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Narain Kataria in New York

In its issue of July, 2012, India Perspectives, a Government of India publication has portrayed Amir Khusrau (1253-1325), a Sufi poet, favorite of Delhi Sultans, with a good paint and thereby mischievously tried to spread untruth, falsify Indian History and glorify Islam.

The writer of this article seems to be inoculated against logic and truth.

The fact of the matter is that Amir Khusrau like other Sufis was working in tandem with Jihadist rulers of the time. There was a tacit understanding between fanatic Sultans and the so called Sufi saints to convert Hindus to Islam and Islamize Hindu India into Dar-al-Islam (Islamic nation). Both of them were hand in gloves. Both were playing the role of the good cop and the bad cop to hoodwink victims of Jihad (Hindus and Sikhs) in India.

While the Sultans were using rape, murder, loot and destruction of Hindu temples as a weapon to terrorize Hindus, the Sufis were playing the perfidious role of saviors of persecuted Hindus. They were preaching Islam under the garb of Vedantic philosophy. This strategy is part of Al Taqiyya, an Islamic doctrine which mandates Muslims to use treachery and deception in furtherance of Islam. They were using sophistry and subterfuge to convert naïve and gullible Hindus to Islam while hiding their diabolical design to establish Nizam-e-Mustafa (Rule of Allah).

Amir Khusrau was an ardent Muslim having absolute faith in the Prophet, Quran and Shariah. He adhered strictly to the basic tenets and frame work of Islam, which, of course, held proselytization a very "meritorious" and "pious" work.

Amir Khusrau had vehement aversion and abhorrence against Hindus. Whenever a Hindu was crushed to bits under the feet of the elephants of Islamic army, he felt great satisfaction.

Khusrau writes that under Jalaluddin Khilji (1290-96), "whenever a living Hindu fell into the hands of the victorious king he was pounded to bits under the feet of the elephants…" [Ref: KS Lal; Legacy of Muslim Rule in India, p-120]

Amir Khusrau was a fanatic Islamist. He was so contemptuous of Hindus that he described murderers of Hindus as holy warriors:

"The whole country by means of swords of our holy warriors has become like a forest denuded of its thorns by fire. With the stroke of our swords Hindu infidels have been vaporized. The strong men of the Hindus have been trodden under feet. Islam is triumphant, idolatry subdued." Tarikh-i-Alai: (Eliot & Dowson. Vol. III)

Amir Khusrau considered India as a land of infidels (Kafirs) and impure. He expressed jubilation when the Somnath Temple was destroyed by Sultan Allauddin Khilji.

"The tongue of the sword of the Khalifa of the time, which is the tongue of the flame of Islam, has imparted light to the entire darkness of Hindustan by the illumination of guidance…. On the other side, so much dust arose from the battered temple of Somnath, that even the sea was not able to lay it; and on the right hand and on the left hand the army has conquered from sea to sea and several capitals of the gods of the Hindus, in which Satanism has prevailed since the time of the Jinns, have been demolished. All the impurities of infidelity have been cleansed by the Sultan's destruction of the idol-temples, beginning with his first holy expedition against Devagiri. (Tarikh-i-Alai of Amir Khusrau: Eliot & Dawson Vol-iii, p. 85.)

It is worth noting that most of the so called Sufi-saints had come to India along with Islamic invaders. They were the missionaries of Islam – a Trojan horse in the canonical version. They worked as fifth columnists for the Muslim invaders and carried on espionage work on their behalf. They were in India to implement an ingeniously designed ghoulish strategy.

I consider Sufi-saint as the most dangerous group of people. They have done more harm to Hindus and Hindustan than their fanatic masters. For example, Khwaja Muinddin Chisti of Ajmer Sharif had the honor of converting 9 million Hindus to Islam. (Urdu Newspaper Pak Express, New York dated May 14, 2012). He had invited Mohammad Gori to attack India and expressed joy when the Hindu King Prithviraj Chauhan was defeated by Muslims.

In the backdrop of what has been stated above, it is incumbent on the Ministry of External Affairs to verify the authenticity of the material before publishing it in India Perspectives. 

If you agree with me, and if you have time, please convey your protest/displeasure (be polite) to Maneesha Dube, Edior-in-Chif or Urmila Marak, Senior Assistant Editor at 011-91-124-475-9500 or Email at

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