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a planned conspiracy for islamization of northeast (II)
Dr. Krishna Gopal

"The unabated influx of migrants from Bangladesh to Assam and the consequent perceptible change in the demographic pattern of the state has been a matter of grave concern. It threatens to reduce the Assamese people to a minority in their own state."
III. Immemorable Assam agitation (1979-84) on foreigner's issue :
·         Shri Hiralal Patwari, M.P. from Mangaldoi Parlaimentary Constituency died and by- election was declared on 27.04.1979.
·         Electoral Rolls of the previous elections (1977) were revised and the people came to know an increase of 75,000 new voters,   majority of them were foreigners.
·         47,658 objections were filed and 36,780 objections sustained.
·         On 23rd August, 1979, the Lok Sabha was dissolved.
·         AASU (All Assam Students Union) came forward to launch an Statewide agitation  against the enrolment of foreigners votes in the   ERs (Electoral Rolls).
·         AASU succeeded in mobilizing the people of the entire Assam to stand behind them for solving the vexed problem of influx of   foreigners from Bangladesh.
·         AAGSP (All Assam Gana Sangram Parishad) was formed as a forum of so many  organizations to strengthen the movement.
·         During the second phase 5,83,000 objections were filed against suspected Bangladeshi nationals.
·         The massive movement went on for six years.
·         Elections for the Parliament could not be held in Assam in 1980.
·         More than 850 deaths resulting from police firings.
·         In 1983, the State Assembly Elections were declared.
·         Electoral Rolls were not revised. More than 15 lakhs names of the foreigners were to be deleted from the Electoral Rolls.
·         The State Government employees refused to do any election duties. Even the local  printing press refused to print the ERs.
·         8,800 Government officers and employees had to be air lifted from Delhi to man the polling stations.
·         Except Congress and Left all the other political parties boycotted the elections.
·         Congress and Left parties over-joyed with finding a vacant battle field.
·         In spite of the public boycott, the elections were held and the polling was 10-15%.
·         However, Congress (I) came into power and Hiteshwar Saikia became the Chief Minister.
IV. The draconian IM(DT) Act 1983, came in existances :
·         The most fraudulent act was performed during the tenure of this ministry was the  passage of IMDT- Act, 1983.
·         The main architect of this antinational Act was Abdul Muhim Mazumdar, a member of  the aforesaid Saikia Cabinet.
·         Our Constitution is very clear on this particular point of foreign nationals issue :
  In 1978, the then Cabinet Minister,  for the deletion of foreigners name from the Electoral Rolls. Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee said in   Parliament:
"Section 22 of the Representation of the People's Act of 1950 (is very clear) for getting the names of such persons (foreigners) deleted from the electoral rolls on the ground that they are not Indian citizens."
(Speech of Atal Behari Vajpayee in Lok Sabha, November 2, 1978)
·         Loss of faith to our democratic & constitutional institutions : "However, in Assam, the Congress (I) came in power, in 1983, with the help of 'foreigners vote bank' the faith of the general people to our constitutional & democratic norms was questionable." 
·         Illegal Migrants- Determination by Tribunals Act, IM(DT) Act 1983 was applicable to the post 25th March, 1971 stream of   foreigners for the purpose of detection and deportation. 
·         This IM (DT) Act was applicable only in Assam, while the Foreigners Act 1946, applies  to the rest of the country. 
·         Main flaw of the IM (DT) Act - Under the IM (DT) Act, the onus of proving the citizenship of an accused 'illegal alien' was laid   down on the accuser. 
·         Where as in the Foreigners Act 1946, the onus lies with the accused. 
·         The following table will illustrate how difficult it was to detect these infiltrators under this IM (DT) Act, 
V. Foreigners Act, 1946 : All over India except Assam, the Foreigners Act, 1946 is applicable. Under this Act, the suspect has to   prove that he/she is an Indian National where-as the onus of proof under IM (DT) Act-  is on the prosecution/complainant.
VI. What was the achievement of IM (DT) Act ?
"1. Total enquiries (against suspected illegal migrants) -                     3,02,554
2. Enquiries referred to the Screening Committee        -                                     2,96,564
3. Enquires reports referred to the IM (DT) Tribunals -                             31,264
4. Persons declared as illegal migrants by the IM (DT) Tribunals  -            9,625
5. Number of illegal migrants expelled -                                                       1,461
                 Central Government invested more than Rs. 3,00 crores for these Tribunals. The cost of expulsion was as high as Rs. 20 lac per head. In 2003, the D.G.P. Prakash Singh said at Guwahati, "what a joke it was, the persons thus expelled from Indian territory, again managed to enter in India."
                                                                                                            (The Silent Invasion, page- 153)
VII. Supreme Court turned down the IM (DT) Act- 1983 :
On, 12th July, 2005, Supreme Court of India, in its long awaited decision rejected the black Act and said in its verdict– 'This Act is unconstitutional. It is discriminatory on the face of it.'
This illegal invasion has changed the demography of Assam—
"The unabated influx of migrants from Bangladesh to Assam and the consequent perceptible change in the demographic pattern of the state has been a matter of grave concern. It threatens to reduce the Assamese people to a minority in their own state."
S.C. referred the Article- 355 of the Indian Constitution in which the Union of India is responsible to protect the states against external aggression and internal disturbances. S.C. in its verdict said :
This infiltration is an aggression. " Article 355- the duty of the Union to protect state against external aggression and the internal disturbance- it shall be the duty of the Union to protect every state against external aggression and internal disturbance and to ensure that the Government of every state is carried on in accordance with the provision of this Constitution."
(Supreme Court, 12 July, 2005)
S.C. further said : "The IM (DT) Act is not only ineffective in dealing with the illegal immigrants, it actually gives them protection and proceedings initiated against them almost entirely end in their favour and so enable them to have a document having official sanctity to the effect that they are not illegal immigrants."
S.C. seriously commented  : "A deep analysis of the IM (DT) Act and rules made there under would reveal that they have been purposely so enacted and made so as to give shelter or protection to illegal migrants who came to Assam from Bangladesh on or after 25th March 1971 rather than to identify and deport them."
Complete failure of Central Government : S.C. clarified how the Central Govt. failed completely in its objectives :
"This IM (DT) Act has created the biggest hurdle and is the main impediment or barrier in the identification and deportation of illegal migrants."
VIII. The percentage growth of population between 1991 and 2001 in the different districts of Assam :
                 District                     Muslims          Non-Muslims             Total
                 Dhubri                              29.5                        7.1                     22.9
                 Darrang                            28.9                        9.6                     15.8
                 Barpeta                             25.8                      10.0                     18.9
                 Naogaon                          32.1                      11.3                     22.2
                 Hailakandi                       27.2                      13.3                     20.9
                 Goalpara                          31.7                      14.4                     23.0
                 Karimganj                        29.4                      14.5                     21.9
                 Cachar                             24.6                      16.0                     18.9
                 Marigaon                          27.2                      16.3                     21.2
(Will the iron fence save a tree hollowed by termites?, page- 194)
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