second, because of excessive time devoted to the study of Koran they lose originality and become morons, that is, a backward & impoverished community within an advanced and affluent society. They get a warped schizophrenic outlook on the non Muslim host societies around them.


Muslims, as a body, need lot more State resources to improve their lot. While OTHER communities contribute to the common weal, the Muslims become a drain.


Third, due to lack of secular education Muslims are failures on job front. So they resort to obsession with sex. In seducing girls and reproducing children they see religious sanction. They become separatists. All of them living in non Muslim countries like the United Kingdom dream of turning it into an Islamic Republic.


We now have "home grown" terrorists or killers. One ought to know how many Muslims are needed in population per terrorist. For example, is there one per thousand? Then we can see that for a million there will be 1,000. No wonder the Home Office thinks there are 2,000 potential terrorists in this country since there are about two Million Muslims living among us now. May be, the government have worked out the figure on this basis.


We should name and shame the man or minister who shut his eyes and opened the gates, keeping the nation IGNORANT?


We ought to draw some PROJECTIONS into the future. What will this country be like in 20 years when the present 10 year olds become 30 year olds? What will be the situation after 100 years when we will be gone but our grandchildren will have to face the dire situation?


These figures are not to raise alarm but in the interest of survival of our materially and intellectually developed society, its churches, synagogues, temples and gurdwaras- and its tolerant way of life.


The writer once lived in West Punjab that was ethnically cleansed in 1947.


It was Labour government in power at that time. Mr Clement Attlee ought to have realised that those he was helping to break up India violently, will one day DO THE SAME to his own England. A minister or politician WITHOUT FORESIGHT is (literally) like a donkey.


Our Tony Blair did not have even HINDSIGHT while opening the gates to unrestricted immigration! (Please see "Our immigration mistakes, by minister," in The Daily Telegraph, London, November 3, 2009, page 10).


The Indian MISTAKE was committed by Labour Government in London six decades ago. Pakistanis are here to say "Thank you," with suicide jackets, bullets and bombs.


There are TWO kinds of "mistakes". One is the type where the doer realizes it and removes it. The other, where the "mistake" gets worse and more dangerous by the hour with lethal consequences for all in the end, like civil war..


Can't we see how the ethnic landscape in Britain itself has changed in this short time? Now the "alien and indigestible" ideological MONSTER is growing up right here and we call it "home grown".




Hitler did know what happened to Napoleon's army that marched into Russia. But he went ahead.


Britain ought to have known the fate of TWO British expeditionary forces that went into Afghanistan (19th century) and lost all the men and arms.  But Tony Blair went ahead.


He put our boys in lethal quagmire. Instead of victory we are beginning to talk of "pulling out" strategy. To many, the spectre of failure is looming large.


Mohammed Karzai, the President, is one of the Afghans. He will be staying back after the Allies troops are gone. His family, relatives and friends will all be there. He lives in a society where loyalty rests with the TRIBE, not LAW, as is the case in the West. Tribal loyalties make people think in family and friendship terms. So how can he go tough on his own "family" members many of whom are linked to militancy?


Western leaders do not understand this bond but expect him to lock up every crook and criminal. He will go through the motions to enforce rule of law but not actually and impartially do it. We will remain stuck in quagmire, shielding him from his assassins.


Afghanistan is totally a man's world with women severely suppressed, kept indoors and not allowed to show face in the open. Her economy is poppy and drugs. There is no tradition of education and learning except reading the Koran umpteen times. There is no industry, no decent farming, no manufacture, and there are no factories. Girls' schools are blown up before even the roof is completed.


Afghanistan is a hilly and landlocked country with little means of communication within and without. Her people have a history of infighting, violence and invasions, mostly of India to live on loot and plunder.


The Mogul dynasty originated in Afghanistan. They ruled and plundered India for many centuries.


More recently the Afghans fought tenaciously against the Infidels from the Soviet Union and defeated them. Now they have forced the NATO troops into stalemate.


Unlike the gentle followers of Mahatma Gandhi, the predatory Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan are fiercely independent and very suspicious of the foreigners. It will not be easy to defeat them.

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Normally persons wearing uniform invite our respect and trust. But this is not the case with Muslims as shown by recent killings of the British and American troops. The man in POLICE uniform, supposed to be an ally killed five British soldiers and wounded many more in Afghanistan. The man in MILITARY uniform, supposed to be a defender of country, shot dead 12 and wounded 31 at Fort Hood in America.


A Muslim soldier resents being sent to a Muslim country where he may have to fight a Muslim. But he is "over the moon" if asked to go to a non Muslim country since he can kill the Infidels. The Turkish troops went promptly to South Korea in 1953 but refused when asked to go to Iraq or Afghanistan where they may have to fire on Muslims. A Muslim's FIRST loyalty is to KORAN and fellow Muslims, NOT to the Queen or President of a non Muslim country.


