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Dhule riots: 1 Hindu burnt alive, 4 Hindu women gang raped!

October 8, 2008

Ashwin Shudha Navami

Police ask unarmed citizens to fight against armed Muslims!

Police who could not bring riots under control even after 2 days, were going round in Hindu dominated areas in the morning and advising them to sit at home, later in the afternoon, they advised them to gather in the chowks so that they would be able to give a fight as Muslims were likely to attack again. (Police shirking from their responsibility and leaving Hindus to die – Editor)

Dear Hindus, In the rule of Congress Hindus, Hindu Saints and Hindu leaders are attacked. Hindus sentiments are hurt on the issues like Amarnath Pilgrim, Ram Setu etc. For these we should start praying and chanting for 10 minutes not only for the defeat of Congress in the coming election but also to destroy anti-Hindu and anti-nation Congress, Communist, anti-Hindus and pseudo Hindus.


Dhule riots: 1 Hindu burnt alive, 4 Hindu women gang raped!

October 8, 2008

Ashwin Shuddha Navami

Dhule: Peace is yet to be established in Dhule even after 48 hours. Most of the Hindus are still under terror and staying awake in the night to protect themselves from attacks by fanatic Muslims. In ‘Veet-bhatti’ area, ‘jihadi’ Muslims burnt alive a Hindu leading to increasing tension in the area. (Hindus! You have to see members of your brethren burnt alive by jihadi Muslims only because of impotent Government. How long are you going to tolerate such oppression? Muslim cruelty did not spare even policemen in Bhiwandi. Therefore, time has now come to repeat valiant history of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and squash such jihadi attacks – editor).

Muslims were pelting stones at Hindus by climbing on the mosque in Gawalipada. Police had to fire rounds in air to bring them down. Police have confiscated one Indica car, full of weapons/ ammunition, from Malegaon Road whereas they have captured a truck carrying swords on Sakhali Road. (There is no need to explain the ownership of the vehicles. Police should find out the source of this supply and take stringent action against the concerned – Editor). Rumours are spread in city and people are scared. Administration has appealed to ignore such rumours.

Work related to taking stock of loss incurred in the riots has been started by the Administration. (It won’t be a surprise if Administartion favours Muslims as usual – Editor). In Ner village, although there are only 11 houses of Muslims, curfew has been imposed for their protection. Shri. Kadambande, NCP MLA, accompanying Shri. R R Patil, the Home Minister in his flying visit, did not later visited riot affected areas even once. (Hindus should not elect such MLAs in the next election, who do not have time to even visit affected areas. Getting help in difficult times from such elected representatives is impossible – Editor).

4 Hindu women raped by fanatic Muslims!

3 young women from Gajanan Society and another woman were raped by fanatic Muslims. (Before independence, Mughal invaders had oppressed Hindu women in similar way. Now after independence, history is repeated in the regime of Congress. It is the outcome of pro-Muslim policies of the Government. Hindus must realise that such Government will never protect them and should get together to defend themselves – Editor). In Shantinagar area, Hindus have started collective ‘aarati’ on the occasion of Navaratri.

Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat

Dhule Riots continue from last 2 days

October 7, 2008

Ashwin Shudha Ashtami

Helpless police Police could not control riots for 2 days;

Indicates sorry state of law and order situation in the State!

Such fires were set up at many places in Dhule
Such fires were set up at many places in Dhule
Police fire tear-gas
Police fire tear-gas
Road after stone throwing incidents
Road after stone throwing incidents

Dhule (Maharashtra): Riots, started by Muslims on 5th October in Dhule, first with pelting of stones at the banner put up by Hindu Rakshak Samiti, were pre-planned and were still going on even on the following day. Curfew has been imposed in the city and additional police force has been called for; however, due to lack of planning and management, police have failed to control the riots even on the second day. The situation was ok during the night; but riots spread to neighbouring small villages like Nagaon, Vani, Amboli etc. Muslims also attacked houses of Hindus in Ambikanagar in the city.

