Friday, June 6, 2008

Rejection Memo

Girl working in RPU/CPU of Bank gets proposal for marriage, and rejects the boy as under:

Rejection Memo -

1. Photograph not clear..

2. Father name mismatch

3. Name on address proof does not match with communication address

4. Supporting documents does not bear "verified with original"

Boy completes the formalities and applies again. Girl sends proposal back...

1. Proposal does not bear KYC Cheque (Shagun)

2. Min Cheque of Rs 5200 required

3. Bank statement of last 3 months required

Boy does not get discouraged. He sends proposal back again. He also mentions that he has a house in his name that he bought on power of attorney recently . Another rejection follows:

1. Alteration in horoscope, requires authentication.

2. Whitener not allowed in document.

3. Power of Attorney holders cannot commence a relationship

Boy thinks ki aise baat nahin banegi. He sends back proposal with corrections with his aunt who is a common friend of both families. Girl rejects the proposal again:

1. Proposal came through aunt; additional document required to prove

2. Applicants date of birth required/incorrect.

3. Introducer's bank account details also required

Boy goes mad with anguish and writes a woeful letter to the girl stating the story of his heart in beautiful verses in urdu, punjabi and hindi. Tears roll down his cheeks onto the paper summarising his distress. Girl receives letter, reads meticulously, and writes back a rejection memo to the boy:

1. Signature on love letter do not match with specimen

2. Parents/Guardians mandatory details not given

3. Documents received in vernacular language not
authorized/certific ation not as per KYC ID proof submitted.

4. Paper soggy, document not clear

The Boy Faints!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!

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