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Maoists killed 12000 civilians , 3000 cops in 3 decades

Maoists killed 12,000 civilians, 3000 cops in 3 decades

By Niticentral Staff on October 22, 2013

12,000 civilians, 3000 policemen killed by Maoists in 3 decadesAccording to the Home Ministry statistics, around 12,000 civilians and 3,000 security personnel were killed by Maoists in the last three decades.

The Ministry report further said that 4,638 Maoists were killed by security forces during the period.

Altogether 11,742 civilians and 2,947 security personnel were killed by the Maoists in different parts of the country since 1980.

The highest number of civilian casualty was reported in 2010 when the Maoists killed 720 people — mostly in nine Maoists-affected States–Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Odisha, Bihar, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

The highest number of casualty among security forces was reported in 2009 when the Maoists killed 317 policemen. The highest — 296 — Maoists were eliminated in 1998.

In 1980, Maoists killed 84 civilians while 17 of the rebels were also killed that year. There was no loss of life among security personnel in 1980.

In 2012, Maoists killed 300 civilians and 114 security personnel. A total of 52 Naxals were killed in encounters with security forces.

In 2013, till September 30, a total of 198 civilians and 88 security personnel were killed by Maoists while 52 members of the ultra Left group were eliminated by security forces.

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