Despite curfew, Muslims set on fire ‘Bhadak Chawl’ and ‘Pinjari Chawl’ occupied by Hindus. The Muslims spreading riots were behaving like terrorists and they were dressed in attire, worn by them in madarassas. Police reached the scene after 5 hours. Muslims attacked Hindu colony in Gajanan Nagar with stones brought by them in handcarts. They carried out explosions with gas cylinders in about 50 Hindu houses and set the houses on fire. The above information was given by Shri. Kailash Mistry from Navanath Nagar. As the news about Muslim attacks spread, Hindus from Santoshimata Colony went back home and locked their doors. (This means that Hindus do not feel safe. Has the Government deserted Hindus? – Editor). During the riots, enraged Hindus demolished one durgah and overnight, constructed a temple of Lord Shiva.


Shri. Sunil Mahale, NCP Corporator: Muslims have never attacked Hindus with such malice. This was a pre-planned attack.

Shri. Sunil Mistry, Gajanan Nagar: Our colony was destroyed by Muslims. Police came at 6.00 in the evening. Even the Police Superintendent was scared to visit our area. Santosh Ghiradkar, one of the residents of the colony was caught in the house. He had closed the door. Muslims came and tried to open the door but they could not open it; so they moved on. They were talking about killing every Hindu sighted by them. They were carrying sharp swords. Santosh said that only with God’s grace, he survived. No help was coming fom anyone till dawn.

Shri. Prakash Patil, a riot-stricken citizen: Muslims carried two two-wheelers owned by my uncle to his house and set them on fire. Due to the explosion, the house was caught with fire. Muslims who were friendly with us and we used to invite them in celebration of our festivals, betrayed us. (Now at least Hindus will realise that Muslims are not their friends. They can’t live happily with any Muslim. This has again proved. So now at least Hindus should prepare to retaliate any attack from their enemies.)

Miss Vaishali Shegaokar, a riot-affected citizen: Muslims forcefully entered our house and broke our TV set. They were trying to pull us out of our house but we, somehow, managed to lock us up in the house and were in such state for 5 hours.

Shri. Vishal Kanjarekar, Egg-shaped Garden, Devpur: Muslims were demonic and very cruel. They were attacking Hindus with full force. We stayed awake the whole night. There were attempts to attack our colony but we were united and saved as police reached on time.

Memorandum to CM and District Collector

‘Hindu Janajagruti Samiti’ and ‘Shraddhavardhan and Dharma-raksha Samiti’ have sent a memorandum to the State Chief Minister (CM) and District Collector. It has been mentioned in the memorandum that “Hindu Rakshak Samiti (HRS) had planned to hold a meeting in a democratic manner; but Muslims started riots by tearing the banners put up by HRS and raising slogans hailing Islam. We strongly condemn all these incidents and demand compensation from the Government. Also, stringent action may be taken against Sabir Shaikh Bhangarwala and other offenders. At Achalpur, Chopda and Raver, Muslims attack with full preparation and cause damage to Hindu people and property. Why does the Government sit tight and do nothing? When Muslims are preparing to start riots, what does the Administration and Police do? They should have control over such preparations. The Government should have a separate machinery to tackle the problem and protect Hindus. The Government should train Hindu Organization in self-defence and take help of such trained youth during riots to bring situation under control.”

Home Minister's Visit : rubbing salt on wounds of Hindus

Shri. R R Patil, Home Minister paid a flying visit to the city that resulted in soring the wounds of Hindus as he completed a formality of paying a visit to the affcted areas without even getting down from his car. He stopped in a Hindu dominated area for a very short while and immediately rushed to Muslim colonies. (Riots were started by Muslims and Hindus had to bear the brunt; even then the Home Minister could not waste an opportunity to woo Muslims. Hindus need not expect that such Home Minister would protect them – Editor). Shri. Rohidas Patil, Congress MLA and Shri. Rajvardhan Kadambande, NCP MLA paid a visit during the riots.

Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat

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