Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dr M. M. Alex

Pointing to the fact that Dr M. M. Alex is the state president of Samskrita Bharati, Shri. Bhagawan Singh, Consulting Editor, Deccan Chronicle, said Samskritam has become the language of all and no more the language of a certain community. The occasion was the joint valedictory function on Sunday, of the over 60 Spoken Samskrit Shibirams (10-day classes) conducted simultaneously in Chennai city during the previous fortnight. Bhagawan Singh wanted each one teach Samskrit to 5 persons. He was the chief guest on the occasion. Over 50,000 people from all walks of life in Tamilnadu (Bharat) have learnt Samskrit over the last decade and many of them can even converse fluently in the language, said Shri. M. M. Alex speaking on the occasion. He said there had been several instances of young software professionals reporting elevated alertness and mental peace after learning Samskrit We have over 500 Shikshaks in Tamilnadu and 5,000 across Bharat, he said. Shri. K.N.Padmakumar, all India coordinator of volunteers in Samskrta Bharati, in his keynote address, said that Samskritam contributes to the blossoming of all languages like the sun causing lotus to bloom. Presiding over the function, former high court judge K Sampath said Samskrit was a "computer-friendly, science-friendly" language. (Shravana poonima every year is celebrated as `Samskrit Day´. This year it fell on August 17-18 and the valedictory coincided with the Samskrit Day. Children from Vivekananda Vidyalayas in Chennai enacted a grand Samskrit dance drama portraying the Dasavataram of Vishnu at the start of the function).

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