Truly one cannot trust a Muslim doctor to save one's life nor a Muslim soldier to save one's country. This government in this country is "by the people" but not FOR the people.


To deny freedom of expression is like tying a man's hands behind his back and then throwing him in deep water. What good is "political correctness" that keeps everyone IGNORANT of the fact that when Muslim numbers increase we either have civil war or partition?


Political correctness in India produced "Mahatma" Gandhi. He was our top leader who went out to negotiate Independence but returned with history's worst ever unconditional surrender, the establishment of ISLAMIC Pakistan where his Hindu followers were wiped out within weeks. Therefore, when I hear this phrase "political correct" in the context of MUSLIMS, I see the Islamic flag flying over Buckingham Palace.


To the Muslims it may be the best prospect but for me it brings memories of DEATH of Democracy & Secularism and, ironically, of Multi-culture, too.




Schizophrenia is a serious mental illness which sometimes makes a person hear "voices" or imagine that the world is planning to kill him. Sometimes the others are seen as animlas or a "game" in forest. He walks out of the realm of logic and enters the realm of madness.


Anyone suffering from this illness has split personality. It happens when the ever widening & deepening gulf between Belief and Reality becomes unbridgeable or crosses the limits of sanity. Wishful thinking crosses the limit and explodes, accompanied by total loss of self control.


ALL Muslims suffer from Split Personality. It means that when a Believer sees pork on sale in a butcher's shop he feels like killing the butcher, and when he sees a virgin he feels like abducting her and carrying her home.


The same urge overpowers the Taliban each and every time when they deliver lashes to helpless females who commit the sin of baring their faces in public.


Although the world has been psychiatrist's laboratory since the first beheading of an infidel by Mohamed himself no one has studied the psyche of a Muslm seriously in order to find out its nature, cause and eruptions.


The bombers of twin towers in New York were in a hightened state of excitement due to schizophrenia when they took control of the planes. A mere second before the impact they shouted "Allah hu Akbar," a sign of madness.


Mr Khan, the London bomber showed his moment of madness when he shouted "Allah Hu Akbar," and exploded his suicide vest, taking scores of innocent people with him to the next world.


The rogue policeman in Afghanistan was quite normal during training with his British colleagues till madness overpowered him and he started firing at them.


At Fort Hood schizophrenia overpowered the army major. His eyes turned blood red in rage. Seeing too many "deer and rabbits" in the forest, he started shooting. He shouted "Allah hu Akbar"!


In Islamic Bangladesh with her vulnerable Hindu minority, gangs of Muslim men are seen pouring out of mosques after Friday prayers. Shutters are downed and doors closed firmly when the inhabitants hear "ALLAH HU AKBAR". They know at once that the Muslim men have gone mad.


One is afraid that with increase in their numbers one will hear "Allah hu Akbar" more often in the streets of Britain. So please take precautions if you do not wish to flee these fair Isles, or see it fragmented like my India.


I understand the hidden meaning of "Allah hu Akbar". Accordingly, I know that when a schizophrenic Muslim looks at me he regards me his potential victim. I, on the other hand, regard him as the future time bomb.


It may sound illegal, provocative or incorrect but I know what I am saying. Just look at the word "KAFIR" in his Book. To him I am a "Kafir" (Infidel). To me he is a "Believer", that is, a believer in eventually imposing Sharia Law upon the whole world after walking over my dead body.


Before I consider a Muslim a trustworthy and sane guy, the obscene and provocative Flag of Mohammed must be removed from the town of my birth in West Punjab. They can stick it up anywhere in the sands of Saudi Arabia. In this country every mosque and Muslim home is ISLAMIC territory and the people ought to know.


Once a country goes under the crude, crushing and suffocating "yoke" of ISLAM, it is ruined within weeks.


When Islam captured West Punjab, North Kashmir and East Bengal (courtesy Clement Attlee), millions of Hindus & Sikhs FLED their homes and became refugees. The lands they left behind became parched wilderness within weeks.


Did anyone want to go back? NO. So how is it that all the Palestinians, forced out of their homes in 1948, still want to go back to their old homes? The reason is that Israel is not a starving totalitarian ISLAMIC Hell but a Jewish democracy whose prosperity is dazzling the Palestinians' eyes.


Had ISRAEL been an ISLAMIC Republic like Pakistan, Afghanistan or Iran, all the Palestinian refugees would have been heading westwards, desperate to enter Britain, France, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Spain, the USA and Canada.


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" Bharat  Mata  Ki  Jay "


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