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Fwd: Bangladeshis in Assam have become kingmakers: Gauhati High Court

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Thursday, 23 August 2012

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Rare unity in Bodo belt to flush out illegal migrants


Sanghamitra Baruah, Kokrajhar (Aug 22): Lakhs of people are still in relief camps. But the trust that was "displaced" —along with the people — has returned and with greater unity.

The much-palpable distance that crept between Bodos and non-Bodos, mainly due to the repeated demand by ABSU and other organisations' time-and-again-call to "divide Assam 50:50", is no longer in sight in Kokrajhar as the people unite to "flush out all illegal immigrants".

"It's not just about the rights of Bodos, but an entire state and its indigenous people are facing the threat of being wiped out by illegal immigrants. Bodos have always lived peacefully with the indigenous Bengali-speaking Muslim population, although a very are left now. But why should we tolerate the presence of illegal immigrants? Why should we lose our land to them? Why should I let any outsider push me out of my house?" asks an angry Rupnath Brahma.

This 71year-old retired forest ranger, along with his wife, eldest son and his wife and kids, is at present camped at the Swrang High School relief centre. Exactly a month back, Brahma says, some illegal immigrants attacked the houses of Bodos who are a minority at Bakuabhangi in Dhubri district. They all fled overnight even as their Assamese friends watched helplessly.

"They were helpless. Otherwise those goons could have done anything. So, our neighbours kept quiet as the marauders ravaged all Bodo houses selectively". Brahma still hasn't been able to overcome the jitters of going back to his own house. "What could be sadder?" he shakes his head in disbelief. "For years we lived in peace and suddenly everybody is fighting, there is a greater design to it. It's not the indigenous Bengali-speaking Muslim people, but mostly immigrants who have occupied every vacant plot of land and now trying to drive us away from our homes. We knew the immigrants are poor and helpless people who cross the border in search of livelihood, what we didn't know was that they are assailants and robbers as well. You tell me, who would tolerate that," says Ghanashayam Basumatary, a local resident, who came to visit the camp inmates.

Backing their claim and giving a fresh call for a united fight against illegal influx, Absu president Pramod Boro agrees the need of the hour is to concentrate on the biggest problem threatening Assam's overall unity and prosperity. "Unless these immigrants are sent back, peace in Assam will always be in danger. So, we all must join hands in this and solve the matter for once and all, something that the government doesn't seem too willing to do."

Boro's concerns were echoed by others who recalled incidents in the past that have helped forge the bond of friendship between different communities against the common enemy. In 2008, similar clashes erupted between the indigenous communities and immigrants at Darrang and Odalguri resulting in huge destruction and loss of lives. Then as well, Bodos and other communities joined hands to protect themselves from the illegal migrants. Some among them who were displaced in the riots were also lodged in the same relief camps. As the campaign against illegal immigrants has turned into a full-blown war at present, both Bodos and non-Bodos are back together fighting for the same cause — a clear indicator of trust reaffirmed, ties renewed!


Bangladeshis in Assam have become kingmakers:  Gauhati High Court

"Political will to free the State from illegal Bangladeshis, the need of the hour"


Sushanta Talukdar


GUWAHATI: The Guhati High Court has said that Bangladeshis is Assam had become the kingmakers and "a strong political will to free Assam from illegal Bangladeshi(s) is the need of the hour coupled with public activism in that direction."

In his 95-page judgment and order passed on Friday, Justice B.K Sharma directed the police to immediately take into custody 49 of the 61 petitioners, who were declared as 'foreigners' by the court, and to keep them in police custody till their deportation. The respective Superintendents of Police have been asked to furnish report about the implementation of the direction.

The judgment and order was passed by the court while disposing of a total of 23 petitions moved by 61 petitioners after they had been declared as foreigners by the respective Foreigners' Tribunals. The High Court upheld the tribunal judgments in most of the cases.

In voter's lists

"Till now, the petitioners have been successful in avoiding the proceedings against them as well as their deportation from India. In the process, they have incorporated their names in the voters' lists on the basis of which they must have cast their votes. Thus the petitioners and such other large number of Bangladeshis present in the State of Assam have a major role in electing the representatives both to the Legislative Assembly and Parliament and consequently, in the decision-making process towards building the nation. They have become the kingmakers," the judgment stated.

The court has asked the State Home Department and the Director-General of Police to furnish report on the action plan towards detection and deportation of foreign nationals from Assam. The State government was also directed to furnish report on the action plan and the time limit within which the names of illegal voters in various voters' list would be deleted. The court directed that all the reports be submitted on or before September 30.

Justice Sharma observed: "It is no longer a secret or in the domain of 'doubt' that illegal Bangladesis have intruded every nook and corner of Assam, including forest land. In some of the cases, the petitioners themselves stated before the police during investigation that they were living in government and forest land. If reports are to be believed, they have even intruded upon the most sacred Xattra lands. Very often, they are protected by extending the protective lands of 'secularism' branding them to be India "minorities" in Assam. A strong political will to free Assam from illegal Bangladeshi[s] is the need of the hour coupled with public activism in that direction."

The court warned that if the phenomenon continues, "the day is not far off, when the indigenous people of Assam, both Hindus and Muslims and other religious groups will be reduced to minorities in their own land and the Bangladeshis who are freely and merrily moving around the fertile land of Assam, will intrude upon the corridors of power."

On the role of the Central and the State governments, the judgment and order stated that the foremost duty of the Central government was to defend the borders of the country, prevent any trespass and make the life of the citizens safe and secure. The State government was also equally responsible for taking effective measures to stop the unabated influx of Bangladeshi nationals to Assam threatening the very existence of the indigenous people in their own State. "Neither the Central government nor the State government can disown such solemn responsibilities, they being the protectors of the citizens."

The Hindu—29, July,08, Hyderabad.


BJP: Influx alarming in Meghalaya 

Raymond Kharmujai, Shillong (Aug 5): The Meghalaya unit of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Sunday blamed the Congress party for the influx of illegal immigrants in the state. "Neither (chief minister) Mukul Sangma nor his party is serious about the issue of infiltration; they are rather encouraging infiltration for their vote bank politics," Meghalaya BJP unit general secretary Dipayan Chakraborty said.

Stating that the recent Kokrajhar incidents are a glowing example of the alarming illegal infiltration from Bangladesh, he said the infiltration is not only alarming in Assam but also in entire Meghalaya. "These illegal immigrants have not only occupied land of indigenous people or are getting employed but they have also become powerful by gaining the right to vote," Chakraborty said.

Chief minister Mukul Sangma, who also termed the influx issue 'alarming', said the government won't be able to solve the problem alone without the support of the people. "It requires the active support of the traditional institutions, NGOs and stakeholders to address this very sensitive issue in the right perspective," Sangma said.

In fact, three prominent social organisations — the Federation of Khasi Jaintia & Garo People (FKJGP), the Khasi Students' Union (KSU) and the Hynniewtrep National Youth Front (HNYF) – have alleged rampant registration of "doubtful" non-indigenous people in the electoral rolls without proper verification of documents. "If our chief minister was really concerned over the issue he would have taken by now a correct policy to check infiltration in the state," the BJP leader said.

Criticising the Meghalaya government for not being able to detect the illegal immigrants entering the state, Chakraborty said, "Moment after the riots broke out in Assam most of the infiltrators have crossed over to Meghalaya because the state government failed to take any precaution."

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     Seva Bharati, Purbanchal Organised 

Free Medical Camps at Dudumari Relief Camp









































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