Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Steps to be Successful Like Bill Gates

In the history of mankind every scientist was ridiculed before he made a new invention to change the face of future. Time and again man has proved that nothing is impossible. But according to the trend of the society people laugh at every big dream in the beginning only to see in amazement the miracle happening in near future. To become great or immensely successfully a person has to face heavy odds and challenges. Bill Gates is called the most success businessman of modern world. Many persons want to become like him. It may not be possible but at least you can try. By developing the same traits that this great tycoon has you can write a new success story.

You can learn many things if you observe the personality of Bill Gates. To become like him in business it is essential to know about him thoroughly. Read his biographies, read other articles written on him. See what his friends or relatives have said about him. You will come to know about many things which helped him to become such a prominent figure in the history of mankind.

Spare a week to study different persons around you. See successful shopkeepers, businessmen, doctors, politicians etc. You will see one thing very remarkable about them. You will find them totally involved in their work. They have a deep passion for what they do. Bill Gates’ passion was to do something new and unique in the field of software development. His passion was like that saint who forgets the family, the society and the world in his pursuit to make a link with God. That is the big secret of his success. Find out what is your passion. What thrills you most? That deep passion will generate money for you.

As soon you discover your passion start working like a devil. It means surround yourself from head to toe in the aura of your passion and work harder and harder to achieve your goals. When Bill Gates was admitted to The Lakeside private school it had just bought a new computer which hooked Bill Gates. His craze for computer was so great that within a week he surpassed the knowledge of his computer teacher.

In the most wonderful Chinese book on military warfare The Art of War the writer Sun Tzu says that the army general who has the most knowledge mostly wins. Knowledge is power. You must have in-depth knowledge about the work you are doing or which is related to your passion.

In modern world we have to face deadly competition almost in every field. If you are not aware and well-prepared, it may ruthlessly trample you down and suck your whole energy. Bill Gates is reported to watch competition around him with an eye of an eagle. He is as tough as the Himalayas. Nobody has been able to challenge him. But before he starts his war with the competitors he always extends a hand of friendship. He offers a price and asks his competitor to be a part of Microsoft - making the company bigger and bigger.

In the jungle of modern business charity may be there but the word 'mercy' doesn't exist. Deadly wars of survival are to be fought daily. And you have to be a brave and fearless warrior. The weak-hearted or the timid can't earn much money. Everybody knows the bravery and fearlessness of Bill Gates. He can never be cowed down to a fearful retreat.

It was time when Apple was riding high with its Mac operating system. Bill Gates was still trying to carve his niche. He contacted Apple for license to sell their system. Apple refused bluntly. From that very moment he took a challenge to invent his own operating system. With his dedicated team he plunged into dedicated work. The result was Windows that revolutionized the IT industry.

According to George Washington “Discipline is the soul of an army. It makes small numbers formidable, procures success to the weak, and esteem to all.” Bill Gates seems to be always following it. A business leader needs to act in tough discipline with proper planning. Wars are to be won at any cost. You have to lead your talented team like an army chief. There can not be any respite for anybody till a business war is won.

You will see Bill Gates calm and cool like a great saint. Nobody has seen him lose his patience. He is surrounded by enemies and lawsuits. All sort of brickbats are thrown on him from all sides. There are more than two dozen lawsuits on him. But he never uttered an angry word against any one. He knows it is the price of success which the winner has to. It is better to pay it happily.

Every success story is written by the team a leader has. One person can't achieve much. Like all the fingers of a hand effort of a dedicated team is mind-boggling. Bill Gates is known to get the best talent in the world for Microsoft. And he goes to any length for it.

Emotional energy plays a great role behind the success of a person. The common saying that there is a woman behind the success of a great man is not always true. If two people are in love they have to devote a lot of attention and spend a lot of energy to keep each other happy. And the business or your career goal is the sufferer. Bill Gates was lucky that he didn't fall in love at an early age, and his business got his complete concentration. He fell in love only when he was highly successful, and luckily the girl Melinda (working in his own office) too proved dedicated like him.

Greed is the root of all evils. It is good to love money but it should be generated by dedicated work not by greed. And always spend a share of money for the welfare of mankind. Gates is spending millions of dollars every on charity.

Although Bill Gates became a billionaire at the age of 31, he never thought to spend his money in luxury. Whatever he earned he reinvested in developing business. Like other billionaires he has no craze for luxury yachts, half a dozen aircrafts or helicopters, palatial homes in different countries, romancing with the most expensive women. That is one of the reasons why it is difficult to beat Bill Gates.“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.” Albert Einstein

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